Stop Loud Harley's
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Matt Mordhorst

Sandy, UT

#2 Jan 28, 2009
The loud harley pipes are annoying, especially when they have to grab three gears at full throttle just to go a block and stop for a stop sign. Monroe has a ticketing policy for straight pipes, I hope it passes onto other city and villages in the area.
Ramona Hammel

Evansville, IN

#3 Jan 29, 2009
We have many other things to worry about in this world that truly would make a difference for human life and you want to worry about loud Harleys buy yourself some ear plugs and worry about the important things that need real attention.
Lizard A biker

Salina, KS

#5 Mar 14, 2009
Sure there are a few bad apples that feel they need to be as loud as they can. But they will never be able to out law the bike noise as long as those loud tuner cars with the big loud can pipes are on the street. As far as Calling bikers scum and their wives whores. you better hope you are not one of those whose kids are in need of a toy during christmas or that your husband or boy friend doesn't come home from a war in a body bag and is need of the patriot guard. those loud pipes in may towns are a sound of respect and honor when we roll for toys for tots and to soldiers funerals.
Bill Wetherington

Marshfield, WI

#6 Mar 25, 2009
I agree that the name calling is totally out of place, and will only serve to increase tensions between the Harley riders and those of us that choose not to ride loud bikes. However, the double standard concerning excessive exhaust noise MUST be addressed by the local authorities. There is no justification for allowing motorcycles, or any other vehicle for that matter, to run around with excessively loud exhaust. They can have the "sound" without being belligerently offensive.
Chris R

Henderson, TX

#7 Mar 26, 2009





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United States

#8 Apr 7, 2009
I ride a harley and I like my bike loud. Who cares. Loud pipes save lives. What a hunk of shit. Oh well ill continue to ride my harley with my samson street sweeps rockin the neighborhood......what can they do.....

Madison, WI

#9 Apr 16, 2009
Loud Bikes are stupid...No one drives a car with out a muffler,why is it legal for a cycle?...and guys and one thinks your cool when your making are laughed at.Harley riders are
a bunch of mama boy's looking for attention.

United States

#10 May 17, 2009
I cant stand Harleys because of the
loud pipes and the riders attitudes.
Law enforcement should start getting
on the ball and getting those loud
jerks off the road.
Cant go anywhere with out hearing one
of those noise polluters.

Boothbay, ME

#11 May 17, 2009
Loud pipes don't save shit. Harley passed me the other day and I didn't hear it in my car but right when it flew by me it almost scared the shit out of me and caused an accident. None of them enjoy there bikes and drive them out on "fun to ride county roads," but rather circle the blocks of populated areas repeatedly and say "look at me!" No one is impressed by the fact that you and every other scumbag in America has a Harley. If they weren't after attention they wouldn't put on a frickin' costume to go riding. Yes, I am sure your leather chaps will help you keep your frickin' ankle from snapping and the leather tassels on your handlebars somehow keep you safe too..You are all scum!

United States

#12 May 17, 2009
the loudness is propelled behind the bike not in front of it. Car's that might cut you scumbags off don't hear it. If you think maybe it got some kid out of the road who you would otherwise run over...than yes, I guess maybe the loudness saves lives.

United States

#13 May 22, 2009
Being smart saves lives! If you are stupid enough to think that "Loud Pipes Saves Lives" your time here is limited! Use your brain to save your life, use a muffler to save your hearing! And start caring about the quiet communities you "thunder through".... it's like second hand smoke "your rights stop where they intrude on mine!
Sam Harley

Sterling, IL

#14 May 25, 2009
Cindy Baily wrote:
I hope they will start to outlaw loud pipes...there is no reason that they should not have a muffler system like cars...can you imagine what it would sound like if cars and trucks put straight pipes on.
Seems like a double standard...Harley people are scum bags and there woman are whores.
Us people that ride motorcycles make them loud so that we can be heard since so many don't see us. Cyclist also do alot of other good things, like runs for benefits for adults and children with sicknesses and while those are being done we also spend our money in your towns. Please give it a break. Oh and we are not scum bags and our women are NOT WHORES , We are all hard working people that enjoy riding in the fresh air and enjoying life. Something you should try. Go ask your local tavern owners if they dislike seeing biker season.
Sam Harley

Sterling, IL

#15 May 25, 2009
You people that are complaining are those we see working in your yards as we roll in. You are jealous because we're having fun and you are not. Our yard work is done and now we're enjoying the day. Go out and ask the local businesses in your city if they hate to see our harleys roll into there place. Get a life and leave us alone.
Sam Harley

Sterling, IL

#16 May 25, 2009
Pete Franklin wrote:
As spring approaches we have another chance to put a stop to Loud Annoying Harleys.This has gotten out of hand,They cut off the pipes or buy extra load pipes and then disturb the peace.If the police don't start doing something,I hear there are groups that will take action..somebody might get hurt.Riding cycles is about the fresh air,freedom,peace...not making as much noise as you can..Harley Riders are a bunch of egotistic babys looking for attention.
I think you want some attention. You need a life Pete, Scroll down and read my other post's. Us harley people come to different little towns to enjoy a nice day and ride and spend our cash. We like to pick a destination to ride, stop and have some food to eat and a refreshment and relax. Thats what we do on our day off. Each person easily drops a $10 bill off in your town. Do you think your business owners hate us ???
Sam Harley

Sterling, IL

#17 May 25, 2009
I live on a very busy street in Rockford,IL and ride quite often into Wisc, and Iowa, I guess I could go somewhere and complain about those LOUD SIRENS on emergency vehicles that run by my house 24/7 .... I wish I only had a week-end noise problem on sunny days. You people need to give it up. Are you complaining about noise in general or just the fact that WE ARE ENJOYING SOMETHING ??
naomi toh

Artesia, CA

#18 Jul 4, 2009
Sam Harley: You guys will enjoy the same and have the same amount of fun if riding with quiet or normal pipes, won't you?

This way you're happy, and we're happy.

Why do you have to build your extra happiness onto our painfulness?

The noise your loud pipes create are left to all the people and houses behind you while you guys are gone, we are the ones who suffer.

Vancouver, Canada

#19 Aug 3, 2009
Why is it that you don't see Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati (and virtually every other brand of bike)riders with straight pipes. It's only Harley riders and it's all about the badass image they like to project. The safety reason is a red herring and please don't conjure up images of rides for toys and military honour guards. It has nothing to do with the issue. Straight pipes are unlawful and and Harley riders should be pulled over by the authorities and ticketed if they are breaking this law!
More Quiet not less Quiet

Englewood, CO

#20 Sep 4, 2009
1. One breath they say safety by saying loud pipes save lives which is un true.
2. If so safety concience then why would you not wear a helmet or a real helment not a world war one spiked helmet which meets no standards?
3. You can ride your bikes all you want. When you make noise now you infringe on my freedoms.
4. If loud bikes saved lives here is an idea: Why not have all vehicles not have mufflers in the US? Then the roads would be really safe.
5. It is all about one thing: "Hey look at me" goes for any pick up or car that puts on pipes.
6. Or as the old War War 2 vet to me said one time when I asked him "Simple things amuse simple minds"
7. They should all get tickets. I would get one for not having a muffler on my car, why? It is too loud.

Redlands, CA

#21 Sep 20, 2009
I know a few Harley riders. One of them for sure does not have those stupid loud pipes. I'm not sure about the other two.

However the ridiculous comment that loud pipes save lives - It's your own worthless life that you are worried about. We are not worried about your life since you are terrorizing us with your needless noise. And yes, when we car drivers are on the road our windows are rolled up and air conditioners on. We don't hear you unless you're within death's distance (like within a carlength) from us. So it's all BS about saving lives.

You don't see BMW, Ducatti, Honda, Kawasaki motorbikes souped up to be louder then ten freight trains. I guess only Harley Davidson a$$clowns with the loud pipes think they save lives. You are egotistical terrorists who want everyone to notice you and nothing more. Oh yeah, everyone does notice you. They are the ones flipping you off.

Fair Oaks, CA

#22 Oct 26, 2009
The needless booming is ridiculous. The booming effects people on so many levels and it's usually not positive, especially if it is forced upon us. There's a place for that kind of loudness; like in the clubs or large designated areas for such noise, but to have to hear it in neighborhoods or apartment areas etc. it is absurd and should be against the law and as citizens we should be allowed to make a citizens arrest on folk who boom their speakers of which are really screaming that they are lifeless, womenless, worthless losers who want to disrespect the world in compensation for their plight due to their own laziness. What baffles me further is how often it's usually silly white men who are trying to be down with ethnic folk by playing their bass so loud when we all really know that they would be somebody's girl in the ghetto or in prison taking it up the booty and quite possibly being turned out in the process. I'm so glad I have found other people who also realize the how stupid these people are and are encouraging a stop to the wannabe gangsta generation of posers and never gonnabees. I could go on and on but I'm definately desiring and am willing to do whatever is necessary o put a stop to the needless noise and booming coming out of people's vehicles & yes that includes that of some of those loud harley davidson motorcycles and the like. What a warped way to show machismo these days. These people don't want to show how tough they are through hard work and focus but would rahter show it through laziness and loud noise. Count me in on the anti-noise, anti-boom, anti-punk wimp movement too. Lets do this thing and shut them sorry excuses for life down.

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