Pedestrians cross into danger's path

Pedestrians cross into danger's path

There are 63 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Aug 15, 2009, titled Pedestrians cross into danger's path. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Police said people take their lives into their hands when they jaywalk, such as this couple is doing while carrying a child as they cross busy W. Broad St.

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concerned in coshocton

Levittown, NY

#1 Aug 15, 2009
Common sense is gone, newspapers have pushed it right out of peoples minds by constantly giving the view of the radicals as fact. If the conservative quiet people raised such a stink, we would be hauled off to jail and not printed up as heroes in the papers.
John Gideon

United States

#2 Aug 15, 2009
First, it's good to see a story on pedestrian safety. There aren't nearly enough stories on this issue.

Second, it's disappointing to hear Lt. Devennish use the word "accident" and for you to label your graph "vehicle-pedestrian accidents." The U.S. Department of Transportation says: "A crash is not an accident...continued use of the word 'accident' implies that these events are outside human influence or control. In reality, they are predictable results of specific actions."

Third, while it may be true that jaywalking may be a factor in a substantial percentage of vehicle-pedestrian crashes, you fail to ask the all-important question: WHY DO PEDESTRIANS JAYWALK? It's not because they're lazy or careless.

Jaywalking means crossing at other than a crosswalk. The reason people do this is because so many of our streets are INCOMPLETE STREETS. In the TV news report of the elderly gentleman who was struck on Georgesville Rd. the other night it was aptly pointed out that THERE WERE NO PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALKS NEARBY.

You should be asking the question, why aren't there more COMPLETE STREETS and more and better CROSSWALKS?

It's because too many traffic engineers still have a cars-first-last-and-always mentality. EXAMPLE: A few weeks ago the Columbus traffic engineers asked City Council to approve a road project on Williams Rd. on the south side. According to the bike plan AND the pedestrian plan they were supposed to put marked bike lanes and sidewalks on Williams Rd. The traffic engineers refused to do it. Consider Biking protested. City Council rubber-stamped the traffic engineers' decision. No sidewalks. No bike lanes.

Moreover, the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety is AWOL on pedestrian safety. If you look at the ODPS Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan, it has NO pedestrian safety projects. It uses NONE of all the considerable amounts of federal safety funding for pedestrian safety projects. Even the county Safe Community programs it funds with federal funds aren't allowed to do specific pedestrian safety projects.

In short, our safety officials have no plans -- or ignore existing plans -- for engineering, education, and enforcement to create greater pedestrian safety.

It's a shameful state of affairs. But don't blame pedestrians. Blame our traffic engineers and safety officials.

United States

#3 Aug 15, 2009
Fines fines and more fines! This will help protect people who don't want to protect themselves and we can cash in on it!!! Government, gotta love em'.
I M walking here

Lancaster, OH

#5 Aug 15, 2009
Columbus is the least pedestrian friendly city that I have ever lived in. It's not just driver inattention, it's worse. Many people(most?) become aggressive when behind the wheel and don't yield for anything. Add to that a lack of crossings, short crossing lights that should say "run" not "walk, and no enforcement on jay walking rather than bad driving of scofflaws.
Army Parent

Defiance, OH

#6 Aug 15, 2009
If Columbus wants to make its budget in fines just wright the pedestrians that enter the crosswalks afterthe DON'T WALK starts flashing. The fools are thick at W Spring and N Front St. I have been known to shout a question or two about their ability to read at them . Hit em in the walet


#7 Aug 15, 2009
Well if the morons dont have enough scence to cross at designated crosswalks ....... they get what they get , cars dont stop on a dime and then if you hit the freaking idiots who gets charged THE DAYUM DRIVER! if police would write more jaywalking tickets maybe the idiots would get the message & you morons who jaywalk with kids your worthless with no respect at all for the safety of your child you dont deserve them your a idiot!!!! have great day buh bye!!!
Maryanne is a moron

United States

#8 Aug 15, 2009
maryanne wrote:
Well if the morons dont have enough scence to cross at designated crosswalks ....... they get what they get , cars dont stop on a dime and then if you hit the freaking idiots who gets charged THE DAYUM DRIVER! if police would write more jaywalking tickets maybe the idiots would get the message & you morons who jaywalk with kids your worthless with no respect at all for the safety of your child you dont deserve them your a idiot!!!! have great day buh bye!!!
Your spelling and grammar are horrible. How can anyone take you seriously?

Lewis Center, OH

#9 Aug 15, 2009
Actually, if the pedestrian is illegally crossing the road they are at fault under city code:

"(a) Every pedestrian crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked or unmarked crosswalk, in accordance with Section 2101.09, shall yield the right-of-way to all traffic operating lawfully upon the street."

The problem is, as John pointed out, the lack of available sidewalks and crosswalks that contribute to many of these collisions.
columbus native

Mount Hope, OH

#10 Aug 15, 2009
Most jaywalkers I see on E Broad cross the street within half a block of a traffic light with cross walk signs and road markings. They are either just lazy or just stupid, maybe both. I agree that Columbus could be more walk and bike friendly but City Council is not interested in pedestrian safety or convienence when approving road construction/renovation. Encourage more people to walk and leave the car home for short trips.
Dr R

Nashport, OH

#12 Aug 15, 2009
If Columbus would time cross walk signs and locations better, perhaps pedestrians might use the appropriate avenues. Near S. Hamilton, just before the 33 overpass, by the Giant - an athletic person like myself can't check ALL lanes of traffic, including the turn lanes are stopped and aware of a pedestrian and then jog across before the light changes. It's so stupid. A normal paced person barely makes it half way. So then you're caught in the middle of 4 lanes, plus turning vehicles. I find it is actually safer to walk down past the real pedestrian light and cross when I see enough time. It eliminates dodging unobservant turning cars; I only have to deal with the regular lanes and I get plenty of time!! I've seen similar issues all over since moving to Columbus.

Norwich, OH

#13 Aug 15, 2009
i drive down broad street in this area almost every day
and lots of people jaywalk.. its very annoying!!
for some reason people believe that drivers are just going to stop.. we dont always see them.. its amazing how much danger a person will put themselves in along with their babies just to get across a street to catch a bus... idiots
Just my Opinion

Reynoldsburg, OH

#15 Aug 15, 2009
I have driven down this area of broad st many times, I have had to slam on my brakes only going 30 mph because someone wanting to cross the street decides that they can move faster than what my car is. I have stopped after someone has been hit by another car doing the same thing. In this particular area, People are idiots they don't pay attention to traffic they are in the right away. Strollers, holding their toddlers hand dragging them, or just the adults themselves. As far as fining them, this is a low income area these people will not pay. I believe they would rather spend the night in jail than pay a hundred dollar ticket.
Just my Opinion

Reynoldsburg, OH

#16 Aug 15, 2009
I am from Columbus. Dont know why they put me in Evansville, IN.. Just wanted to let the readers know so I dont receive the comments about not even being in the state.

Columbus, OH

#17 Aug 15, 2009
Should just call the article "People might be getting dumber for Franklin County streets"

I've seen pedestrians who refuse to use any common sense while crossing the road.

I've seen drivers who take that right or left turn at night without bothering to look in the crosswalk.

Do these numbers include cyclists? Aw heck I've seen them roll right through stop signs and red lights, even had one ride past the cars in his lane on 15th at High and tell me "HEADS UP" as I was in the crosswalk with a white "walk" light, then proceeded right through his red light.

I feel for the people who have to navigate roads that aren't pedestrian friendly (Olentangy River Road for example, and this is the exact reason why I didn't get an apartment over there). But for those pedestrians who are just being stupid, sorry but you get what you pay for.

Dublin, OH

#18 Aug 15, 2009
In my case I walk to and from work, the store, and the bus stop almost every day and night. I often times CANT use a sidewalk because the idiots in my area WILL NOT keep their trees PRUNED. This is particularly the case on Kenny Rd and on West North Broadway near Riverside Hospital. These are the same MORONS who block the sidewalk with parked cars or who are TOO LAZY to pick up a SNOWSHOVEL in winter forcing me to walk in the street and traffic!
Tired of Stupidity

Columbus, OH

#19 Aug 15, 2009
I know this happens everywhere and this is going to sound bad but.....consider the area the paper is targeting....FRANKLINTON. Not the brightest bulbs in the masses live there and the westside has become very hispanic. In Mexico it must be ok to cross whenever one wants to and where they want to. Or they're from rural areas and have little or no clue how to navigate city streets. Plus it would help if they could speak and read the english language. Guess they haven't mastered the table of symbols yet either!

United States

#20 Aug 15, 2009
it would help if the crosswalks worked and gave you time to cross the street.then theres drivers that dont give a shit and turn as your crossing the street in the crosswalk when it tells you to walk or they pull all the way up and block the crosswalk leaving you no room to walk
Village Idiot

United States

#21 Aug 15, 2009
It starts a new thread every time you enter comments from the page with the full story, i think.

Columbus, OH

#22 Aug 15, 2009
Yeah I thought it was odd to just point out Franklinton with the pictures. Would have been a little better if they had one from franklinton, one from anywhere on high between Main and Spring, and anywhere on high on campus (which is jaywalking heaven).

We need more enforcement of both Jaywalkers and cyclists riding illegally!(cyclists are not allowed to run redlights if they work or to ride on the wrong side of the road or on the sidewalk, and after dark they are required to have lights.)

Reynoldsburg, OH

#23 Aug 15, 2009
"They often were at fault because they jaywalked or had walked in the road, police said."

Whatever. Slow down with your zip-zip-to-nowhere driving. People should be able to WALK, as they are in most real cities...

On your one mile long zip-zip trips to nowhere important, going 45 MPH instead of 35 MPH saves you a whopping twenty (20) seconds!!

Think about the importance of 20 Seconds vs. a Human Life.

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