I could not believe it when I found out that Dr. Joe Haynes is in a leadership role with our local schools. I attended Alcorn with Joe so I know what a despicable clown he really is. In fact he left Alcorn without a degree. Everyone knows that Joe's wife earned all three of Joe's college degrees. She certainly did all the work. Everyone knows that Joe cannot speak proper English. It is also no secret that Joe literally lifted his career by being a bought and paid for purebred "Uncle Tom." Joe also has a terrible temper and he cannot keep his drawers up. He also has gambling weaknesses and has often been found by his own wife drunk in bed with other women. My wife had to work in Jackson Public Schools when Joe was the houseboy for Superintendent Fortenberry. Joe has always been protected because he is low down for whatever the Man wants. This school district will find that Dr. Joseph Haynes ain't about nothin' at all. He is worse than a carpet bagger. He is totally ignorant and a full time bullcrapper as well. Do not be impressed by his meaningless background. Once you hear him speak you will see what a rare idiot he really is.