judge gave my kids to registered sex ...

judge gave my kids to registered sex offender.

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Joni Kennedy

Oklahoma City, OK

#1 Nov 29, 2006
Hi my name is Joni Kennedy. Judge Deberry awarded custody of my two young children to Dustin Seymour a registered sex offender and convicted felon. I was never found unfit. I have a 10 year old from a previous relationship with Oklahoma has no jurisdication over and I have sole custody and always have. Many people say there are two sides to every story. Not this one the only side is the truth and it is out there for every one to see. Anyone who wanted to do a little digging to get the information on my case and anyother case in mccurtain county. it is all available to the public. The evidence in my case showed I was the best placement for these children the judge just ignored it becuase he grew up with Mr. Seymour's stepdad. For anyone who doesn't believe I am telling the complete truth, ask for any record of my case and I will gladly send you a copy. I have requested the transcripts and they should be done soon and I will gladly send a copy of that as well to anyone who feels they need to see it to understand the corruption in mccurtain county. I would like to get a website to post all of the court documents and the transcript for all to see but I can't afford it at the moment and I'm not that talented on a computer but in the future. It is a sad day when a convicted felon and registered sex offender and his 16 year old wife is a better home for children than a loving mom with no criminal past and no evidence to suggest she is anything other than a good mom. Not to mention the judge seperated my boys by awarded custody of the younger two to their dad, they have always been raised with their older brother prior to this year when I had to give them to their dad August 2006.

Jimboomba, Australia

#2 Apr 12, 2007
Hi Joni,

I have never met a judge in a courtroom who was a real Christian, a man who would pray to the Most High God in Jesus Name for discernment in the judgments he would be making in cases that were brought before him.

When people follow the ways of men, rather than the ways of God, those nations begin to fall into darkness and into the depths of iniquity that brings them to places and situations that sometimes seem irreversible.

Therefore, if a judge gave custody to a convicted sex offender rather than to their mother who had no record of wrong doing, then his judgment was unjust.

Betsy Tin Boom once said,“There is no pit so deep, that He is not deeper still.”

She meant that the Lord Jesus Christ was always with her no matter where she was, even when the nazi’s gassed her to death in Auschwitz.

Her and her family were persecuted by the nazi’s because they were Christians, and they helped to smuggle Jews out of the country when Hitler went on his killing spree.

And we always seem to have that one certain someone who wants to stand up and yell that we are suppose to obey the laws of the land, well my come back to them is always the same.

Acts 5:29, When Peter and the other Apostles had been arrested and commanded by the law to stop preaching about Jesus Christ, there reply was,“We ought to obey God rather than men.”

“This decision is by the decree of the watchers, and the sentence by the word of the holy ones, in order that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men.” Daniel 4:17

What that means is that God will put the basest of men in positions of power to punish an ungodly nation.

The prophet Isaiah said well when he said,“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who put darkness for light, and light for darkness.” Isaiah 5:20

Real Christians are not politically correct, nor are they ecumenical.

Even now the workers of E-ViLe are trying to pass a law in congress that will make it a hate crime for a Christian to quote scripture to a sodomite.

The Lord Jesus told us in John 15:18-20,

“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own.”

“Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”

“Remember the word that I said to you,“A servant is not greater than his master.”

“If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also.”

The Holy Bible teaches us to pray about all things, and to have faith, and hope, and above all love.

We must not loose heart when we encounter judgments that are unjust. We must take them to the Lord in prayer and pray and pray and pray.

The followers of the Lord Jesus Christ were called Christians in the New Testament in Acts 11:26 in an area known as Antioch, a place where the Apostle Paul and Barnabas spent much time doing missionary work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

They were not called Baptists, Catholics, Pentecostals, or any other name, they were called Christians. The different denominations are due to people following the doctrines of men, instead of the word of God, by that I mean the Holy Bible.

If its not in the Holy Bible, don’t believe it. Instead be like the Bereans in this way, that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so. Acts 17:11

Our traveling partner on this journey should be our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

And to the prodigal sons and prodigal daughters out there, remember that the arms or our Lord Jesus Christ are always out stretched to welcome you back home to where you belong. Being sons and daughters of the Most High God in Christ Jesus.

joni kennedy

Americus, GA

#3 May 23, 2007
I am thankful for your words I seldom respond or even read this forum so perhaps I will not be so late as you will not see my reply. I do pray often and I am thankful for the way I no longer feel alone in this for I believe the Lord is with us when we need him the most. After saying all of that I would also say the Lord gave us a brain and a heart and I would assume he expects us to use both to the best of our ability for the right things. And what could be more right than the continued seeking of justice from the court system that has not yet provided it but may with the Lords help in the future. It is no longer just my children I seek to help but maybe the other cases that might come after this, if other children could be protected from having to go through what I have witnessed of my own children then I would indeed feel the Lord has seen fit to provide a miracle. A bright stream of light in the overwhelming darkness of child sufferings at the hands of those who should be lovingly protecting, guiding, and teaching not slowly eroding away at the core morales and values of a young impressionable child. I do not seek revenage against my ex nor do I wish him harm or even bad thoughts. I do not seek fame or attention nor do I need praise. I only seek justice for my children but also I pray it will help others see the error that has been made and could be made for other cases so perhaps it could be in some way fixed. I would be a liar if I did not admit at times I have faltered and found it hard not to be angry and have hate in my heart but those were the times I prayed the most; not for the judges in the case, or the lawyers, or even for my ex, but for myself. To allow myself to be consumed with hate or bad intentions for anyone would be to defeat the purpose to ask the Lord to be with me in my journey. I feel the Lord gives us children not as property but as special gifts to protect, love, and teach. They are never really ours but to abandon them or fail to try to protect them with everything in you would be worse than the most vile thing done to them by someone wishing them great harm. Harm caused by the people you trust the most always cuts deeper than the harm caused by those we trust the least. My children trust that I will fight to the ends of the earth to bring them home to safety,peace, and comfort and I would not be their mother if I did less than that regardless of the outcome or price.

Akron, OH

#4 May 31, 2007
Believe it or not, there are registered sex offenders that would help you crucify that judge. If you are law enforcement, imagine hearing, that even other sex offenders are appalled at what this judge did.

I know a sex offender who rutinely writes to parole authorities to reccommend that they NEVER let this guy, or that guy, out of prison. They definately make an impact.

The only catch is, you have to talk to a sex offender, and ask for their help. This may test your faith. But then the apostle Peter had the same test and he passed.

Maybe by now this hidious incompetence and injustice has already been corrected. On the other hand, maybe you know someone else that is in the same situation. It's your call. I can hook you up.

As one guy put it to me, "Every time one of these idiots goes off, my life gets worse, somebody gets famous, somebody makes money and somebody else gets popular. I'm sick of it!"

This guy especially dislikes judges and law enforcement people who make decisions based on who they're related to. Then to see a situation where they have obviously beaten the woman down to where she is broke and frustrated? Bring it on!!!

This guy is pretty popular with "some" law enforcement folks. Maybe they know something. Feel free to ask. I won't stop until that judge is unemployed in EVERY WAY. And I know the people that can get that done!

Broken Bow, OK

#5 Jun 8, 2007
Joni, I believe every word you said, I am retired law enforcement and I know how corrupt the law can be, I saw people let go because of who they were related to and all charges put under the table so I know just what you are saying. I saw crooked lawyers and DA's and a judge at my son's trial, my husband law enforcemetn for fifty years told me that my son's trial was a "Kangroo Court" and he was sentenced to death in Texas, attorney's from Calif. took on his case for free so did one from Houston, but they could not get anything did and they all said my son was not guilty, they said he could tell his story over and over and not one work changed and in their book he was telling the truth, I hope so, it's hard to think of your son killing a man in cold blood. This all happened nearly 20 years ago and I still grieve for my son and know in my heart that he was innocent.

Broken Bow, OK

#6 Jul 8, 2007
we are having the same problem with my little sister. the custody battle is the dumbest thing ive ever heard of. my step dad went to prison for torturing his children from a previous marriage and he is a confirmed phsyco/sociopath. and judge deberry is giving him anything he wants. our next court date is tomorrow and i am really worried

Ardmore, OK

#7 Jul 9, 2007
Wren, please, keep us informed, we are listening.
Judge DeBerry has a history of making, what I think are very bad decisions. Here is the link to a thread from the past cases.
Good Luck Wren, I will be praying for you and your family. Don't forget to listen for the outcome of the case for Kelsey Briggs, the trial starts today in Bristow. Here is the link to the latest information.
We need to protect the children, clearly Judges do make deadly mistakes.

Lone Grove, OK

#8 Jul 15, 2007
wren wrote:
we are having the same problem with my little sister. the custody battle is the dumbest thing ive ever heard of. my step dad went to prison for torturing his children from a previous marriage and he is a confirmed phsyco/sociopath. and judge deberry is giving him anything he wants. our next court date is tomorrow and i am really worried
Wren, what happened?
Melody Campos

United States

#9 Aug 2, 2007
I am reading all this and it blows me away! Please, being a convicted felon doesn't make you a bad person, nor a bad parent. I'm a convicted felon who had to work the hardest case plan in Oklahoma to get my kids back. The only difference between me and most is i got caught and they didn't. Judge D. also was over my case and he was wounderful! I'm not calling you a liar by no means but what i am saying is there was some very good investigations with others when it came to my kids and their safety. I read where you said "16 year old WIFE" i have a sister that is married at that young of a age and she's wounderful with my kids...so age isn't the issue. I'm a recovering addict and i've been through more classes than you can probley imagine not just to get my kids back but for things that has happened in my life also as a child. What i did learn first is that "Anger" is a secondary emotion...What are you Really angry about. Second, if you fear that your children's safety is at risk pray protection on them..Don't let them see you hating someone who they love no matter what he's convicted of! I have done the whole cooking dope, jail, loosing my kids,ext. and never once did my kids stop loving me.. So as a child that seen alot of parents fighting, STOP letting them see and hear that. Love them and focus on being there for them maybe when you least expect it! I know your pain cause of being seprated from mine but find yourself and your purpose here on Earth, I know it's not to be full of anger and confussion! I started Church and Made Jesus Christ my personal savior and you know what amazed me the most? He began to fight my battles just like he said he would..
Christopher Strickland

Odessa, TX

#10 Aug 31, 2007
Michael DeBerry is in my Top Ten list. It's pretty hard to get into my Top Ten list because growing up in McCurtain County has made me a lot harder, emotionally, than if I had grown up elsewhere. I don't trust many people in the world, and I certainly don't trust many people in McCurtain County. But, I have known this man for a brief 5 years and that's long enough for me to see that he is an honest guy and would give the shirt off of his naked back for anyone who really needed it. He has always been there for me and my family if he was needed. I've been in situations with him in which I've seen him hustle, and I mean hustle, sweating from both brows in order to raise money to help people who needed it in McCurtain County.
I don't know what God is being discussed on this board, but if it's the God that I worship, I'm almost positive that in my heart of hearts, Michael DeBerry has absolutely no problem with God in this life or any other.
It takes a special type of person who can handle a special type of stress in order to do what has to be done in the legal arena. Now I'm not saying that it isn't possible that Michael DeBerry made a mistake. I'm not saying that at all. What I am saying is that in my eyes, it is unlikely that he done anything other than what he thought was the best possible decision at the time and under the circumstances.
I am very sorry about each of you and your hard feelings toward him. If it were my kids and I thought he had made a mistake, don't get me wrong, I would be talking with him pretty seriously. Which brings me to say that I have looked up Dustin Mitchell Seymour and he is indeed registered as an aggravated sex offender, but from what I understand there is a lot more to the story right? Is the offense an offense that was made towards the girl who later became his wife? Or another person? You see, on paper and on records, things can look seriously different than they do in the "real world."
Some things are just more complicated then they seem on legal records. You have to dig in and find out all the specifics. Because if it is something in which there was no harm done and they later married to raise a family, it would probably explain the Judge's decision a little more than the paperwork. You know?
If anyone has all the facts about the case, not just the records (which can be slanted in all different directions), I would think that they would better explain Michael DeBerry's behavior and decision on this case.
Now, I've went off on a tangent here so I'm going to try to get back to what my original point was when I started. My Top Ten may not mean much, or anything for that matter, to anyone. But I can assure you that not many people get on it. And Michael DeBerry is close to the top. From my experiences around the man, I would trust his decisions in any matter, be they life or death.
I sincerely hope you all work these things out, for the children's sake, for your sakes, and for the sake of Michael DeBerry, a man who is just doing his job the best he knows how.
You know, where I come from, if I don't like the way someone is doing something, I like to attempt to do it myself. I think the path to a Juris Doctorate is a long, hard road to tread, but if you're that concerned with the Judges in McCurtain County, do what it takes to become one and maybe then you can empathize with their everyday stresses and concerns that they have to sleep with every night. It's a hard job and I commend them for it.
Until I see some more hard evidence, I stand by my convictions that the Honorable Michael DeBerry is a just, upright, and fair Judge that has been awarded his powerful position because he deserves it.
Christopher D. Strickland
Wylie Warren

Houston, TX

#11 Sep 5, 2007
Judge DeBerry is lower than a snake. I was born and raised in Haworth, lived in Idabel and still have family in Broken Bow, Idabel, Antlers and all around McCurtain County. The man is a snake in the grass and will turn on anyone in a minute not for just cause but just because he wants to and is powerfull enough to do it. Justice has no rhyme or reason in his court and he cannot die or leave office soon enough to suit me or any of my kinfolks.

Sunnyvale, CA

#12 Aug 20, 2008

Sunnyvale, CA

#13 Aug 20, 2008
Reply to Joni Kennedy

United States

#14 Nov 24, 2008
my prayers are with you and you children, its not just in your county or state i lost my children 23 years ago because of my ex a child molesting abusive good for nothing sicko. he was in the marin corp they protected him the civelion court took my children, i fought 4 years got 2 back. fought 20 years for my other 2 but they was sent to texas wich dont honer other court orders, i won coustidy back went to get the kids was hit with court papers the court there took jurisdiction it dident matter i had coustidy, the gave me all sorts problems i fought from arizona new mexico and then texas, but my ex who molested my 3 year old while i was in the hospital haveing his baby got to see them any time he wanted, they charged me with failer to protect. he got off not even 1 night in jail. hes since molested 2 more children and got off scot free. hes in arizona and free to keep his sick ways going with the court pampering him, i just pray daily god will judge him and make him pay he has the final say. good luck and god bless. i know how you feel. my prayers are with you.

Broken Bow, OK

#15 Feb 11, 2009

Slidell, LA

#16 Apr 23, 2010
That judge needs his head examined.From what I can understand,a judge in McCurtain county will do whatever it takes to keep an Oklahoma child in Oklahoma.Like in the case of my sisters children.My sister,Hope Meek disappeared out of her home in February 2002 and the husband Jerry Meek,who works for International paper (old weyerhauser) is the one suspected of murdering Hope.Hope had a child with her first husband and when Hope disappeared custody of her should have went to the father,Bryan Kidd,who said he wanted her to be with our mother.But Jerry fought us and won.Now,there are also two other children and he has them also.He is suspected of murdering their mother and has custody.
The judges there would rather have children with a person who they should not be with than have them protected.They want to keep them in Oklahoma.
I have a website for Hope Meek,missing 8 years now,it is.....
time traveler

Irving, TX

#17 Apr 27, 2010
Guess that is the kind of justice molesters recieve in McCurtain County

United States

#18 Oct 19, 2010
Wylie Warren wrote:
Judge DeBerry is lower than a snake. I was born and raised in Haworth, lived in Idabel and still have family in Broken Bow, Idabel, Antlers and all around McCurtain County. The man is a snake in the grass and will turn on anyone in a minute not for just cause but just because he wants to and is powerfull enough to do it. Justice has no rhyme or reason in his court and he cannot die or leave office soon enough to suit me or any of my kinfolks.

Yes, everyone know this and Judge Driesel stands behind him.Everyone get out and vote Nov 2 .We can change all the wronge that goes on in the court house.Driesel has been doing these things for 16yr..It is time for a change..

Broken Bow, OK

#19 Oct 20, 2010
Timbo, Does it appear to you that Judge Driesel stood by Judge DeBerry? According to this news article Judge Driesel reassigned him.

Judge in custody case reassigned

By Penny Cockerell
The Oklahoman

BROKEN BOW -- McCurtain County Associate District Judge Michael DeBerry will no longer handle a child custody case in which he granted full custody to a registered sex offender.

DeBerry asked to be reassigned from the case involving Dustin Mitchell Seymour and his ex-wife, Joni May Nelson, said McCurtain County Presiding District Judge Willard Driesel.

“If there’s some publicity given a certain case or some question about impropriety of a judge’s decision, then it’s not unusual at all for that judge to say let another judge look at it,” Driesel said Monday.

In the case, Seymour, a registered sex offender, was given custody of his two sons, ages 6 and 4. Nelson, his ex-wife, filed a motion to reconsider the ruling, which was set to be heard Monday before DeBerry. The hearing was postponed.

In his June ruling, DeBerry wrote that Seymour had been the children’s primary caregiver and could best provide for the children. He wrote that Nelson had moved several times and did not provide a stable environment for the children.

Nelson disputes those findings, saying she was the primary caregiver and is better suited than a sex offender to raise the children. Seymour, through his attorney, maintains he’s proven to be the more suitable parent, despite his legal status.

http://www.newsok.com/article/2823349/ ...

United States

#20 Oct 20, 2010
OMG... We need to clean house at that court house.Driesel CAN NOT run his house hold why do you think he can run the court house...

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