15 gallon fish-tank rang up three dollars higher than marked price. I didn’t notice until I looked over receipt a few days later – shame on me for not checking receipt in the store. No big deal, honest mistake…right? I returned to store to address the issue, expecting perhaps a store credit, which I would probably have used right there and then. Not only did the owner refuse any refund or credit, but he utterly and inexplicably denied any error at all, even when I showed him the same 15 gallon tank on his shelf for the lower price. He then proceeded to call the police – really – in order to get me and my seven year-old son out of the store when I refused to accept his frantically irrational logic. I waited for them to arrive, and they were less than impressed with his ramblings.

Perhaps the least shrewd commercial decision ever – we are talking three dollars here. After my relatively pleasant initial purchase, I had intended to return for food and supplies for my new gerbils. The employees seemed like decent folks – helpful, smiling and eager to leave a good impression with a new customer. He kept his three bucks, but lost potentially a few hundred from me.

As point of accuracy, I did notice on my initial visit that gerbil vitamin drops had expiration date of 2009. Simply chose not to purchase at the time. I considered pointing this out on a later visit, as a helpful and friendly gesture. I worked in retail and understand how small things can get overlooked. No big deal, honest mistake… right?