Julie McKamey wrote:
I agree, there is some good people from Briceville, but their all DEAD now. All that's there now is Skanks, Hoes, Thief's and Queers.

I live in Briceville, and I am not a skank, hoe, theif or queer, I can't say much about other people here, because I don't know everyone, but what I can tell you is just because there are a few rotten apples in the bunch doesnt mean, the whole batch is ruined. My family doesnot recieve welfare, and it doesnt mean your any less a person if you do recieve assistance, I agree some people abuse the system, and that is a shame. But what is more shameful is how people come on this website and throw stones. Judge and you shall be judged, my reccomendation is that you all pick up your bible and read it. I pray for your children,if you have been blessed with them, that they arenot as ignorant as you.And to Jim, if your parents did such a great job, have you forgotten the morals and values that they instilled in you? I think they would be very disappointed that you look down on people the way that you do, and would probaly want to tan your hind for such behavior, because folks from that generation believed firmly in Hard work and humility. They were humble people, who helped there neighbors rather than bash them.Maybe we should all take a lesson from them!!!