Problems With Some Patients At Mid-St...

Problems With Some Patients At Mid-State Pain Clinic - NewsChan...

There are 325 comments on the Nashville story from Aug 13, 2009, titled Problems With Some Patients At Mid-State Pain Clinic - NewsChan.... In it, Nashville reports that:

A young man died and a mother was grieving. She's concerned about a pain clinic and whether prescriptions for powerful narcotics were written for no good medical reason.

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Goodlettsville, TN

#1 Aug 13, 2009
Dr. Rhodes is my dr. He is a wonderful dr. He just has alot of bad people who come and see him. And thats what is going on. I have seen it way to many times. Druggies coming in off the street looking for their drugs. Im treated for chronic pain and these people make it hard for us to keep a good dr. No I dont get oxycontin or anything like that. But these people need to be stopped. Not DR. RHODES!!!!
concerned citizen

Springfield, TN

#2 Aug 13, 2009
Every addict in Springfield knows that they can go to Dr. Rhodes' clinic at Medical Necessities and get pain killers with no questions asked. The place is a racket and should be investigated. It is interesting that a reprimanded doctor is being represented by a reprimanded lawyer. While Nick Beres is talking to his good friend Fletcher Long, he should ask him why his longtime secretary John Ferris committed suicide today, the day after Mr. Long fired him.

Scottsville, KY

#3 Aug 13, 2009
I am so sorry for your loss. I recieve treatment for pain once a month. The Dr. that I see treats me for chronic pain. I have had a back surgery that collapsed four levels in my back. I do live in pain daily. My Dr. monotors my meds. and gives me the lowest dose that he can but at the same time relieves my pain, to a level that I can deal with. Not gone, but tollerable. Why was your son seeing a pain clinic? And who refered him? Because he had to have a referal. Maybe he was in pain. My prayers are with you. Maybe someday you will understand and find out the answers you seek.
src Nashville

Nashville, TN

#4 Aug 13, 2009
While I agree that it should not be easy for people to receive narcostics so esily, what I find disconcerting about this particular story is the person behind it.
I know Donna Johnson personally, and I am appalled at the nerve of some people. While I understand that she has lost her sone Bailey and for that I'm sorry. But, I have known Bailey all his life and all I can say is shame on you, Donna. You had nothing to do with Bailey growing up, and your mother and Eddie's mother are the ONLY reason that he turned out to be the wonderful person that he was. As far as you cleaning his that what you call stealing the momentos that are left by Bailey's son. How is it that you can sleep at night? Is it guilt that is driving you or just the hope of receiving sympathy or possibly money? I have been a witness of the pain that you have caused, not only in Bailey's life, but, now even in his death. Yes, he had his own demons to fight and he struggled with addictions, but, did you ever think that YOU caused those in his life. You are to blame. It truly boggles my mind how you can call yourself a human being, much less a mother with the actions you have taken since Bailey's passing. I am thankful that there are no tears in heaven, because if somehow Bailey and even your own mother could see what you have done to the people that Bailey loved so much, it would be raining everyday. I am truly sorry for your loss, but, you cannot make up for not being in Bailey's life and helping him. So why don't you just admit your part in it and forgive yourself, and finally let Bailey rest in peace!
Concerned in Springfield

Nashville, TN

#5 Aug 13, 2009
I am a longtime viewer of Channel five news, and I really have a problem with the research done on this story. I do believe that there are doctor's who either do not care or have had the wool pulled over their eyes with prescribing narcotics. Although they should be held to a higher standard, they are after all only human and do make mistakes. My main concern with this story is that Donna Johnson has been portrayed as the caring mother, and that is simply untrue. I have lived in Greebrier and Springfield for years and I knew Bailey. He was a good person, although troubled. And I have even had the opportunity to speak with him on several occasions about his mother. He loved her but shared with me about his childhood, and she was not present. His grandmothers raised him. Where was Donna when he needed her. Why has she suddenly come to rally for him now. Too little Too late is what I say. She has been vindictive to Bailey's fiancee and son, and has spent alot of energy trying to hurt the ones that Bailey loved the most. I would think that a fine reporter like Nick, would have done more in the way of research, before portraying someone so callus as the grief stricken mother. I guess any convicted felon can make up stories and get sympathy.

Appleton, WI

#6 Aug 14, 2009
doctor's doctor's, you try to play god.. your salution to all problems is to write a script.. that will take care of the problem, NOT. listen to poeple and think before you write.. like i say if i have to wait more then 15 min's to see a doctor, he's to busy for me and i need to find a different doctor.. the doctor i have now i've had for many years but they listen!! thank you

Greenbrier, AR

#7 Aug 14, 2009
Doctors at pain clinics all over this country are giving medications to patients who claim to be in "PAIN"...but many are in pain behcause of addiction that started at the prescription pad. They trusted their doctor wo took an oath not to HARM.
I knew Bailey Rhea and he NEVER said a word about pain. He seemed to be a kind, gentle, unassuming person who probably trusted his doctor....unfortunately. He died from an overdose in my uncle's house, which broke my uncle's heart and embarrassed his family name, and disturbing his peace of mind to the point of making him sick.
There are doctors all over this country who are literally KILLING PEOPLE with legal drugs. Look at Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley...AND Anna Nicole Smith...and on...and on...and on!
Get real people. These doctors need to be stopped/ held accountable!
I know others who have been to Dr. Rhodes "pain" clinic who are in their twenties and showed no signs of real pain...except the pain of ADDICTION. The kinds of medications he dispensed to some of my relatives went way beyond what is SAFE for a person who has NO TERMINAL ILLNESS! A DOCTOR CAN SPOT AN ADDICT! IF HE WANTS TO.....
Donna J

Kingsland, GA

#8 Aug 14, 2009
For all of you who support my decision to try to get justice for my son, thank you. For the others, you must be feeling guilty, or are you also addicted. Addiction is a tough thing to fight, but doctors should not make it any easier than it is. I don't take anything from my son's grave except for trash that was left there (cigarettes, rocks, expired faded flowers) quit trashing his grave. He was an addict and my family was involved with him all of his life. Seems to be if you truly loved Bailey, you would join in on my fight. Or is it that you enabled him and helped him pass away ? Let's get real here Pain Clinics can help, if you have true pain, but will kill if you don't. That's very obvious. to gunnstar4912 I apologize for any embarassment and the majority of your family with the exception of one are wonderful people, and Bailey truly loved your uncle, as well as myself

Kingsland, GA

#9 Aug 14, 2009
While I knew Bailey personally also. His mother and him had problems, because she never knew what to do to help him with addiction, as so many parents don't. There is a thing called tough love and that is what she tried with him. Some parents sit by let it happen, but Donna truly tried and loved her son. His girlfriend also visits Dr. Rhodes and even while pregnant gets Lortab. Now her medication is what Bailey passed from, who is the guilty one now? And taking narcotics while pregnant, if this is Bailey's child she is carrying, the baby is also in danger. What is Dr Rhodes doing prescribing narcotics for a pregnant woman? Does she not have and ob/gyn that could treat her? And for the person from Franklin, are there no good doctors between Franklin and Springfield, that's a long drive. The only thing that his paternal grandmother helped with was his addiction, quote from the funeral home " I had to buy him street drugs" too many withnesses to her saying that ! Also Dr Rhodes does not require a referall ( That blows my mind) This doctor needs to have his license taken, before anyone else dies !
Sad and Upset

Clarksville, TN

#10 Aug 14, 2009
This comment is to Donna J.No I am NOT an addict or do I feel quilty. I saw Bailey and his son daily and he was a very loving father.The so called TRASH you say you take from his marker is left by his 2 year old son and you know that.It is something between him and his son.And NO you do not go weekly because we can tell when you have been there because his rocks are gone (which sometimes stay 3 weeks) hint YOU have not been in 3 weeks.Oh one more thing NO I DID NOT enable Bailey I came and took him to rehab when he decided he wanted a better life for him and his REAL family.You really need to get a life and let his true family the one that saw him daily not once a year Try and have some closer.Bailey will truly be missed but not from out of guilt but out of LOVE!!!
Hank Rockvale TN

Kingsland, GA

#11 Aug 14, 2009
Bailey is my oldest brother, he lived with my grandmother along with my mom, until he was 5 years old and my mom married my father. Bailey loved Nannie and did not want to leave her, so she let him stay, but every weekend he came to our house, I know this he is my brother, I also know that he had an addiction problem, not making him a bad person, but if he could have got away from the people supplying it to him ( the enablers) my brother would still be here. My mom is a great mom and loves each one of us dearly, we know that and she lets us know that each time we talk to her. He never had a fiance, he had a girlfriend. And my mom may not like her but out entire family loves Bailey's son Justyce, we just have not been allowed to see him, because of Bailey's girlfriend trying to vindictive ! Let's get to the real cause of Bailey's death, that's what this is suppose to be about!
Hank Rockvale TN

Kingsland, GA

#12 Aug 14, 2009
Sad and Upset wrote:
This comment is to Donna J.No I am NOT an addict or do I feel quilty. I saw Bailey and his son daily and he was a very loving father.The so called TRASH you say you take from his marker is left by his 2 year old son and you know that.It is something between him and his son.And NO you do not go weekly because we can tell when you have been there because his rocks are gone (which sometimes stay 3 weeks) hint YOU have not been in 3 weeks.Oh one more thing NO I DID NOT enable Bailey I came and took him to rehab when he decided he wanted a better life for him and his REAL family.You really need to get a life and let his true family the one that saw him daily not once a year Try and have some closer.Bailey will truly be missed but not from out of guilt but out of LOVE!!!
Were you also the one who picked him up from rehab, when the doctors clearly stated that if he left , he would be gone within two weeks, oh it took four weeks before he was gone, but that still don't help bring him back. Focus on the story. This is a bad doctor, it does not matter where the story came from or who did it, he is a pill pushing doctor, that's the problem.

Greenbrier, AR

#13 Aug 14, 2009
Donna, I feel for you because I had a daughter-in-law who would not let me see my son for four years. He had a stroke and lost his memory. She would not let me see my grandchild either. Life is a tragedy at times.
Her daughter grew up and got on drugs and she has paid ten times over for her vindictiveness.
Bailey was good to my uncle but it hurt him to have such a tragic thing happen in his house...but now he is dead and he is at peace. He did not want to see anyone live together unmarried.
Addicted people are not bad people..Doctors who cause it ARE the BAD people.
I don't blame you; I would find justice too.
saddened and sickened

Clarksville, TN

#14 Aug 14, 2009
You are a very sick person to even let the thought come through your head that I would ever get drugs fOR Bailey.You're comments about the funeral are nothing but lies.You are a poor excuse of a mother for Bailey ,Hank,Jesse and Casey !!!!!!!!!!I'm sure the bottom line of you're interview was what's it's all about.CIVIL LAWSUIT.Maybe you can catch up on you're back child support you owe for the other 3 children since you never contributed to Bailey or maybe you can pay you're probation fees since YOU ARE A CONVICTED FELON STILL ON PROBATION UNTIL 2013(all a part of public records for anyone who wants to look)I will not waste any more energy on you as you are not worth it.

Greenbrier, AR

#15 Aug 14, 2009
I am a writer and I write about these doctors who get patients addicted to drugs. It is a travesty! It has happened to our loved ones many times!!
I HATE pills!
It is so sad to see a young life destroyed by pills...but it is happening every day in our society. Tough love works sometimes. Sometimes NOTHING Helps.
I would like to see justice for Bailey....may God rest his soul.
saddened and sickened

Clarksville, TN

#16 Aug 14, 2009
How would you know who picked him up ? You were to concerned with getting 2 of your other family members out of jail to get a family picture taken to be concerned about Bailey.I hope you get everything you wish for in life but most of all I hope you get what you really deserve from life.
pain clinics

Franklin, TN

#18 Aug 14, 2009
look, im a pt of dr. rhodes. im sorry but HE DOES NOT JUST ALLOW SOMEONE TO GET NARCOTICS WITHOUT MEDICAL JUSTIFICATION. I spoke to dr. rhodes and his staff about the reprimand, and i know what happened. this is the deal, i have chronic pain due to back surgery. I need narcotics to maintain a quality of life. Every time i go to his office, i hear people talking about the abuse of their narcotics. Dr. Rhodes gives me drug tests to make sure im taking my meds right, checks to make sure im only getting narcs from him and sends me for specialist evaluations for my pain areas. Heres the problem, there is an art to fooling providers to get pain meds. this is the main focus of some peoples entire lives, so of course it will be hard to weed out the addicts. they are so good at what they do. All dr. rhodes can do is treat pain as he feels necessary and monitor the patient. When people are there getting their scripts, everything is great, but as soon as they are cut off due to noncompliance, they wanna cry they were done so wrong. FUCK THEM, and as far as thomas and his mom, they were some fucked up ass drug addicts. if they were ONLY getting narcotics from dr rhodes like they were supposed to, they probably wouldnt be missing their son right now. Everybody is great until one accusation comes along, now all these bitches crying wolfe. Dr rhodes is great and the community loves him. hes a down to earth doctor that we can discuss real life problems with, not some o fake ass stuck up doctor thats more worried about keeping spots of the white coat than he is loving his patients. bottom line is, dr rhodes has guidlines, if you follow them you will have your pain managed, if not it may take a couple visits but he will weed out the junkies. So go pop that u fake ass wanna be victims.


“It's me. Take it or leave it!”

Since: May 09


#19 Aug 14, 2009
I dont know this specific place. But, it's not uncommon these days! They will give out anything for cash at alot of places. That's just hear say!

Hendersonville, TN

#21 Aug 14, 2009
something needs to be done before someone else dies!!!! and i can see it happening...

Greenbrier, AR

#22 Aug 14, 2009
You people who take narcotics without EXTREME advised, they wear out and no longer kill the pain..but the craving will take years to go away. So will the damage to your body.
Oxy was made for people who are dying!!! In the last weeks of their life. If a doctor gives it to you for simple, everyday pain...HE DOE NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.

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