So we have been using Dr. allison for abpout three years...don't ask me why I keep going back, but I had my LAST visit there this week!!!! I called to make sure they were taking walk-ins, just needed a medication refill. I gave the clerk my name and was told that they start putting patients in the rooms at 9:00. So I said I would be there about 9:00. I get to the office after taking our child out of school, sit down only to be told that they do not take our insurance any more so we could not be seen..... REALLY?!?!?!? The clerk said since 01 Jan 2013 they were no longer taking our insurance so I said were you going to inform those people so they can look for another doctor and she said that they were making phone calls... REALLY?!?!?!? How about putting up signs in the office?!? Did they not know this in December???? What about sending something in the mail to all your patients with that insurance????? But I know Dr. Allison is to cheap to do that!!! I then said that I spoke to someone on the phone and even gave him my name and he did not say anything about insurance! The person I spoke to then begins to argue with me about what was said over the phone and I said do you think I would have taken our child out of school and drove all the way over here if you have told me that you were not accepting our insurance???? I then asked if I could just pay for the vist without using any insurance and was told no because we used CHIPS....... This place is useless!!!! It is not like you can just walk into another doctos office and be seen... you have find one who accepts the insurance, go fill out all the paperwork ect... I am so glad I found someone else!!! Every time we go there it takes at least TWO hours and I end up losing a half day of work wich means I am not getting paid. On this particular day I had to take the whole day off with no pay!!!!! On top of that his first patient is at 9:00 and he NEVER gets there before 9:30!!!!! REALLY?!?!? Literally it was 9:45 and I saw him driving up!!!!! What a way to run a business!!!! Don't waste your time with this place, save your self the time and money and find a better provider!!!