I have lived in the Reynoldsburg area for close to ten years now. I lived close to Livingston and Brice until 3 years ago. I have seen the decline in that area. One factor is the "Big Easy", "Sreaming Willies" or whatever they are calling it now. People are afraid to go around there on the weekends and then there is the BIG empty old Big Bear store that has been empty for 5 years or longer, that is an eye sore. Everything that use to draw folks to Brice is now on 256. Empty buildings and rowdy night clubs are not what that area needs. The only reason to go past Livingston is to go to JC Penny outlet. I can remember going to JC Penny in the early 70's & 80's and it was the only thing out there, and here 30 + years later it is back to being the only thing out there. You have to look past Livingston to get the whole picture. Also it is not just the apartments that need to tidy up and the renters but also some of the home owners!