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young woman

Saint Albans, WV

#1 Jul 26, 2010
We went to waffle house on July 23, 2010 at 11:30pm. We placed our orders for four people. When we received our orders, we asked for plastic utensils to take back to the hotel room. The man said that they was out of plastic silverware. I asked him how are we suppose to eat our food. He said he didnt know, but we couldnt use none of there REAL silverware. I said that we drove 1 1/2 hours here for a family reunion and we forgot to pack utensils. lol. He said for us to go to the gas station. Brinkly only has 3 gas stations, 2 of which was already closed. We went to the Mapco and all they had was a spoon. They gave us what they had. They asked why they sent us to them. I advised them of our incident. The lady said that they cant just volunteer the store for their benefit, because they dont have what they need to service the people. So, we went again the next afternoon around 1pm to meet with our family. Four of us was at a booth. I ordered steak, eggs, w/ a extra egg. 2 all star meals and two waffles. They brought us our meat by itself. 15m in later they bring us our burnt hashbrowns, then 10 min later they bring our eggs. By the time we got our entire meal, the food was cold. We was so mad. This didnt make any since. I said when people order meals, thats usually all the food at once. They said they had their finest person (manager) on grill. lol not! So, i advised them that we was very displeased with the overall service. Our waiter was nice and so was the waitress(Popeye). They did their best to make us happy. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone passing through. They are truly just there to make a paycheck, not to make customers happy.
Looking Glass

United States

#2 Jul 26, 2010
LOL, if you wanted it your way.......... shoulda went to Burger King!

Monroe, NC

#3 Jul 26, 2010
I love Brinkley's Waffle House! We have gone there for years!
Calm one

Lake Charles, LA

#5 Jul 30, 2010
Well when I pay my money I want good service. U go out of town and they tell u that they ran our of bed linen for ur hotel room and see what u think when they say for u to go find it else wheee
A Strong Black Woman

Brinkley, AR

#6 Jul 31, 2010
yall still eat there so quit with the bullshit go back home to your house where you probly don't clean up anyway comin in the public acting like you someone rich , tippin 2 dollars to the people that put up with your attitude and washin your dishes when you done eatin , for the dummy that compared Waffle House to a hotel you most go to the cheap ones otherwise you should have got all your linen and for the crackhead joke their sales are good so I guess even the crackheads do a good job they have regular daily customers that enjoy bein there I am so sure that your comments do nothin bad for the business get a life and eat at your family reunion that is what they are for food fun and family yall must not be a close family.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa

Winamac, IN

#7 Aug 8, 2010
TO US; we are so drunk that it doesnt matter
if the workers are lazyazz's,dopewhores,and worthless
we are so drunk ..damn we must be drunk cause they actually look good on saturday nights...
damn i gotta stop drinking..geez
toast man

Cabot, AR

#8 Aug 11, 2010
watch out for flying toast
calm one

Lake Charles, LA

#9 Aug 17, 2010
first of all, i can eat anywhere i choose. Family reunions are for reuniting with family. I can eat where ever i choose, that doesnt mean we are not close, that just mean i wanted to eat at the waffle house. Anywhere is burger king, when it comes to me spending my money. Without customers, there is no money. Im not claiming to be rich or nothing, im just stating the facts. so strong black woman, you can kill yourself. You must be one of the sorry workers that was there, And when yall get through, im still gonna speak my mind.
buck town diva

United States

#10 Aug 18, 2010
hey calm one
you hit that nail on the head
yea strong black woman is the damn nasty azz waitress n there
you can see how 1 lives at home on how they clean at work
must b a nasty azz house
tell ya my opion im suprised u didnt catch somethin by even goin in there muchless by eatin the food
waffle house is for alcoholics that get so drunk they think them strong black crackheads look good.roflmao
damn thats a lot of beer drinkn
but we do hafta give strong black woman
a hand she 1 of the few that gets off there azs n goes to work just doesnt do her job once shes there lmao
gomer 1967

Orange, TX

#11 Aug 18, 2010
Wow, What really gets me is when people that actually dont work or eat there have something negative to say. You cant really judge a person, place or thing unless you have experienced it yourself. I have been in there several times and most of the times they are fully packed with standing room only. So if the food and service sucked why would their sales be at record top sales for their division. The Brinkly PD also frequent the place to eat. Come on folks find you another past time and stop blowing off on people that actually might need and want their job.
reality chx

Louisville, KY

#12 Aug 18, 2010
im not with u on this 1 gomer1967
the cops r there 4 free food,they work n bucktown there broke
its packed late friday n saturday night when the drunks have nowhere else to go
gomer 1967

Orange, TX

#13 Aug 18, 2010
reality chx wrote:
im not with u on this 1 gomer1967
the cops r there 4 free food,they work n bucktown there broke
its packed late friday n saturday night when the drunks have nowhere else to go
Reality chx.

I can only quote on what I see and most of the times I have been there has been on the weekends or sundays. All I was saying is that not all the employee's there are bad employess and as far as calling out names. I do no that they have to pass a drug test to work there but reather they are or they are not does not mean the entire crew that works there is a crack head, a whore, a retard and the naming callin goes on. Where I live there is no late night restuarant so you are correct about people going there to eat after they have been out but I was actually just trying to get the message across that its freedom of choice and if you dont like the service or how they were treated get the name of the servier and the cook if the food is bad and call the corporate office instead of puttin the entire staff out there like none of them care about there job because from the ones that I have seen there for the most part do their job but heck I would lay back and take it easy to if we weren't busy. Not trying to get smart with anyone just statin my opinion. Thanks for the feed back
Ghetto Chick

Brinkley, AR

#14 Aug 19, 2010
I totally agree with u gomer. I know alot of people that work at the Waffle House who are good and decent people tryin to make a livin cause face it there isn't shit for jobs in Brinkley.
Calm one

United States

#15 Aug 19, 2010
There are some good employees there. The waiter and waitress did their job, it was the food and how they served it

Greenwood, IN

#16 Jan 25, 2011
qwe wrote:
I love Brinkley's Waffle House! We have gone there for years!
HAHAHAHAHAH i use to work at the searcy waffle house witch is ran by the same district manager as the brinkley waffle house and when our disc.manager use to come to our store he would tell us horror stories about how nasty the brinkley store was and that the almost got wrote up for have ROCHES

Olive Branch, MS

#17 Jan 25, 2011
If it wasn't for I-40 and the late night week-in crowd the place would not make enought money to keep the doors open. Fact.

United States

#18 Jan 26, 2011
afriend wrote:
<quoted text>HAHAHAHAHAH i use to work at the searcy waffle house witch is ran by the same district manager as the brinkley waffle house and when our disc.manager use to come to our store he would tell us horror stories about how nasty the brinkley store was and that the almost got wrote up for have ROCHES
Get an education fool! My Aunt is the MANAGER at Searcy Waffle House has been for years AND used to be the manager of Brinkley Waffle House and I assure you their are NO R-O-A-C-H-E-S!! Yeah I admit Waffle House doesn't have the best reputation for it's workers ...but if the sorry lazy people in this town would get a damn job can blame these people that are TRYING to make a living and at LEAST support their families instead of living off the government!!! Have a nice day!

Pacifica, CA

#19 Jan 27, 2011
I am a waitress and cook at the waffle house my name is POPEYE and my home has nothing to do with my job it is clean and when I am at work I do my best sorry that I'm not the nasty waitress you talkin bout and yes I do have a job good at it and I am not a crackhead or a drunk and I wish that people stop puttin all the workers there in all this mess if you eat there you know all of us by name I'm sure so please talk about them not all of us I do not hire the people I just work there trying to make it and believe it or not I am.I have never thought about killin me and never will I have 5 children to live for and just like yall I speak my mind and always will but I will not let people talk bad about the whole crew because some of us are actually there to please the customers like me so just put the names with your problems you have at the waffle house I'm sure I not one of them thanks have a great day.

United States

#20 Feb 7, 2011
I love the Brinkley Waffle House! And the workers there are very friendly and fun! The food is awesome too! The only negitive thing there is the cleaness, but other wise I still will eat there!:)
Keep up the Great Work BWH!
chicanos wife

United States

#21 Feb 8, 2011
We ate there Saturday morning around 9am. The food was great and so was the service..Whats the big deal about them not having plastic utensils? Big deal the ran out of them. Our waitress was some Kelli girl she did a great job..And I know popeye she is a good person and she is very good at her job.People always have to complain never satisfied.Yall just continue doing your jobs and dont worry about these haters..

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