I think the show sucks!!!! I saw the Pilot and the girl on the highway with the so called DR said Where do you rent or own a house they said Westhampton the girs said WORSThampton and laughed, I say that was not right, I lived here a long time and that show does ot depict our town properly.. I say Boycott the show and all they did was get pics from the sky of the houses..Tell them the Hospitals are all wrong also.. and the highway was not Sunrise highway either tell the show to go somewhere else we have to much traffic here as it is, the only time these visitors drive is when they are out here they dont use signals and the are rude to people who LIVE here ALL YEAR LONG Like we owe them something tell them to visit somewhere else.. Dont watch the show they have no idea how we LOCALS really are we have a heart and feelings.. I repeat I will Boycott the show and I think everyone who lives here ALL YEAR LONG should Boycott also