So, Madonna feels lucky to be working does she. Would she like to face the unemployed and make the same statement, or maybe she’d like to face the sick and the handicapped to let them know how lucky she is to be healthy, fit and wealthy. Of course she’s working, she’s a smug pop singer with poor acting skills that make you want to cringe.

I have liked Madonna’s music in the past, only because her songs were easier to learn than others. I would not have wasted my money on her albums.

As for other entertainers, celebrities, playboy models and pornographic stars, who are either waiting or looking for work - they are still unemployed, even if only out of work for a few days at a time. And if they’re out of work for more than 4 weeks per year, then they’re officially unemployed layabouts. Don’t be fooled by the overrated glamour and hype.

Madonna is one of many rude entertainers who finds it necessary to show her audience rude finger gestures, and many years ago was not ashamed of insulting the Queen before one of her London concerts.