What happened to intelligent, thought...

What happened to intelligent, thought provoking discussion?

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#1 Nov 18, 2010
Seriously. where are the real discussions that should be on here? One would think as a citizen of Bridgeport, you would want people who stumble on this page to see that we as a community are capable of more than slander and gossip.
Ruby Ridge

South Pittsburg, TN

#2 Nov 19, 2010
LOL,bet on that,I happen to be one who happened on this page and have found very little in the way of anything meaningful yet.

Hixson, TN

#3 Nov 20, 2010
Good luck with that. I defend friends on here,that's it. The few thought provoking or civic- minded topics I have started on here have been quickly destroyed by bickering and negative ppl!If you want decent conversation go elsewhere!

Saint Peters, MO

#4 Nov 21, 2010
There are only so many intelligent and thought provoking ideas in Bridgeport and ya'll have run that well dry. Now you're down to the sludge.

Charlotte, NC

#5 Nov 29, 2010
Its a great question... I have wondered that myself. Tried to have a few meaningfull discussions too. Go on other cities sites and its not quite like Bport. And that's putting it nicely. Well, except Whitwell maybe... lol

Saint Peters, MO

#6 Nov 30, 2010
Check out Hazard County KY.

Austell, GA

#7 Dec 2, 2010
But I don't know half of them... lol

Cleveland, TN

#8 Dec 5, 2010
Justified wrote:
But I don't know half of them... lol
Almost as bad as tracy city
sp opinion

Jasper, TN

#9 Jan 18, 2011
The townspeople of Bridgeport have been produced over the years by inbreeding, therefore they are all f-d up!!! Lmao!

Morristown, TN

#10 Jan 18, 2011
SP are you a wigger?
sp opinion

Jasper, TN

#11 Jan 19, 2011
Nope. Just an observer. Wondering why everyone in Bridgeport has to sleep with their cousin or their sister when they can go up the road a piece and get a p.o.a. that ain't kin to them! Is everyone in that town on Meth? That's all ya'll talk about! LMAO-ROTFL!!!

Knoxville, TN

#12 Oct 1, 2012
It is rather disgusting that this community would rather hide in their homes, closed mouthed and not willing to do what is best for their town. Bridgeport has a rich history that is not being preserved but rather degraded. Truly appalling. What is even more disgusting is that the type of people that are coming to Bridgeport from other places are running from the places they are coming from to hide under the noses of this community. Trying to blend in but ending up with the rift raft on the fringes pretending to be something they are not, breaking laws and evading the law. Needless to say, what is important to one person is not necessarily important to another which is where discussions about real issues are left behind. There is more talk about other people's business by gossipers than the issues that affect all who live here as those are swept under the rug in hopes that all will be forgotten, that no one will notice. Of course, there is no money to operate the town, no plans to increase revenue for fear of upsetting someone who is breaking laws, and the mismanagement of funds past and present has not helped either. So much is out of hand with town government, the general population, the lack of interest in cleaning up the town making it family and business friendly. The mere fact that the people who do care stay shut up in their houses proclaiming that "this is just the way it is here...ain't nothing can be done". It is that and other attitudes that has kept Bridgeport in an unproductive state, with years and years of issues that go un-addressed and fear of change or losing something that has stifled positive change and progress. Of course, that good ol boy mentality doesn't help either. Hopefully, some day, something will shake people up enough that they will band together to make some much needed appropriate changes which would benefit all who reside there. Where is the Bridgeport Watch Committee? Who is minding whose minding the store? How did it get so bad? Clean up the undesirables who are from there and from other places and work together to make the town what it was years ago...a thriving, family oriented, caring community. Until then? No growth, no change, no hope and a steady stream of undesirables hiding in "closets", skeletons rattling,pretending to be something they are not, whose criminal records, phony intentions and attitude that they can take whatever they want from those who have worked long and hard under the auspices or cloak of supposed need and entitlement. The town is not attracting goodness, or honest businesses or even people with good intentions. It has become a place to hide as no one cares. Never fear though, the Federal Marshall's know all about Bridgeport, as does the DEA, FBI and some other outside agencies. With time, conviction and the voices of the honest, open eyed, open minded people who want their town back, of course a wing and a prayer would help, things can improve. People, namely a few "do gooders" various churches the naivete of community members need to stop supporting the double dippers, the liars,the low life's and the con artists who prey on the kindnesses and big hearts of others...hate to say it, the ignorance of others. Background checks are not a bad idea and easily accomplished. They should be conducted before ANYONE gives money to any outsider who claims expertise, poverty and certainly, those poverty claiming childless couples aren't deserving. Why not concentrate on helping the elderly and those hard working families with children who have suffered recent losses and life changing events? It is a sad situation and a sad day when a community is divided so widely and recognition of intelligent discussions about things that really matter go un-noticed and un-discussed. People in Bridgeport are afraid to get involved, some with good reason and some just don't know how to.
Hopeful resident

Jasper, TN

#13 Oct 1, 2012
It does bother me to see the posts on here, as a Bridgeport resident. Everyone wanting to bring each other down, people putting other PEOPLE as the topic of a forum is just disturbing to me, it'd be a nightmare for me if there was a topic about myself.. Nobody likes reading lies about themselves, or people saying you're ugly or whatever. Why don't we have topic about interesting things, like ghosts experiences in the town, what happens when you die and why we believe that,(without bashing others) we could discuss things we'd like to see improved or added to the town and then all go to the mayor about it, we could talk shit about other towns (haha just kidding! But make more sense than everyone talking about their neighbors wouldn't it?!) we could discuss politics, give away all the free redbox promo codes, there are endless possibilities. I'm tired of seeing the insignificant drama on here! I know many Bridgeport people who are intelligent, amazing people, but the scum are usually the ones who get on topix and give us an ignorant reputation.
Hopeful resident

Jasper, TN

#14 Oct 1, 2012
Okay I'm going to make a few thought-provoking forums where we can discuss our opinions in a respectful way. And debates are alright as long as there is no arguing and there are exchanging of facts and viewpoints with no hatefulness. This is my goal, we'll see!
Ruby Ridge

Jasper, TN

#15 Oct 2, 2012
It is not only Bridgeport,but the Country as a whole.
Nikita Kreshnev told John F.Kennedy@ the Democratic convention back during the Cuban missile crisis years ago,as he slammed his fist on a desk,veins sticking out of his neck in pure hatred,and I quote,"We will bury you,and we will never fire a single shot"Unquote.
I believe that we did NOT lose the war in Vietnam,nor did we win the so called Cold War.
What has happened is both sides realized,they could not beat one another,thus they have crawled into bed together and sold U.S. out.
I fear we have lost,all we are waiting for is a final score.
47 percent of Americans on a Bridge Card?What better way to control the people,because whenever they decide to cut them off,what can you do.
IF only We The People would wake up and realize that for the first time in the history of the world,we finally have full and equal rights for everyone,because we are all getting screwed equally. No matter what color,ethnicity,etc.And there are more of U.S. then there are of them,they have to keep the white man against the black,etc.etc.
I think we have lost and are only waiting on a final score.

Cleveland, TN

#16 Oct 3, 2012
This is stupid. The reason there are no intelligent discussions is because you all have an ego and believe you are intelligent to the point that you'll say you're open minded until someone expresses a view different than yours and then you will call yourselves intelligent but call them ignorant.

Usually when someone has enough pride to say, "I can hold an intelligent conversation, why can no one else!?" It is a clear sign this person has a serious ego problem, has problems in society having relationships and conversations and they believe it's because everyone else is stupid. When in reality, it's because they are stupid, too ignorant to get that they aren't as important or as thought provoking as they'd like to be.

I realize being, "intelligent," is the new fashion and is trendy now, but it makes you look unintelligent to make a statement like this. And this new trend in being, "intelligent," purposely degrades people who aren't. Non stop. Every time I see someone start a conversation like this it's a battle of the ego's, and one is intelligent and the other one isn't.

No intelligent conversation is had. No one learns anything. They've already made up their mind and want to simply get someone else to agree with them to fill their ego up even more!

That is what I think of this intelligence trend going on.

The war in Vietnam? If we are going to get intelligent, then let's talk about how the whole thing was set up and is admitted to be set up.

But again, intelligence doesn't apply, because you make up what you want to believe or accept what you want to accept. Heck you can show someone flat out facts about Vietnam and they will claim the facts are fabricated because they'd rather not believe that our people died for nothing. Because they don't feel like believing it.

People are in complete denial, so talking about intelligent conversations is just impossible. Trust me, when someone makes their mind up, it doesn't matter what facts you show them, they will completely deny it and find a way to deny it and say you don't have the evidence they need, yet they will use the same exact type of evidence to counter act your argument and it's good enough then.

We shouldn't be trusting anything we are told. It's like killing bin laden and then telling us, but we have no way to prove it to you, just trust us, we did it. Yet we flat out know who funded him to fight the soviets.

But no one cares, they can know the facts, they can know that we created the situation, but no one cares about that. Complete denial. This is why we are in the problems we are in. No one will face reality. They are afraid.

Dawson, AL

#17 Oct 3, 2012
You're right. The vietnam was was a set up. So was the civil war. If you ask most anyone why the civil was was fought, they will reply, "to abolish slavery." Nope. That cause was only added in later after the disagreements over taxation without representation. The slavery issue sure made ole' Abe look good, hun?

Jasper, TN

#18 Jan 25, 2013
Great question! These topix make all of the people here look bad. Other towns make fun of us, they go this site and laugh at our town! Put a stop to it. Report abuse, ask them to change things on here and remove inappropriate topics.My goodness, you cant expect people to want to live here when you have this as a representation of our town. Promote the history and heritage.

Fyffe, AL

#19 Jan 25, 2013
Something is BAD wrong in Bridgeport and Stevenson. Evil, I think! However, you sound intelligent and educated. If only others were as positive and good. Maybe you should run for office.

Harrison, TN

#20 Jan 26, 2013
I gotta fart

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