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#1 Nov 8, 2008
Is it me? Or does Billy Wynne seriously suck? He is a very angry person. Reminds me of a loud drunk in a bar.

He might do a lot of fund raising for good causes but he brags about it. So that negates his effort.

I can't even listen to that station anymore.

I like AJ, but I think he's a wimp. He's much more talented than Chaz, who is also a big-mouth schmuck.

Why humiliate and abuse Magilla and John?

I wonder how they can claim that they're the #1 rock station morning show?

Brooklyn, NY

#2 Nov 8, 2008
I stopped listening when those two first replaced Smith and Barber. Started listening to PLR again when Smith and Barber came back.

The ONLY time I listen now is to catch Wiggy on Friday's.

Billy Wynne was NEVER funny. He's obnoxious, loud and unintelligent. Never understood how he had ANY type of a career doing standup comedy, any type of career period off the radio.

Billy Wynee, Chaz and AJ sound like third graders run wild.

I got satellite radio. Since there's really no one entertaining to listen to anymore, I just listen to the music without annoying interruption.
The amazing Superman

Bloomfield, CT

#3 Nov 8, 2008
I used to listen to 'PLR since Stoneman. Smith and Barber were great. Lappy should be in a retirement home for the lame. Wigmaster has his moments of hilarity.
As far as Billy Wynne, I can't believe he makes a living in comedy because the guy SERIOUSLY sucks.
Chaz and AJ never can be as good as Smith and Barber.
And the broad, is she still on? She sucks so bad I can't even remember her name. She better thank God she's married to a rich guy becauses that allows her be be the $hittiest radio personality ever.
I haven't listened to this Bu//$hit station since Brian and Bruce left.

Brooklyn, NY

#4 Nov 8, 2008
Every once in awhile, I hit PLR's website. They have old recordings of Stoney on there.....give me the good old days any time!

United States

#5 Nov 8, 2008
Chaz and AJ have been lovers since they met in the early 90's. They will never admit it but my gay community friends all know.
Joliet Jake

Dover, NJ

#6 Nov 8, 2008
Regular radio sucks.I got XM satellite in my car and I love it.No commercials,or static.Well worth the 11 bucks a month.My favorite is the "Bluesville" channel.They play all blues from the 1920s -2008.Over 150 channels to choose from.Try it-you'll never go back to FM
PLR No More


#7 Nov 8, 2008
I rarely listen to PLR these days. Only Wiggy makes them respectable. The AM crew is not funny at all and cannot understand how they all still have jobs. Time for a change.
Also, have you noticed that PLR plays the same songs over and over and over and over. I worked in the yard this summer for a week and put PLR on for some background noise and notyiced not only the same music, but these same songs came on at the exact same time every day for 5 days. There is no DJ at this station anymore! Sad. I have XM and love it.
Perhaps if they want to same money they should just play old Stone Man recordings every night.
Get rid of Chaz and AJ

Peabody, MA

#8 Nov 8, 2008
They suck. What's with this crap where they have people calling in all the time and they play snippets of what the callers are saying?!!! It's so annoying!!!!
Why in God's name are these two still on the air?
Dazed and confused

Dover, NJ

#9 Nov 8, 2008
Been a listener since high school (mid 70s).But nowadays-it is really lousy.I never thought I would PAY for radio-but XM is great.I love it.

Rocky Hill, CT

#10 Nov 8, 2008
For years I used to switch back and forth between "i95 WRKI-Brookfield/Danbury" and "99RockPLR". For the last decade I haven't listened to PLR at all!
PLR No More


#11 Nov 8, 2008
Just turn them off. That will get rid of them.

Stratford, CT

#12 Nov 8, 2008
That's why there are a selection of stations to choose from. If you don't like it,change the station.
Mr Stratford

Yonkers, NY

#14 Nov 8, 2008
Billy Wynne is an obnoxious buffoon. He displays his lack of intelligence and knowledge most every time he opens his mouth.
I have also been listening to PLR since Stoneman.
Wife and I woke up with Smith and Barber until they were replaced. Chaz and AJ are so bad, she set the clock radio to an AM station. Over the last year I find myself switching to i95 more and more,'cause I just can't stand this childish buffoonery in the morning.
Unobscured View

Ossining, NY

#15 Nov 9, 2008
I listen WPLR all the time. Although I find them entertaining, I seriously think Chaz is nothing but an egotistical crybaby! I've heard him turn on guests because they don't agree with him. What a friggin' baby! And he's always putting John down. Quite honestly, if I was doing as bad a job where I work as Chaz portrays this person to be doing, why does he still have a job? Either fire him, or shut the hell up! As for Billy, I couldn't care less whether or not he was there. Some days I get a laugh, others I don't.

Bronx, NY

#16 Nov 9, 2008
i dont like the way they treat Magilla
Mr Peebles

Dover, NJ

#17 Nov 9, 2008
triskyg wrote:
i dont like the way they treat Magilla
Well if you choose to name yourself after a cartoon gorilla-well you are just ASKING to be abused
Ex Listener


#18 Nov 9, 2008
what wrote:
U people r in the minority.these guys r number 1 in new haven area and now number 1 in bridgeport area.either ALL u guys r aszholes or millions of us r??wat do u think??
This is the EXACT mentality of most of their fan base. Calling us names.
PL arf

Dover, NJ

#19 Nov 9, 2008
what wrote:
U people r in the minority.these guys r number 1 in new haven area and now number 1 in bridgeport area.either ALL u guys r aszholes or millions of us r??wat do u think??
TAKE YOUR PROZAC,Chaz..........

Bronx, NY

#20 Nov 9, 2008
I agree thyat Chaz and A.J. stink up the airwaves. Chaz has quite a big ego--unwarranted I must say. I know many people who have turned them off. XM is for me. I can listen to Classic Rock w/o having to listen to the Rockheads.

Since: Nov 07

Location hidden

#21 Nov 10, 2008
It's about TIME someone complained about these clowns, and the station in general. How bad is it when your KIDS know the words to all the songs you listened to when you were THEIR age?? Most days I listen to 106.9 WCCC anymore. The only time I'll put PLR on is to get the traffic updates and to listen to Wiggy. Like the amazing superman, I go way back to Stoneman's days. I cut my rock and roll teeth on WPLR, but now all they're playing is recycled crap, all you need is your gums. They don't even play good classic rock any more! When's the last time you heard 10 Years After on PLR? Never! When's the last time they played any Deep Purple besides "Smoke on the Water" or "Woman from Tokyo"? How long has it been since they've played any Quicksilver Messenger Service or any old Jefferson Airplane? Big Brother, Hot Tuna, Little Feat, Savoy Brown, Climax Blues Band, J, Giles, anyone? Classic rock, my a$$. They have thousands of songs in their archives that they NEVER play! And they never play any of the newer bands that have come out and are good - have they ever played any Evanessence or Hinder on PLR? Not that I've ever heard. Panic at the Disco? No. Once in a great while, they'll play some Nickelback or Staind. Kenny Wayne Shepherd? Nope! They even play the same old Doors songs at the same time every day, you can set your watch by it!

'K, sorry, I'm done. Rant over!


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