Part 12 Guy Heinze Jr.
bleeding heart not

Lebanon, MO

#102 May 21, 2010
G-Man, as you said, this is not meant to be hostile. No one, in there right mind would get on here and admit they know anyone in this case. Reporters and investigators read and write here too. You might be one, just saying.

Wetumpka, AL

#103 May 21, 2010
bleeding heart not wrote:
G-Man, as you said, this is not meant to be hostile. No one, in there right mind would get on here and admit they know anyone in this case. Reporters and investigators read and write here too. You might be one, just saying.
You can BET that investigators have already looked into or tracked all who have blogged in this case...I don't know the victims or alleged murderer, I don't worry.
Bleeding heart not

United States

#104 May 21, 2010
Sunshine, No one on here is worried. Must you always be confrontational? I was speaking to G-Man because he asked for more information than should have been. Trust no one.
Local 3

White House, TN

#105 May 21, 2010
It does become tiresome, doesn't it BHN? Next will come the temper tantrum, complete with CAPITALIZED MIZSPELT WORDZ.

Who WOULD worry about their opinions about this case and the evidence made public that clearly points to the lone perp?

The only thing that could come from the rabid posters is a request for change of venue, which will happen anyway.

Since: Sep 09

Boston, MA

#106 May 21, 2010
An interesting link from a parallel universe where the Brunswick Massacre is also being discussed.

Since: Sep 09

Boston, MA

#107 May 21, 2010
May I quote you ? And if you could post your town it would help my article ((Smile))
It never occurred to be that the Brunswick Police Department would be the least bit interested in our speculations. But now that you mention it - if someone really did know anything ...
I think the guy who blogged once a long time ago was close to or in the jail for some reason. He called Guy an arrogant brat and that his attitude was smug (not an actual quote - but it was like that. Like he had at least a little first hand knowledge and Guy's alleged attitude personally bugged him. Does anyone remember that post? It's late but I may go back and look.

bleeding heart not wrote:
G-Man, as you said, this is not meant to be hostile. No one, in there right mind would get on here and admit they know anyone in this case. Reporters and investigators read and write here too. You might be one, just saying.
Out of State Reader

Troy, MO

#108 May 23, 2010
If I must say this case is getting a bit boring.
It's almost 3 against 3 he did it,he didn't do it.
I know they must be other opinions but seems like some folks are not wanting to voice which way they feel.
I read a article the other day of a lady stating they had Jr's work hammer. How many folks really know what kind of info they have.
I think one of the most confusing things about the case why all the rewards at first..also with the 911 types why did not one person hear the barking dog? They are so many questions here that has not been answered.
Local 3

White House, TN

#109 May 23, 2010
In obtaining a warrant to search a truck that belonged to victim Joseph West, investigator William Daras said it appeared that two people found alive had "each received a gunshot wound to the head.''

An autopsy showed that all had been beaten, which matches what Heinze told the dispatcher.

Doering would not say Heinze's knowledge of how the victims died convinced officers that he was their prime suspect.

"It did raise a question of common sense: Why would one say that unless one knew?'' Doering said.
Out of State Reader

Troy, MO

#110 May 23, 2010
I am not up on guns but could one know right off if a person had been beaten or shot? Would a gun make a different look to the person? It gives me the creeps trying to picture this in my mind.
Local 3

White House, TN

#111 May 24, 2010
The point is that a seasoned Detective saw the bodies, and the damage was so great that it looked like shotgun blasts to the head/face. Mind you this was before the autopsies showed that there were no bullets, and that they had all been beaten to death.
So, how did a man, with no experience in seeing those types of wounds (that we know of) report that they had all "been beaten to death"?

Since: Sep 09

Boston, MA

#112 May 24, 2010
Good point Local 3. I never could get by that. These weren't just folks looking through the murder scene, they were seasoned police who made those comments. It must have looked something awful.

I don't think Guy was thinking hard - it's just what came out. They looked beaten to death to him.

Since: Sep 09

Boston, MA

#113 May 24, 2010
Maybe a bet on the honor system.
If the trial does NOT go the way someone predicted that person makes a $20 donation to a bettered women's shelter in their area.
Out of State Reader

Troy, MO

#114 May 24, 2010
Great ideal Greg..
Funny you mentioning this I tried last night to start a Poll.
Who thinks Guy Heinz Jr is innocent?
Who >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>guilty?
I thought this would be interesting but I could not find how to do it.
Maybe topix does not allow polls any longer.

Since: Sep 09

Boston, MA

#115 May 24, 2010
Guy has a court date this morning. For him it will be the first time he has stepped out of The Glynn Count Detention Center since Saturday August 29, 2009. He was released for a very brief time. I think it was under an hour. His plan being to attend the funerals and was with his brother Tyler before being arrested again, this time for the murders.
Wait- That doesn't make sense the funerals weren't that day. They would have to be days later. The murders were Friday night/ Sat early morning August 28, 2009
Help please. I have this wrong.
Does anyone have the time and memory for an accurtae date/time line?


I'll take side bets once the trial starts <Grin>
I'm an easy mark. I actually believed that OJ Simpson would be found hands down guilty. Shows how smart I am.

Since: Sep 09

Boston, MA

#116 May 25, 2010
Ga. suspect in slayings of 8 has 1st hearing

By RUSS BYNUM (AP)– May 25, 2010

BRUNSWICK, Ga.— A Georgia man suspected in the beating deaths of his father and seven others in their mobile home is scared to death because he's innocent, the suspect's brother said Tuesday.

Guy Heinze Jr., 22, appeared before a Superior Court judge for the first time since he was indicted on eight counts of murder last September. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

"He's scared to death, and he knows he didn't do it," Tyler Heinze, the suspect's 17-year-old brother, told The Associated Press as he left the courthouse.

Police arrested Guy Heinze six days after the Aug. 29 discovery of the bloodied bodies of his father, Guy Heinze Sr., and several members of an extended family beaten with a blunt weapon inside the mobile home they all shared.

It was Heinze who alerted neighbors to call 911 that morning and sobbed as he told a police dispatcher: "My whole family's dead."

Nearly nine months later, authorities have released few details about the case and have not given a motive. None of the evidence was discussed in court. The judge mostly went over procedural details with attorneys.

Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams denied a motion by Heinze's lawyers to ban the media from pretrial proceedings. But she said she'll consider certain requests to shut the public out of hearings involving evidence.

Defense attorney Joseph Vigneri told the judge he's concerned news coverage of court proceedings before the trial could deprive Heinze of an impartial jury.

"If you can show that to this court, I will close this courtroom to the press as well as the public," Williams said.

While Heinze's brother watched from the back of the courtroom, family and friends of several of the other victims sat quietly up front.

They included Diane Isenhour, whose four children — Chrissy Toler, 22; Russell D. Toler Jr., 20; Michael Toler, 19; and Michelle Toler, 15 — were among those slain. So was her ex-husband, 44-year-old Rusty Toler Sr.

The other victims were Rusty Toler's sister, Brenda Gail Falagan, 49, and Chrissy Toler's boyfriend, Joseph L. West, 30.

"It's a rough road," Isenhour said after the hearing. "I'm having faith in the Lord."

It will likely be years before the case goes to trial. The judge said Tuesday she's giving attorneys on both sides at least three more months before she sets a date for Heinze's arraignment, when he'll be asked to enter a plea.

Tyler Heinze said he doesn't see how his brother could have killed their father and so many others he was close to — especially by himself.

"I haven't heard anything to convince me that one person could kill eight people and come out without a scratch," he said.

Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Since: Sep 09

Boston, MA

#117 Jun 2, 2010
Things I notice. The photo of Guy being released from jail before he was arrested for the murders he is carrying a bag and wearing a new ( or dry cleaned - unlikely) shirt. Obviously everything he was wearing that morning is in evidence bags. He probably had those same clothes on for the past 24 hours. He was out all night.

[U]On no sleep[/U], confused, in grief and shock and hung over from whatever he was questioned by the police for how long I wonder? How hard? Did he have a lawyer present? I'll bet not at first. When? His Miranda rights wouldn't have sunk in nor did he think he needed to invoke them.

About clothes and blood. If I was in that trailer twice. If I found Michael breathing and checked on others; I would have probably knelled down - maybe one knee on the floor?
If the victim was not on a bed they would be on the floor. Guys original clothes which there is no public photo of that I know of certainly had blood on them. His DNA will be everywhere and in the pipes along with everyone else's and maybe even fingerprints from a legit guest guest or two during the past couple of days.. Rusty was very welcoming no matter how crowded. They may have had words with Guy about spending his money and not chipping in that very necessary moving week. They may have been mad but they were close family.

Time of Death IMO - Guess; is later than midnight. My guess is except for the baby people were up until at least midnight and then a add a good hour or two to be sure everyone is sound asleep. Drugging seems so preposterous. Maybe some beers had several of the occupants sleeping a little more soundly than normal. A little.

Then "They" got in wielding blunt instruments or worse. We don't really know there wasn't an axe. With two vengeful crazy young men cheated out of drug money they could have made it in and out quickly. The hell with the dog barking. They came in the other way. Dogs bark all the time and besides it was good to muffle any noise or screams.

Killers are out there and I believe that Guy is innocent. Not [U]an[/U] innocent and prosecutor and press alike will make him look bad when all comes out. But Innocent of those horrendous murders.

White House, TN

#118 Jun 3, 2010
Don't quit your day job just yet! Keep working on that tv-investigator training, we always need good..... cleaning crews at the jail.

Wetumpka, AL

#119 Jun 6, 2010
What is the reason, given by the State, that little Byron is still in foster care? Does either of his grandmama's have a stable home life?

Memphis, TN

#120 Jun 7, 2010
Does anyone else think it is strange how these supporters of Heinze slam us local folk, call us out on every theory, and then, try to pump us for information? Hey Sunny, call the Georgia DFAC's office, I'm sure they would be more than happy to fufill your request for information.
Out of State Reader

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#121 Jun 9, 2010
Sunshine wrote:
What is the reason, given by the State, that little Byron is still in foster care? Does either of his grandmama's have a stable home life?
(Sunshine) I was waiting for someone to answer I gave this lots of thought, I also researched an could find nothing.
I know the question came up I only have my little grandson that is 13 months old and I asked a lawyer about this and his reply was child always go to Grandparent. If Grandparent is not living than next in kin.

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