The year nineteen thirty seven found China in a state of turmoil. The nation was devided into several sectors and each was occupied by a different country. The situation was brought on by the Japanese who had invaded China in 1932. The American sector which was bordered by the Soochow Creek was manned by the 4th Marines since their arrival in 1927.[Just about the time Rin Tin Tin who had been rescued from a bombed out German dog kennel by an American soldier was making a name for himself in a fledgling Hollywood Califorina.] They would become known as the China Marines throughout the Corp. Although the area entire area was constantly under the threat of violence, life for the Marines there was good. They were well supplied and things were cheap even for the meager pay of a private. Liberty call would find them in Shanghai enjoying a steady diet of wine, women and and plenty of sirloin steaks. Life on the other hand for a mongrel dog along the Soochow creek was precarious at best.The local natives were very poor and meat was hard to come by and a stray dog would make a fine meal for a hungry family. The fact that Soochow had lived long enough to be able to roam the banks of the Soochow Creek was a small miracle. Soochow must have had one or more encounters with Chinamen on a bike. Perhaps he had observed them wisking away his mother or brothers and sisters and this will be explained later in the story. Soochow must have instinctively known that that it was time to get the heck out of dodge. Perhaps that is what led him to check out that little place nearby with those other people that were somehow different than his antagonists. NEXT "SOOCHOW FINDS A HOME"