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Clarkesville, GA

#23204 Aug 24, 2013
Aggie23 wrote:
And does anyone actually believe White House spokesman Josh Earnest when he was asked about reaction to the murder of Chris Lane and he responded:
“I’m not familiar with it, actually.”
Really, it's only been headline news for days both here and around the world. We only have Australians calling for a tourist boycott of the US.

And yet Obama calls the the School hero in Decatur Georgia to congratulate her on her courage in talking down another possible school shooting.
The White people who speak for Obama are just passing along the lies of Obama.

Clarkesville, GA

#23205 Aug 24, 2013
Informed Opinion wrote:
<quoted text>
Manning is a true American Hero.
Without Manning's courage the government's illegal, Unconstitutional, criminal conduct would not have been revealed.
God Bless him, and other "Whistleblowers" who risk their jobs, their freedom, and even their lives to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from domestic enemies.

Which Manning are you referring too, the male one or the female one...

Clarkesville, GA

#23207 Aug 24, 2013
C Kidd wrote:
Those that willing to support health care and place $1.00 per gallon of all fuel coming out of the ground and being shipped outside the USA and all domestic consumption of fuel whether it be for farm to heating fuel. everything that moves or is produced will be affected and that my friend is the only way Obama Care will make it. If you think you are going to get a bunch of young people to pay the price you are dreaming. One must remember they don't care different world now.

You are correct, but the libroids live in a utopian dream world.

Clarkesville, GA

#23208 Aug 24, 2013
OMTE wrote:

Sure he fears it, probably will go to prison if facts are known.

Clarkesville, GA

#23209 Aug 24, 2013
Informed Opinion wrote:
<quoted text>
As a shareholder in numerous corporations, through my 410K, and Baird &Co., and as an owner of two LLCs, nobody understand better than me that businesses exist:
- maximize profits as much as possible - by privatizing profits, and socializing costs.
As an lawyer, I quickly learned that people conduct business as corporations and companies for only two reasons: terrific tax treatment, and the complete absence of any personal liability to the owners or operators.
Corporations and companies are necessary - repeat for our Right Wing Friends - necessary - evils that must be regulated and monitored because absent such regulation, by design, they will destroy anything and everything around them to: privatize profits and socialize costs.
As to the average "owner of stock" -
If you believe a person,
who owns a 401K,
that is managed by an "administrator",
that invests its funds using a corporate "advisor",
in a "mutual fund",
that owns shares of a "corporation",
managed by a board of directors,
actually has any idea who runs the corporation,
how much they're paid,
what their executive "parachutes" are,
whether or not the company is being run wisely,
you are smoking some damn fine weed.

This poster is a GIANT in his own little mind.

Clarkesville, GA

#23210 Aug 24, 2013
OMTE wrote:

First president where the rats leave a sinking ship even before his second term started.

Clarkesville, GA

#23211 Aug 24, 2013
OMTE wrote:
<quoted text>Here's a list of all black Republicans.(conservatives)The se black Conservatives worked and/or works in politics, as their profession.(past to present) Just sayin, chico.

Chico only keeps up with the Mexican heros like Pancho Villa.


Clarkesville, GA

#23212 Aug 24, 2013
Synergy wrote:
<quoted text>
lol I'll bet you have also been a butcher, baker and candlestick maker.

you left out street bum and garbage collector.

Clarkesville, GA

#23213 Aug 24, 2013
"'Gay' mayor to replace Filner"

Next headline to appear will be "gay mayor charged with sexual harassment of straight employees."

I wonder if IO and Oh my plan to move to San Diego.


Informed Opinion

Naples, FL

#23214 Aug 24, 2013
jeb stuart wrote:
<quoted text>Why isn't it in the MSM? Well, the short answer is because "World Nut Daily" is not an accepted source of information to anyone except wackos and folks with an IQ below room temperature.
Also maybe it's not reported because its not news when schools teach actual accurate history in history classes.

Here's a hint for our historically challenged Right Wing Friends:

When our Founding Father's are called "Revolutionary" - it might be because they're "Revolutuonary".

"Revolutionary" by definition is the opposite of "Conservative" and they were the minority at the time.

Those who were loyal to Britain, and those who didn't care, were the majority.

But, give "Revolutionaries" enough guns, and such vehement belief they are willing to engage in traditional battle and terrorist attacks against their neighbors with whom they disagree, own neighbors - the "Revolutionaries" may just prevail.

History is messy.

Informed Opinion

Naples, FL

#23215 Aug 24, 2013
Synergy wrote:
<quoted text>It amazes me that Oh my and IO are perfectly okay with a man(probably a stranger) exposing himself to their unsuspecting daugher(s). WHAT????? I find that VERY hard to believe. If they are indeed okay with that, then they are an prime example of what is wrong with society. As far as I am concerned, they are willing to sacrifice the safely of their child(ren) in order to avoid "hurting some STRANGER'S little feelings." THAT is truly astounding. Disgusting.
It amazes me that your are perfectly happy with men,(strangers or acquaintances), raping 6 year old children (who training to be nuns), them shooting them, and selling their bodies to medical schools.

Oh wait ...

I thought this was the usual "Stupid Strawman Contest" that Synergy creates for her and her Right Wing Wacko friends in an attempt to make their lunacy appear less so.

Never mind.
including you

Dawsonville, GA

#23216 Aug 24, 2013
OMTE wrote:
<quoted text>Ya dumb queer muslim. I don't want to kill the police. My link, showed officers assaulting peaceful protestors, by the police, in America, on camera. These people were doing nothing, but exercising their first amendment right, as I am.
I only want Obama impeached and the lobbyists removed from Washington. You just try and twist the truth, or suggest someone is out to get somebody, so you can try and report them. You worship Obama. You have to, to ignore how he's destoying this country.
But, I will say this. If.... Congress moves to impeach Obama and it incites a revolution. I will volunteer to fight against Obama and his muslims. You can tell him I said that personally, if you'd like. IMPEACH OBAMA TODAY
A place for you and the way you think is being built for you today!! Check it out and please move, maybe then you will start to enjoy what's left of your life. I only what's best of the majority of Americans, including you.

Informed Opinion

Naples, FL

#23217 Aug 24, 2013
Synergy wrote:
<quoted text>Step AWAY from the bottle! You are developing wet brain. That is why you keep repeating yourself. Whew! Glad we cleared THAT up. You're welcome.
Oh.. So at least one inhabitant of Right Wing Wacko Planet enjoying that socialist TVA electricity to watch the video of their Chosen Right Wing Leader describe his disdain for Union County's Right Wingers.

How that truth must hurt you.

We Normal Americans understand that rural counties with unusually high number of relatively poor, indigent, and elderly, government dependent residents,(Union County), must tremble in terror when their chosen leader identifies them as the "problem" with America.

Why, those are the very government programs upon which much of your county exists.

Well those, and government grants and loans for your police and fire departments, water treatment and distribution, subsidies to farmers, small business loans, sewage collection and treatment, and all other government services.

Especially when your Chosen Right Wing Leader is talking about you .. specifically describing you.

By the way, we Normal Americans do feel bad that you had to learn your Chosen Right Wing Leader considers you to be parasitic, government dependent, slugs, unworthy of notice, by videotape secretly taken because he didn't want you to know.

But hey.... He's your Chosen Right Wing Leader.

How it must sting to have your chosen leader identify that when you consider your cagrees with us Normal Americans that, yes, a large percentage of Union County is government dependent.

It's so much fun to watch.

Dawsonville, GA

#23218 Aug 24, 2013
OMTE wrote:
<quoted text>LoL. You must never read none of your posts? Just sayin ;)*dyin laughin*
You should be dyin of embarrassment, your thoughts and your grammar/spelling reveal that the 6th grade was your higher education. Nothing wrong with that, it just explains you inability to understand.

Clarkesville, GA

#23219 Aug 24, 2013
including you wrote:
<quoted text>
A place for you and the way you think is being built for you today!! Check it out and please move, maybe then you will start to enjoy what's left of your life. I only what's best of the majority of Americans, including you.

Well ugly eve, what's best for you is NOT the best for America.

Clarkesville, GA

#23220 Aug 24, 2013
understand wrote:
<quoted text>
You should be dyin of embarrassment, your thoughts and your grammar/spelling reveal that the 6th grade was your higher education. Nothing wrong with that, it just explains you inability to understand.

Ugly Eve showing his education level........

"it just explains you inability to understand."


Clarkesville, GA

#23221 Aug 24, 2013
"Obama convening White House meeting on Syria."

But not in the closet..........

Informed Opinion

United States

#23222 Aug 24, 2013
How wrote:
<quoted text>Thanks for the compliment, but as usual, you missed the point goes for any big box stores that require a large payroll, whether full time or part time.

the comfort of themselves and their takes over for the commune and the Nation.
Well- articulated and a very good post, but it falls prey to that pernicious "Strawman" form if argument.

Whenever a practicalist points out that the main, in fact only legitimate purposes of corporations and companies are to :

- Maximize profits by exploiting all available resources, including but not limited to employees, government facilities, government services, and tax laws;
- Avoid any and all personal liability for the actions and conduct committed under the "Corporate Veil";

Rather than acknowledging this creates the obvious need to closely regulate those corporations and companies to assure that society is improved and not damaged by their actions and conduct;
those who don't wish to engage in such discussion resort to "Reductio ad absurdum", and claim those who do recognize such a need are seeking a "Utipoia".

Consider how much Thomas Jefferson feared the power of corruption and waste made possible by corporations and companies:

"The country is headed toward a single and splendid government of an aristocracy founded on banking institutions and moneyed incorporations and if this tendency continues it will be the end of freedom and democracy, the few will be ruling...I hope we shall...crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government to trial and bid defiance to the laws of our country. I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.

... Thomas Jefferson, along with James Madison worked assiduously to have an 11th Amendment included into our nation’s original Bill of Rights.

... The amendment would have made it illegal for corporations to own other corporations, or to give money to politicians, or to otherwise try to influence elections.

Corporations would be chartered by the states for the primary purpose of “serving the public good.”

Corporations would possess the legal status not of natural persons but rather of “artificial persons.”

Under this proposed amendment neither the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, nor any provision of that document would protect the artificial entities known of as corporations.

Jefferson and Madison were so insistent upon this amendment because the American Revolution was in substantial degree a revolt against the domination of colonial economic and political life by the greatest multinational corporation of its age: the British East India Company.

After all who do you think owned the
We who understand the need to harness the power of corporations to permit their existence, while protecting society from their excesses, are not "Utopians" we are "Jefferson Realists".
Oh my

Young Harris, GA

#23224 Aug 24, 2013
Aggie23 wrote:
<quoted text>
The Kyoto Protocol was a joke from the get go, now some say it may have only made those dreaded greenhouse gas emissions worse, oh the humanity.
Let's see, getting the nations of the world to agree on something is like herding cats.

The US pushed for cap and trade, signed on, then pulled out. Other major industrialized nations never signed on, and the whole concept of how to reduce carbon emissions thru an economic incentive during a transition period is the reason for rising emissions.

With the points you've scored, we can all go home and rest easy.

Clarkesville, GA

#23225 Aug 24, 2013
But wait!! Hold the horses!! Hold the presses!!
Gag the Gores of the world!!!

"Arctic Ice gain sets a new record"

"With a few weeks of growth still to occur, the Arctic has blown away the previous record for ice gain this winter. This is only the third winter in history when more than 10 million km˛ of new ice has formed."

Everyone forgets the artic hurricane that broke us a huge portion of the ice and caused the icebergs to float away and melt.


When the news catches up with the flaky scientist, they will say something like "the desert drought caused the hurricane, that broke up the ice, that raised the sea 1/2", that caused Gore to have a hissy fit, and blame everyone for his failure to communicate the seriousness of his carbon credits taking a hit in his portfolio."

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