Rosefield (or Rosenfield) Swimming Pool

Rosefield (or Rosenfield) Swimming Pool

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Grace Alexander

Foster City, CA

#1 Apr 16, 2009
Does anyone remember the swimming pool called something like "Rosefield" or "Rosenfeld" pool?
There was a small fee to use this pool which was
several miles from W. Brownsville.

Palm Bay, FL

#2 Apr 16, 2009
the pool was on US 40 right across the road from the entrance to Richeyville. I never saw it in operation. I believe it was closed by the beginning of WW2. I passed it dozens of times during several summers from 1943 until 1951 and never saw water in the pool.

There was a story about it. According to the story a guy climbed over the fence at night and he climbed up to the high board and dove into an empty pool and killed himself.

I always heard it was called Rosefield.
Grace Alexander

Foster City, CA

#3 Apr 17, 2009
Harry, Thanks.
For me, this had been a happy place to go to swim. Sylvia (Mrs. Powell Davies) who lived on Middle Street, across and down one house from the C.&M.A. church parsonage used to take me along with her two children, Marion and John Powell Davies to swim there. That was always a very special treat for me. I went to the pool with them sometime after 1935. As far as I recall, had never heard until now about this dire incident. How sad !
BTW, did you know any of the following families: Singleton (Irene and Junior), and the Fords (Bill, Sarah). The Fords lived on Woodlwn Ave., Singletons lived higher up the hill.


Palm Bay, FL

#4 Apr 17, 2009
I don't recall anyone with those names. As stated, I never met Thom Stapleton that I recall. I recognized Danny Sorenson because of his near albino coloration, I was good friends with his brother Bill for many years and I went to school with the youngest child in that family, Virginia.
Jeanette Selvoski

Merrittstown, PA

#5 Apr 18, 2009
The Rosenfield pool was behind my Grandmother's hose. It has be closed as long as I can remember and I am 57 years old. It is grown in with shrubbery and trees!
Nancy Bakewell

Maywood, CA

#6 Apr 19, 2009
Grace Alexander,

I answered your question and in kind asked you

one ... er, maybe two.

Now, don't tell me your keyboarding skills

are still pounding out invisible responses !

Ha, ha, ha !

Palm Bay, FL

#7 Apr 20, 2009
Jeanette Selvoski. Where was your grandmother's hose? Could there have been two swimming pools with simlar names?

The pool that I saw so many times was off Rt40 to the south at Richeyville and it was in a ravine which put it below the road surface so that you looked down on it from US40.

I used to deliver milk to the Nemocolin Country Club which was on the same side but farther west.
Nancy Bakewell

Bellevue, MI

#8 Apr 20, 2009
Hi, ya, Harry.

Something you just said reminded me of my summer

swimming holes. Mum would make us wait at least

one half hour (seemed like forever) after eating

to go change & go down to the river. Every year

Mr. Mike Jacobs would sift the sand to make sure

it was free of glass and other debris; and, then

he'd surround the perimeter of the West-side

beach with large white-washed stones. He did

this because he cared about our hometown. If

folks weren't swimming, they were sunning

themselves or listening to "transistor" radios

or building sand-castles. And, some would swim

out to the parked river-boat-barges & back.

My Godparents, however, were the President &

Recording Secretary at Nemocolin Country Club;

so, my older brother & I got free passes to

the pool. It was, there, that I learned

to use the diving board and swim competitively.

My brother has been ill these past few months,

but it makes me happy to reminisce about our time

when illness was furtherest thing from our minds.
Grace Alexander

Foster City, CA

#9 Apr 20, 2009
Nancy Bakewell,
I did reply to your question of where did I attend church.
That email has got to be here somewhere, but will reply again for I no longer see my reply.
I attended the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in W. B. I understand that it no longer is in use as a church. How sad ! Was told that "they"---whoever "they" is---wanted to convert the church property into a marina. I've never been able to find out if the church and parsonage still exist ????
I'd really like to know how long our messages stay posted here. I had posted that reply less than a week ago, i.e., it was after the 14 th of April when I replied to your questions.

Your Aunt Susie (Mrs. Guy Wheeler) lived next door to me. I still well remember when Guy and Susie got a dog. My brother named their dog "Jumbo". Jumbo became my shadow.

Palm Bay, FL

#10 Apr 21, 2009
Sometime around 1948 there was a swmming beach such as you describe on the river bank about 100yds downriver from the intercounty bridge. Somehow there was funding for it and Jack Henck (spg?) was a life guard there and he managed the beach and kept it tidy. He later became the Head Coach at Brownsville High School and/or its sucessor.

Downriver from the beach, the near shore river bottom was lush with (what we called) seaweed. That grass was full of all kinds of junk and lots of broken glass. I totally avoided it.

I swam parallel along the shoreline about 50 feet offshore from the intercounty bridge to the railroad bridge, alone, once.

The area around the railroad bridge was very sandy and was a good place to swim. I almost got in front of a coal barge going upriver there and it hit my foot.
Grace Alexander

Foster City, CA

#11 Apr 21, 2009
You seem to have lived a very exciting life. Bet your folks were on pins and needles all the time you were away from home !! Especially when at the beach.
I would think the coal barge that hit your foot could also have towed you under ? Certainly Someone was looking out for your safety.

QUESTION: Who, i.e., which jurisdiction(s) made the decision to build the "new" bridge right where it was, with its big, ugly feet placed within just a few feet of MY West Brownsville Grade School?

When I saw the "new" bridge for the first (and only) time in 1978, I was appalled to see that imposing structure have its feet right smack near my school. Couldn't the bridge have been built farther away and "down" Railroad St., closer to the Railroad Bridge.
Was it the State or was it several counties that decided upon the exact placement of the bridge? Did West Brownsville have a vote or any influence
as to where the bridge would be built . The bridge (for me) ruins the town and I was sick upon seeing it divide W. Brownsville.

Palm Bay, FL

#12 Apr 22, 2009
The Lane Bane Bridge was constructed on a U.S. highway, so I doubt that either town had much input as to location. I took a few photos of that bridge during construction but I lived in Cleveland Oh at that time and did not have the opportunity to take more photos. Maybe if I dig them up, I'll post them here.

A massive highway project is well under way in that area now and a much higher and longer bridge is being built to cross the Mon at Alicia. I'll post a website that will allow you to see the photos and map.

I had an adventurous childhood and it could have ended early. I got around for many miles on both sides of the river. I was raised in several homes in Luzerne Tsp and knew many people for miles around Brownsville. My family settled the area as early as 1769 and my grandfather was the last of the line to own that homestead.

I made a history of Brownsville from 1759 to 2007 and it is on DVD at the Flat Iron Bldg, the Uniontown Library and the Brownsville Library.

I made a history of the the road system in Luzerne Tsp from 1784 to 1845 and that is also available at those places.

I made a family history covering the Hackneys from 1676 in England to 1979. It is also on DVD. The Hackneys are all gone now from Luzerne Tsp. and my great grandfather has no living descendents in the area. His great grandfather has a couple around Uniontown that I know about. We are spread thin across the country now.

My uncle lived in San Mateo for about 30 yrs before he passed and I visited there several times. His daughter lives in or near Livermore.
Grace Alexander

Foster City, CA

#13 Apr 22, 2009

Thanks for all this wonderful information.
How fortunate are those who have access to the DVDs you have given the libraries and the Flat Iron Bldg.

Even though the Lane Bane Bridge is part of a federal highway, I believe the local people should be given an opportunity for some input, too, for they also are part of our federal tax system.

Will look forward to seeing pictures of the bridge to be built at Alicia.

Thanks for all your information.

Glad you got to see San Mateo. It has changed a lot since moving here in 1963.
We do have some intelligent leaders here who have made some good decisions and some that are not so good. Overall, it is a beautiful place to live.

Palm Bay, FL

#14 Apr 23, 2009
You can access the whole road building info here.
Just keep clicking everywhere on this site.
I have personally taken many photos and video of the project, but they are by no means complete since I live in Spring Hill FL and only visit that area once a year for about 3 days. Did you view the photos I took during the construction of the Lane Bane bridge?
Nancy Bakewell

United States

#15 Apr 23, 2009
Brownsville had a theatre troup where I met

a real cut-up, Sheila Greenfield.

She always managed to find the spotlight; and,

would say things like, " I never met a kosher

ham ... and, Jesus saves but Moses invests. "

Ha, ha, ha ... what a whoot !

The Greenfield family owned the Rosefield store.
Grace Alexander

Foster City, CA

#16 Apr 24, 2009

Re Response # 14, in answer to your question: "Did you view the photos I took during the construction of the Lane Bane bridge? "No", I have not seen them yet. Where do I go to view them?

I just reviewed all 68 or so pictures of the bridges, river, boats and Brownsville, etc.

There are so many beautiful ones, but when I came to the one picture of the " 1914 " bridge which actually shows the walkway on the bridge along with the "railing", I just about died from joy to again see that part of the bridge I had so often walked from W. Brownsville to Brownsville !

Thanks SO MUCH for capturing that walkway with the railing.

Where do I go to see the building of the Lane Bane Bridge?

You've taken some beautiful shots of this region. Many thanks for sharing them.

Palm Bay, FL

#17 Apr 25, 2009
On my computer, the photos I took from 1957 until 1961 appear along with all the other photos I took along with Thom Stapleton's pictures of river boats

It seems this TOPIX site does not always show the complete thread. I also have a slew of old photos going back to 1845 of The Neck

I have not posted some of the photos that show the deterioration of the towns.

Aside to Nancy Bakewell. I think there was a Greenfield Market at High St. and Angle St. in the 1940s.

Palm Bay, FL

#18 Apr 27, 2009
I always wondered how wide the river was. Finally the idea hit me....recently. Why not pace off the distance between the support columns? There is an expansion joint above each support I took surveying in college and I know I can pace with a fair degree of accuracy; one of the early assignments in that course.
I paced off 193 down and 195 back and that would indicate a span of approx. 582 feet.

Now, you can use GPS or lasers to quickly get a more accurate figure. I swam across this river alone before I turned 12. There were drownings every year along that river and many cases of polio during "Dog Days" when the low rainfall slowed the river down to a glassy cesspool.

Washington, PA

#19 Jun 23, 2010

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