Part 12 Guy Heinze Jr.

Olive Branch, MS

#766 Jan 2, 2012
were has everone gone to . what happen to the judge ?

Leesburg, GA

#767 Jan 2, 2012
coincidence wrote:
trial still set for 2012 but no date yet. will have a new judge as the old one resigned amid ethics misconduct charges stemming from her drug court program. no new judge appointed yet.
Thanks for the update, coincidence.
Yes, I read that she was too tough on some of the drug defendants.
Well it is good to know that it will be sometime this year. I imagine it will be in the late summer. For some reason a lot of these death penalty cases come up close to the anniversary date of the murders.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Olive Branch, MS

#768 Jan 3, 2012
Thanks for the update, a lot of these death penalty cases come up close to the anniversary date of the murders.
Happy New thanks for the up dates . i know that guy sr. would never want the death penalty for his son guy jr.he belives in god and to for give and to turn to god . will keep praying for the family . i dont know the pain thay must still be in .
Out of State Reader

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#769 Feb 16, 2012
Just wanted to stop by and say Hello..
See what is happening and any news.
Hope each and everyone is having a good new beginning of 2012.

Leesburg, GA

#770 Feb 17, 2012
Hello Everyone!

William, a case is not tried based God's law but by man's law and God tells us we are to abide by the laws of the land.

The Prosecutor weighs the crimes and sees if it meets the criteria of the death penalty. Unfortunately for all victims involved this case cries out for the death penalty. It meets almost every criteria that is required under State law.

Premediated with planning.
Multiple victims
Heinous, cruel and atrocious.
Using a bludgeoning weapon as the method.
Killing the victims when they were vulnerable.
Attempted murder on a child less than 12 years of age.

And I could go on and on with the prongs that makes this case a death penalty case.The State is only required to prove one of these prongs for the defendant to be given the death penalty.

So it will be the triers of fact (jury) that will decide the fate of Heinz Jr. I see no reason why the death penalty will not be handed down. This is one of the worst mass murder cases in Georgia history.

Olive Branch, MS

#771 Mar 5, 2012
has anyone heard anything?
Jim Bob

Cleburne, TX

#772 Mar 7, 2012
Yea, the murderer is still in jail.

Manning, SC

#773 Mar 7, 2012
Here is he latest that I am aware of.

Albany, GA

#774 Mar 8, 2012

Investigators recovered blood from a cellphone, a knife in the kitchen, hair from a floor, underwear, a pair of shorts, a piece of the mobile home’s ceiling and on a shotgun found in Heinze’s car.

Much of the evidence was recovered from a mobile home in the New Hope Home Park north of Brunswick where Heinze frantically called 911 early on Aug. 29, 2009, and told a dispatcher “My whole family’s dead.… Everybody’s dead.… It looks like they’ve been beaten.”

Read more at :

Olive Branch, MS

#775 Apr 21, 2012
any new news ? has any body heaed when the court date is?
Out of State Reader

Saint Louis, MO

#776 Apr 21, 2012
Hi Everyone...
Has anyone heard what the little brother is doing with his life now?
Lets hope we hear when the court date is soon.
Hope all is enjoying this beautiful Spring Time.

Brunswick, GA

#777 Apr 22, 2012
we all no that one person didnt do this. hope it comes out in court. I also think he should b put 2 death

Since: Mar 08

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#778 Apr 25, 2012
It is odd that the only DNA evidence submitted for testing is so minute, a second test cannot be done. What about all the other stuff that could be??

They say they found Jr's hair on the carpet. No surprise- he lived there.

They also say they found oher evidence of Jr in the home. Gee, I don't know why this is. Someone please explain to me. I clean all my DNA out of my house each time I leave, why didn't Jr??

I knew all of them very well. They were a close family. Rusty and Guy {Sr} grew up together and were so close, they called themselves cousins. I went to school and hung out with them on weekends.

Their kids were also very close and had few issues between themselves- even as they were little kids. Each looked after the other and they all looked after everyone else.

Do I think Jr did it? Absolutely not. Even with drugs involved, I cannot begin to imagine any of them doing this to the others. Not for drugs or money.

Most of you people should wish your family was this close, really. And yet, most of you have convicted Jr based on what the papers and the DA say. This "jury by media" is ready to hang someone and don't care about what really happened. You don't have all the facts, you don't all the people involved and most have never heard of them until this happened.

But, you sure as hell know for certain, and without reservation who did it, don't you?? I suppose all of you think anyone picked up is automatically guilty of whatever crime they are accused because you know for fact the cops make no mistakes, right?

Let's say it comes out that the state has NOTHING on Jr... nothing at all. And, lets say it comes out that the DA hid evidence that would exonerate Jr entirely. How many of you will go shake the man's hand and apologize? I can promise NONE of you will. Know why??

Because you are 1/2 informed, if that, but you know you are 100% correct in your ASSUMPTION and you only have the courage to sit at your little computer and GUESS. NONE of you will have the nerve to tell Jr to his face you were wrong.

Even if it came out the cops totally pinned it on him, you will always feel he is guilty no matter what.

Give Jr the chance to prove it. Please. Like I said, I know all of them. I've known all the kids since they were born and I've known Rusty and Guy for the past 32 years. They weren't perfect- none of us are- but they had something missing from most failies today- compassion for their family.

Danville, PA

#779 Apr 25, 2012
"Jury by media". Good phrase. I still think the DA/Police are fitting the case around the person instead of the person to the case. 2 full years now waiting to go to trial, with no other bad guys being sought. Sad state of affairs.

Leesburg, GA

#780 Apr 25, 2012
I dont know of anyone that doesnt want this case proved in a court of law. That is why those that have kept up with this case from the beginning are waiting for the trial to commence.

This case has received little media attention. So 'jury by media' it is not. The DA has been very closed mouthed about the evidence he has in this case as he should be. We have seen way more media attention given in other cases than the Heinz Jr case. For it to be one of the worst mass murder cases in Georgia's history it is amazing to me it did not garner more attention. It only held the attention of the media it seems for about three weeks when it first happened. Other than that it has been very hard to find any up dates about the case.

Close knit families unfortunately kill one another quite frequently. There is no written rule making them immune to horrific violent acts.

While I do agree that typical DNA is found in any home where a person resides but that is not the type of DNA that is entered in a murder trial. It will be DNA found where it shouldnt have been.

It could be bloody fingerprints of Jr's found in the bathroom, other rooms, walls or even on the clothing of the victims. Remember Jr said he only saw Michael still alive. We know he didnt check on the young boy because he too was alive.

The hair found could have the blood of one of the victims on I wouldnt discount the hair as being benign just yet. I have a feeling this particular hair isn't one that is found nondescriminately around a home. It could have even been found clutched in the hand of one of the victims.

That is why we have trials to see what the evidence shows and to see if the jury thinks the case has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

I say, let the DA present his case, and then the jury will decide on guilty or not guilty, based upon the evidence entered.

However; none of us here are going to be jurors in his case, and because we have people dying everyday for our rights and freedom, we are afforded the right to free speech on any issue we wish to discuss. We dont have to agree with each other nor do we even have to agree with the jury when the verdict is rendered. That is what makes America a great place to live. Thank God we dont live in a place like Iran.
Out of State Reader

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#781 Apr 25, 2012
Very well stated Caring....
Misplaced, so glad to see another poster....

The one thing that puzzles me the most is the blood
this Mobil must have been like a pond of blood, how could they figure anything out with DNA?
Also did they ever say about the hair in one of the
hands that was killed? I kept waiting to hear must of missed it,

Drexel Hill, PA

#782 Apr 25, 2012
Guy may have done it, but he's still innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand, how do we know he didn't cross some drug dealers who did this and he hasn't said so because they've threatened his younger brother and the rest of this family? We just don't know. I, too,find it hard to believe one person did this. But nothing's impossible, I guess.

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#783 Apr 26, 2012
@phillygirl, I have always believed it to be drug gang involved. The 911 call and his cry, 'my whole family is dead' is the very thing that rings drug gang. i grew up areound dealers and that was the one thing that was said if they were to be crossed....'we'll kill your whole family'. The one who did the dealings is left to live and the rest of the family is killed. they feel like its worse to kill the ppl you love. if they kill u, it doesnt hurt as bad. poof ur gone, but when they kill ur family u hurt forever....i think u r right when u say he may be protecting the faily he does have left from them by not saying. the reason it is taking so long is because guy wants it to be. no stone unturned. if the defence can raise unreasonable doubt, he will walk.....they dont have to pin it on anyone else, just raise reasonable doubt...

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#784 Apr 26, 2012
oh, yeah, and the hair findings....guy was shaven bald at the time....its not his hair

Albany, GA

#785 Apr 26, 2012
narcissistic wrote:
oh, yeah, and the hair findings....guy was shaven bald at the time....its not his hair
He was not bald as in shaven with all stubble gone. His head wasnt glistening in the photo I saw of him taken the day he was arrested for the other charges but it did look like it had been buzzed recently.

And if I recall they found freshly clipped hairs. It will be interesting to know whos hairs they belong to and for witnesses to testify if Jr. had a fresh haircut before he said he went home that morning and found them dead.

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