this is an example of conspiracy theory from a known far right republicans opinion , and the fear of socialized programs like social security , medi care , and so on . this president is doing a great job , and not spending his administrations time stumping for political poll stand , George Bush didn't care either . but his And Cheney's destruction of corporate accountability , destroyed this country's economy, and Mr. Obama is doing his job for the American people and taking back control of the CEO'S,
This could be the demise of the party
Democratic strategists Pat Cadell and Dough Schoen are quickly moving away from President Obama’s far left liberal ideals, while Democrats are saying,“So what, listen closely and we’ll educate you.”
Both men have had close ties with previous presidents: Cadell with Carter, Schoen with Clinton, and both are now employed by Fox News, explaining the weakness of this administration and being coy while doing so.
Every news source agrees with them. Obama failed miserably on his recent far east trip. Accounts of the trip shows a failure rate of 100 percent at the cost of over $1 million a day. Normally our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would make that tour first and then report back that some countries are willing to work with us. President Obama wanted all the accolades and went first because in his arrogance he expected India, Indonesia, South Korea, and Tokyo to fall in his lap — but no such luck for the anointed one occurred.
President Obama will now back away from blaming George W. Bush, accusing him for our demise, and will slowly throw jabs at Bill Clinton, just you watch! Democrats behind the scene are now trying to organize a plan to keep him from running another term, and Hillary, of course, will be one of the saviours named.
As long as liberals let the far-left media pick their candidate without checking their past — Clinton with women, and Obama’s old friends —you will be hard pressed to find a candidate that’s interested in the future of this country. The left-wing press pushing for a fresh face, virtually unknown, and unwilling to expose them for who they truly are, could be the demise of the party.
Teri Dalrymple
Gold Beach