Review: Patient First - John Kavlich MD

Avon Lake, OH

#21 Dec 27, 2010

He never even finished his residency so he has NO HOSPITAL RIGHTS ANYWHERE

My new doc used to work there and left
asap as he is constantly screaming at
employees and in general. He does not
give a crap about any patients

Make sure you get a doc that will talk with you and has local hospital rights so if you are ever in the hospital YOUR DOC can see you while you are in these

That is SUPER IMPORTANT. I have been
hospitalized many times and I sure am glad that my OWN DOC came in every AM and talked with me to see how I was doing and what I needed

Dr. Carmen Popa is an excellent Doc !!

Cleveland, OH

#22 Jan 5, 2011
"I've been a patient for years. While I'm also unhappy with the heat, waiting room, and problems associated with interns, I don't know of any other doctor who will always see me the day I call. I thought that was normal practice until I started asking friends about their doctors; nobody else can always see their doctor the day they call, and some wait days to see them. Since I only call a doctor when I'm really feeling awful, I'm not willing to wait days for treatment."

Ever think that maybe the reason you're getting in same day is because no one else wants to see him??

Columbus, OH

#23 Mar 17, 2011
I'm sick of hearing about everyones feeble complaints. Is he supposed to surround himself with gay men like the Airline Industry. Who does'nt like women. I see gorgeous women at just about any Doctors Office I have ever been to. I have never seen him act unprofessional towards any women anyway. Besides I see male interns their too. Since I am self pay I wish he did'nt raise his price 20 more dollars though because I am poor now due to my situation. Still I know he needs to make money like anyone else in that field. I'm really sick and have a myriad of issues and technically he is not my primary care Doctor but in all reality he is. I can go to him with my problems and he listens to me. Then He treats me accordingly. He knows me like no other Doctor. While everyone else gives me the bureaucratical routine pass on Dr. Kavlich treats me. I'm fighting a chronic potentially deadly obscure illness and if it was'nt for Dr. Kavlich I would be DEAD by now. Lastly, if your going to comment have the common sense to identify yourself otherwise your comments amount to nothing but empty phrases.
Terrible practice

Avon Lake, OH

#24 Mar 24, 2011
I was an intern there several years ago. The doctor has his medical assistant doing x-rays and ultrasounds and she is not even licensed to do so. They also spy on patients when they are using the restrooms taking their drug urine tests - and the patients don't even know they are being watched. This practice really should be investigated.

Columbus, OH

#25 Jan 16, 2012
I have visited Patient First a few times after switching MD's and being in college. Every time I visit it gets more and more dreadful. The first time even visiting, I clearly had severe signs of mono, and he prescribed be amoxicillin, giving me an intense rash and making my sickness even more unbearable. I then went to my school's health services, and they immediately took me off of the medication and asked me bluntly never to return to that Doctor again. Im sure everyone is grateful for the over abundant amount of medications he prescribes, but is that really helping anyone or making them more addicted to prescription drugs?
Eddie Boy

Cleveland, OH

#26 Feb 21, 2012
Stay Away!!!This guy is a joke

Lorain, OH

#27 Feb 23, 2012
I am a suboxone patient of Dr. Kavlich and all I can say is that he saved my life. If I ever had an issue the staff always went out of their way to help and or correct. He will not prescribe me any other medication that may interact with the suboxone. I was a homeless junkie when I first met him. I now own my own home, have a brand new car, and work at a well paying salaried job. Thank God for the wacko doctor.
DistressedPatien t

United States

#28 Feb 25, 2012
If you have a health savings account, avoid this doc like the plague. All owners of health savings accounts (paid for by themselves and not their employers), are allowed one check up/physical visit to a doctor once per year for free as a “preventative/wellness” visit as mandated by law. All the patient is required to do is tell the doc’s secretary that he is there for a preventive visit only and the doc has no right to conduct anything that is not a part of a regular physical check up with the possible exception of some blood work and maybe a flu shot. This is to ensure that a healthy patient stays in good health and really is supposed to be a savings for everyone in the loop.

The problem is when the secretary is told that it is a preventive visit only she either ignores it to open the floodgates for Kavlich to churn and burn, like a greedy stockbroker, or she just has ADD and is not listening to the request and just goes on with her normal script.

In any event, Kavlich has his staff (the emphasis is on his staff since he doesn’t do hardly anything) do the things that appear to be everything associated with a regular physical (check blood pressure, take urine sample, draw blood, check pulse, check weight, etc.) and does not say he is doing anything extra beyond what one would expect in a simple physical. This is where his lack of communications skills plays a big part in all the misunderstanding.

Kavlich’s communications skills are atrocious. He’s mush-mouthed and it is very hard to ascertain what he is saying. He just mumbles and when asked what he just said, he interrupts and then asks,“Now what did you want to say?” to what the standard reply would be,“Nothing. I was just trying to ask what you have been trying to say but had a difficult time saying.”

When talking to his staff, Kavlich refers to his patients as “that guy in room 2” instead of “Mr. So and So in room 2.”

If Dr. Kavlich does say something that is decipherable and then is asked a question about it, his standard reply is “I don’t know.” Well then who does? You are supposed to be the doctor. Obviously you are trying to get the patient to make repeat visits so that you can churn and burn otherwise you would give him some semblance of information he is seeking.

Then Kavlich goes ahead and does things that are not part of a physical “preventive care” such as thyroid screening, testosterone screening and Vitamin D screening without telling the patient that he is doing it and without even knowing that the patient did not ask for that since they are not part of preventive care. How would he know? His secretary did not tell him that the patient was in for preventive care only.

Then he screws up the billing. First he bills it as a “diagnosis” visit and instead of a “routine” visit, both of which are categorized differently from a “preventive” visit. In any event, the office could be told three times,(1) during the call to make the appointment, 2) at the point of service, and 3) when the office calls back to churn and burn) but still bill it wrongly.

Finally, with the three things that were done without letting the patient know (thyroid, D, testosterone), Kavlich gets himself off the hook by having a third party bill it, adding further intimidation to the patient and further putting the patient in the middle of something he does not need to be in in the first place.

Cleveland, OH

#29 Mar 2, 2012
I was very good friends with this guys dad I haven't seen this guy since he entered college. I'm very sad to see these comments and surely hope that they are not true,if they are I hope he changes his attitude. His father was a wonderful caring guy and would clearly be disappointed in reading this as I was.

Westlake, OH

#30 Mar 13, 2012
That's a crock I have been a patient of Dr. Kavlich for many years! Yes I do agree with others that the waiting room is hot but other than that DR. K. is a great doctor. I know the medical field as my father is a NEURO-OPTHALMOLOGIST who has written many books top rated in the country and my mother is a nurse. In other words I know the medical field and Kavlich is a good doctor. He does not just hand drugs out. If he does give u something he then refers you to a specialist to back up his decision. Trust me I know so before you judge see the man yourself and know wtf your talking about!!!!
joe wrote:
You wanna get high? Go to him, he'll give you what you want! He'll see you for 5 minutes tops, then send you on your way with some good presciptions, even if you're on Suboxone! All he cares about is getting the money! Wonder how many more lives he'll fuck up!!!

Olmsted Falls, OH

#31 Mar 18, 2012
happy patient

Olmsted Falls, OH

#32 Mar 20, 2012
Me and my family have been seeing him for years. my mom had died and I needed to see the doctor my doctor couldnt get be in for 2 weeks, i called patient first I was able to come in the same day.They always treat us wonderful and so caring.We have seen alot of doctors trying to find one that we all happy with.Yes the waiting room can be warm . But that is a small price to pay for a wonderful doctor and staff. And the nurse someone was putting down came in on her vacation just to take my daughter blood. this is a geat group of people .

United States

#33 Mar 20, 2012
With all the crap that is going on in this state now you want to get on the doctors.. You could get one of those that do give out drugs without seeing you.If you are sick and go to Dr K you just might get well or maybe you can find out what kind of crud you realy have. Everything and every doctors office is not Paridice , if you are going to be that peddy then try going to some of these Emergency rooms. You will just be a number not a person. Emergency rooms are not the cleanest place , you can catch something that will not die even if you do. Yes I am patient and I tell all my friends to go to Dr K. Life is to short to have all this going on. DOCTORS are here to help you and I stay here a littlewhile longer.. Give his "Bedside Manner" a brake and listen to what he says and does. The life he saves could be yours.

Cleveland, OH

#34 Mar 27, 2012
cleveland heights wrote:
I just have a question. I have been trying to get on the suboxone program, but everyone has a waiting list. Does he take medical mutual for the suboxone program and if I call first thing Monday morning do I stand a good chance of getting in? Thank You so much!!<quoted text>
Not sure why bereagirl(?) commented under my post?? Must be a mistake because I only wrote about getting on suboxone years ago. I did NOT write anything about drug mart etc. that was from a previous poster that had nothing to do with me. Just wanted to clear that up.
This guy is a scam artist

Cleveland, OH

#35 Apr 3, 2012
Dr. took care of me after a car accident. He prescribed muscle relaxers and pain meds. Then after a while he had his girl call me to tell me that I needed to go to pain management clinic. I hated his office. Looks like a garage sale in there, the only reason I kept going back was because I could get evening appointments. I don't like the idea of having so many people seeing my medical records. He has new girls working for him every 2 weeks. Somehow that seems in violation of HIPAA, having so many different employees having access to my records.

He does absolutely nothing....the girls do everything...he comes in and checks your ears. He needs to be reported to the AMA.

Canton, OH

#36 May 31, 2012
He is as crooked as any pain clinic in FL. No money = no help. You got cash, n he eill perscribe anything you want. Patient First started with 4 MDs now it's just him. Doubt thats a coincidence. Im out of both of my scripts right now, and unless I pay for a visit he won't call in a refill. Drug dealer with a degree.
ex patient

United States

#37 Jul 9, 2012
I cant believe this dr is a suboxone dr. He is the one who actually got me started on pills!! He was writing me scripts for tons of pain pills with no evidence of pain. It all started with a UTI and he told me to take vicodin. I didnt even have pain. I started to like them and would go back every week or so for more. Shame on him.

Cleveland, OH

#38 Jul 12, 2012
The man is a fraud. I found out from staff that he treats over 400 patients, keeps piss poor records, and blames everyone else for mistakes.
I never have time to actually talk to him. If I keep him longer than a minute, he rushes me out of there telling him to call with the questions. If I have to come in again for that problem in a week, I pay for another urine screening despite it being my asthma acting up or something else.
I looked past the problems like giving me prescriptions I didnt need (lyrica, wellbutrin,testosterone, butalbital, and amrix for very little reasons other than I mentioned I pulled a back muscle, I was having trouble staying awake with my three jobs, and I pulled a muscle in my leg) because I desperately needed suboxone to save my life. In not so many words, he is weaning me off because there is no money in treating people who are stable. There are other doctors he said, giving me no referral. He is weaning me of suboxone rapidly. He knows I will fail and I told him this. But the intake fee, having someone come to office visits frequently when starting, charging extra for urine tests, and buying the pills on site helps keep his clinic afloat.
I told him I didn't want to die and that the only reason I was still alive and going onto a Ph.d. program was because of this program. He said coldly "well that's life, blame the U.S. system"
I hope I do not relapse or die accidently, but if I do, I am making a will and testament that this man be investigated particularly since I have begged him to consider the statistics on relapse and how I am not ready. I even started seeing a shrink to help to try and stay on the program. It bought me three months. Now I have a shrink and withdrawal symptoms that I "shouldn't be having" according to him.
He has left me to die and go through withdrawal during my Ph.D. preparation. I blame him not the U.S. system. Any questions, clarifications, or wanting more horror stories about how the man needs to have his practice supervised/return to school to get info updated from 1990/help managing the over 400 people he cant handle, I am happy to provide them.

Cleveland, OH

#39 Jul 12, 2012
edit: my complaint of back pain and pulled muscle was acute. But he kept me on the medications for months (I threw most of it out). My tiredness was small talk (he lied that the drugs wouldn't adversely effect me if I smoked and I had the most uncomfortable inner body restlessness I had experienced since withdrawal from heroin). My migraines were acute initially, not chronic, and I suggested midrin. First was butalbital. Then when I needed a refill after the first prescription, he put me on lyrica permanently.
Past Employee

Cleveland, OH

#40 Sep 11, 2012
I worked for him for a year and just have to say that you are full of crap. He is lazy (sits on his computer allllll day and does auctions while his patients roast in the exam rooms and sit for an hour only to see them for 15 seconds) And "looking over younger staff" means throwing charts at them, calling them idoits on there first day out of school, telling them to iron his laundry and email all the women he tries to pick up on . He is mean and rude and does not care about his staff in the least! So everything you are saying is a total lie and you obviously have not speant as much time with him as you claim.
Ronald_Arif wrote:
I have known Dr. Kavlich for at least a decade, both as primary care physician and also socially. He is as qualified and effective as any other doctor in the industry, if not more. His treatment is quick & effective and on a walk-in basis. He has a lot patients to treat and the younger staff to look over as well. The doctor happens to be a human being and working long hours. Therefore everyone, please give him a break. If you have someone else that can see you within one hour the by all means move to another doctor.(BTW-There are not a whole lot of Urgicare Centers in NE Ohio)

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