Suffolk County,N.Y. CPS,DSS
Betty B

East Northport, NY

#337 Jun 30, 2011
Wait until I make this public knowledge.I have proof, beyond a reasonable doubt.That the judges and magistrates in Suffolk Family court, have been allowing my write,sign for the judge and file his own answers to my case.
Why? He has been committing mortgage fraud.Yes! For these Judges.For years.I can show a 25 year history. He files his answers,using the access he was given to file fraudulent deeds, mortgages and satisfactions.They don't know how much I know.I am not telling yet.Putting this together.

Brooklyn, NY

#339 Jul 18, 2011
Does anyone know CPS worker Joanne Simmons from suffolk county??????????

Milford, CT

#340 Jul 22, 2011
Does anyone know who took over Marjorie Zuckerman's case load after she retired? Thank you.
court liasion

Stony Brook, NY

#341 Jul 23, 2011
they got split up some going to a mr mc nulty

Brooklyn, NY

#342 Jul 23, 2011
court liasion wrote:
they got split up some going to a mr mc nulty
Ok thank you do you know who the other one is?
Angela Nelson in N C

Bailey, NC

#347 Aug 9, 2011
Dads, do you honestly believe that your group can say anything that have not been heard by the Public and the Courts from the County right up to the Supreme Court? If you think you can, then go brave and I wish you the best of luck.

At my urging, my family have taken a whole different approach. I am making sure my children empower themselves by taking all the Federal Grants and Student loans they can get to shoot for the sky with nothing less than an MBA, which my daughter whose children were taken away now has.

Upon completion, I will make sure they all take their training, their education and degrees and leave this wretched Country and be productive and contributing citizens of another Country. But before the get on a plane, I will make sure they spit on the ground at the Miami International Airport and say phuck you America.

As for the School Loans, well, NOT one penny will be repaid. This Gov't who is funding those criminals in DSS can consider it compensation for the alienation of affection caused by DSS.

At the end of day, my grandchildren will all turn the age of 18 [the 1st will be 18 in 3 years] and not one of those criminals will be able to stop me from taking them and shipping them out of the States to meet their mother, their stepfather, their aunts, their uncle and their cousins. I will make sure that they also spit on the ground at the Miami International Airport and say phuck you America.

I am NOT leaving, and I am NOT going to try and win a stink pissing competition with the skunks of Suffolk County. Rather I will sit on my ass behind my computer and continue to enjoy ALL the benefits as a disabled person [not handicapped]I am now enjoying, and will do it for the rest of my life.

Judges David Freundlich and Dudley Lehman, Law Guardian Valerie Zuckerman, Attorneys Stephen Helman and Jordan Trager, County Attorneys Jeffrey Adolph and Christine Malaffi and CPS caseworker Armfield Wong can now stand in line with disinfected mouth to K-M-A while patting themselves on the back for installing in us the belief that in the United States, honesty is NOT the best policy and for turning us into true blue Americans like they are.

Angela Nelson in N C

Benson, NC

#350 Aug 10, 2011
No Offense taken Dads, but we have done everything we can possibly do legally to get these children home even after being fleeced of thousands of $ by an Attorney I hired to file for custody of my grandchildren name Jordan Trager.

And it got this bad not because of me. This has been going on long before I migrated to the United States and it will continue long after we go back to our Country because not one Law maker had, nor has the balls to introduce Legislation for oversight on CPS.

Brooklyn, NY

#351 Aug 18, 2011
When does CPS stop doing what they are doing. They need to be brought down. They are the worst of the worst. They are not out for the children. They are hurting more families everyday. Who is in charge of CPS they need to take a good look at all their social workers and there surpervisiors. I have never never in a million years would have thougth that CPS is what it is. We the people need to destroy them. I have never read so many horror stories from all over the us about CPS and the court system that alows these horrors to happen. I am sicken by all that I have read and heard. Let me say we are fighting a huge battle with CPS and will are not going to stop unitl all those scum of the earth are taken down.
SoooDonewithCorr uptPeople

Littleton, MA

#352 Aug 18, 2011
Want to share your Evie Zarkadas experience? Please visit the "Do you know Evie Zarkadas?" Facebook page and share your Evie story. It is about time the world begins learning about this dishonest, corrupt, unethical lawyer. People like this give lawyers a bad name. Visit the FB page and don't forget to Like!

“You Jackass !”

Since: Sep 10

East Elmhurst, NY

#353 Aug 19, 2011
The fat lady named Moss is another corrupt law guardian. Jeffrey Stiegman of pederson kragg is another corrupt j-w bastard who will testify anything the county request of him for 5k or better. The whole system is sh1t run by tyrants.
telling the truth

Bronx, NY

#354 Sep 24, 2011
margret shceafler child attorney, David Freundlich Judge and dudley lehmen retired judge, ruining innocent lives , to ptotect the son of dudley lehman. Frederick lehman, Dudley pulling strings for son, Margaret scheaffle obstructs the truth about forenzic report to protect frederick lehman from losing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and job. This is so sad that these two judges who do adoptions, smile and pose with happy families who adopt children, these same judges are filthy connected and ruining the lives of other children by pulling strings to hide the truth about other children's lives filled with domestic violence, fraud and sexual abuse all in the name of $$$$$, image and power. God bless America. The system is taking to long to reveal the truth.
Gathering the proof

Mastic, NY

#355 Sep 25, 2011
susan wrote:
I am in total agreement with you. I have the my three sons situation going on,but because my house in not out of better homes and digest, I am considered an abusive parent. Talk about communism
This runs much deeper than c.p.s.The county employees & judges.Are working together in an organized financial crime syndicate.Bank employees,insurance co.LIPA.CableVision.Asett backed securities,being robbed by these thugs.Not limited to Fannie Mae/FreddieMac.Who do you think is taking the major part of the sub prime mortgage fraud proceeds.IT IS THE OFFICIALS.
Go to the Riverhead County center print room.Sit at one of the p.c.s.Retrieval key in under mortgagee or mortgagor Family Court judge Barbara Lynaugh.At least 15 satisfied mortgages in ten yrs.Rodriques Mg.same thing.Check your judge,your SCPD.Shireffs dept.Even SPOTA D.A.who is going to put a stop to mortgage fraud.GUILTY HIMSELF.
Elderly,vulnerable little old ladies.Take out safe deposit boxes at various banks here in Suffolk.Place their valuables & important papers in them.For safe keeping.WHAT A JOKE! The boxes are being illegally accessed.Victims info.stolen.Elderly person dies suddenly.These officials,in colusion.Have a phony probate of a fraudulent will.They are stealing homes,jewelery,bank accounts.It is appalling.
If anyone has access to a good investigative reporter.Contact me.I have authentic documents to prove all of the above.
Gathering the proof

Mastic, NY

#356 Sep 25, 2011
Jefferson Davis Hogg wrote:
The fat lady named Moss is another corrupt law guardian. Jeffrey Stiegman of pederson kragg is another corrupt j-w bastard who will testify anything the county request of him for 5k or better. The whole system is sh1t run by tyrants.
Fran Moss attorney.I gave her a retainer to help me get child support in late 2003.In Jan.04.she gets her mortgage satisfied by my ex spouses fraudulent access to MERS.
They are all crooks.
Not only that.It is my belief that they know who the Long Island Serial killer is.think I do too.They are covering this up.
Gathering the proof

Mastic, NY

#357 Sep 25, 2011
I have been to all three of the D.A,s offices in Suffolk.Many times.
Tried to expose big mortgage fraud by county employees & officials.
Barbara,the front desk secretary.States.."You go write out your complaint. but she says "I DECIDE WHAT GETS SUBMITTED HERE"
At that tie.I was unaware that the entire county employee net work.Is working together with my ex.exploiting sub prime mortgage securities.Been going on since the 80s.
A sickshame

Reggio Emilia, Italy

#358 Dec 5, 2011
I understand that many people are upset about the CPS and how they steal children from their homes, but they all have reasons. Do YOU people think about the 2 year girl that is being raped by her father? If we did not have CPS, who would HELP HER. What about the two children sitting in the living room while mommy CHUGS on Jack Daniels? DO you REALLY think that it is APPROPIATE on CONDUCIVE for a CHILD'S Psychological Development for a parent to be drinking and or doing drugs around their children. When CPS comes into your home they HAVE procedures and the MOST important one is to KEEP the family together, they do not want to put children in FOSTER CARE. For all of you to know 70 % of CPS cases in NY are UNFOUNDED. Those cases that are unfounded, many times children are being abused.
SO if you really had your children taken away from you, it is time for reality check. Mental Health Counseling, Drug and Alcohol counseling, or just getting you life together.
All of SOCIAL Welfare Systems are corrupt in some ways. NOTHING CHANGES....IF NOTHING CHANGES>
save your own asz, none of you workers love or care anything about children or where they're being placed after. your only standard is a shadow and a surface , as long as it looks clean, as long as it looks safe as long as the appearance of the home is up to standard, and you only judge based on that. all those cases unfounded had clean immaculate homes and chances are they probably beat their kids head to toe if they came in the house before the street lights come on, all because they are selfish, crack, drug addicted meth addict prostitute welfare recipients on section 8, using their kids only for a check, they don't give no more than a shyt about their kids, and people want to complain after you people left it unfounded, UP YOUR STANDARDS in all homes, including foster care, because a lot of the foster parents, have the same mentality as these scumbag parents, who think it's ok to use their kids a check and see them only as that. why not do annual yearly inspections of all households with children and as well as facilities? this is just a recommendation, I think it would help out alot when calls come in, because you can go based off of the annual yearly inspection score, and if the score is so low it's unbelieveable, then highly trained cps professionals can come out and open up an investigation case immediatly,and the kids can be removed while doing so. That's what prevention is! Inspect all families, all households, all childcare providers, that way when a call is made whether mandated or not, you can go out once again with a clear veiw of what you're dealing with, as well as for your own safety. It must be scary knocking at the door of a parent and they automatically assume because you're cps you're there to remove their kids, any protective parent who loves their kids would probably go into panic mode and not even know what to do, and that's where parents go wrong, I've seen a mother get tasered with her baby by a peace officer for trying to protect her baby from being ripped away, she was a teen parent, so of course she was unfit. The majority of cases, are usually easy cases where the family is low income, or a teen parent,or middle income and can't afford an attorney and are totally ignorant. People who call in to the hotline, don't always have the right intentions, they use children as a way to disrupt someones life that they dislike for other reasons, being a busy parent, any normal household with kids on a random pop up visit from cps, things are going to look out of place, or a little messy, you know why? because it's a home! a real home where parents go to work, come home, cook, help with homework, and have schduals, as well as stay at home moms with small children, they get targeted often out of jealousy from friends or neighbors who never see them going to work and think it's a luxery to be an sahm while hubby works.
A sickshame

Reggio Emilia, Italy

#359 Dec 5, 2011
Joseph Cornetta wrote:
I dont hide behind nicknames. I post my real name. I say Josephine Walsh from CPS is a fraud. CPS is a Fraud. Evie Zarkadas, Alleged Law Guardian is a Fraud. Karen Silverman is a Scumbag who is doing her best to allow a sex preditor be permitted around my kids. The Makinen Family with Babs as mom are liars, sneaky and drunks. Suffolk County Family Court is destroying families. Andrew Tarrentino is a Loud mouth fuck. Come on baby!!!! What say you!!!! Bring it!!!!!
I am so sorry all of you are going through this, if you notice the only people taking up for cps, is cps workers because if they don't they will be fired, just like the cps mandated callers, that's why so many people are choosing not to work with kids, because it's become a save your own asz mentality and they use scare tactics of the what ifs from stories of the past with horrors that just happend to occur in the homes of the children, with it being biasly geared towards call on the parents only. I love kids and have a few of my own but I am proud to say I am a pro-choice, pro-family planning birth control using, abortion preventing, anti destruction of family bloodline and heritage woman. I'm not going to claim republican nor democrat, because in the end it's just us, politics don't belong in family affairs, nor does the government. The only time they should be involved is when you put them in it, you bring shame to your family by making poor choices, mistreating your children or over spoiling your kids so much you can't do nothing with them. I think kids should be allowed to call cps on whoever they feel is mistreating them, because children don't lie, and if it's so called in the best interest of the child, why is it that their word doesn't matter when the kids being removed are screaming for their parents being traumatized being snatched from their natural home?it makes you wonder what kind of monsters these people are working as child protection, when they handle situations in the most traumatic way for children, dropping the kids off at the homes of strangers? the kids sitting there wondering if their mommy and daddy know these people, and the parents don't even meet them until later. On a surface cps looks like they care and people praise them who think cps did something right, but those news stories are just just cover their azs stories to scare people into calling and rounding up more kids. Who isn't going to overreact when it comes to a child? But that's where CPS comes in and the supervisors only see money, bonuses, and making a profit off of the pain and suffering of children. If they love kids so much why are they so quick to place them in the homes of strangers? they can back up all they want with...''no these are foster parents certified by us'' but who are these people really? they get a check for taking care of those kids and it's not even that much, so the more kids they take in that's the more more the money adds up. I've seen foster kids, and they look like the exact discription of what abuse/neglect is, kept dirty, diseased with colds and infected cuts and bruises, wearing old 2nd hand clothes, while the foster parents shine and are glorified, as they go hide away in a room and shoot up drugs, and use little girls and boys to keep their men satisfied, force all kinds of lifestyles of homosexuality before the kids even know what sex is, so they think it's normal to just be gay/lesbian/bi and don't know the majority of people that way were abused sexually growing up, the reason they made those choices and have gone through a lot of pain and suffering and they use being homo sexual as a way to cope and to feel accepted. Most kids in fostercare will end up getting molested, beaten, put on anti psychotics before the age of 10, and later will end up drop outs or in jail, if not sexually promiscuouse, there are rarely good outcomes for kids in foster care when you watch statistics.

Since: Dec 11

Bohemia, NY

#360 Dec 11, 2011
i have a HUGE problem with evie zarkadas. she is a liar for one. she lied to a judge's face during a family court hearing, and she also perjured herself during another family court hearing. i was the complainant for a family court order of protection petition, and evie zarkadas was the repondent's attorney. the respondent had threatened me during a verbal dispute that he was going to get someone to kill me, hence the reason for the order of protection. evie zarkadas offered me cousel prior to one of the hearings, trying to sway the outcome of the hearing. a letter written to the suffolk bar association went nowhere, and they more or less laughed in my face. the matter is now in the hands of the new york state bar association, and her lies, her offering me counsel, and her perjuring herself is now under review. whomever hires her or allows her to a be a law guardian os looking for trouble
Observing from sidelines

Manorville, NY

#361 Dec 11, 2011
True.If nothing changes..nothing changes.But..that goes two ways.
What should never happen.Is to remove these children from the frying pan to the fire.Bad to worse.
Foster families back grounds are not looked into enough.Motive for becoming foster parents? Is it money,a desire to have control & power over these children? Or are the motives an honest desire to make a difference?
Our system has way too much inbreeding.Judges married to clerks or Social Workers.Too much connection allows funneling from one crooked official to another.No objectivity or accountability. System run amok.
their best

Rome, NY

#362 Jan 5, 2012
Joseph Cornetta wrote:
<quoted text> My two little girls and me have a HUGE problem.
The law guardians are terrible and the system is very corrupt wether it's oneida ,herkimer there all bad.My sisters law guardian made things 10 times worse for her daughter ,they know their rights but they have no clue what it does mentally to a child that is being shoved back and forth from week to week what kind of life is that for a child ,truly unstable system.Law guardians protect the rights of the child that's it ,not the mental health of the child they have no education for that ,either do the lawyers or the judges or even the social workers they never get educated on mental health of the child.They are clearly unqualified to say what is mentally healthy for the child.

Since: Dec 09

Location hidden

#363 Jan 9, 2012
Update from since my last posting in August 2011, Daughter #1 and mother of my 3 first grand kids that those fudder mucker stole from us is now in a foreign Country.

She took my advice, got her Degree, took every penny she had saved up and left this Country with all the student loans unpaid for people like Freundlich and Zuckerman to pay with their taxes.

Small price for this Country to pay for stealing her kids.

2 more daughters and my son left to do the same. 3 years in total to go and in 2 years and 9 months, my first grandson Garrett Logan McKinley will be 18 years old.

I will stay here and feed off the system through disability with FULL Medicare, Medicaid and EBT until my grandchildren are 18 yrs old, and I pray for anyone to stop me from getting in touch with them and taking them out of the States.

So Valerie Zuckerman, Jordan Trager, Stephen Hellman, David Freundlich and Dudley Lehman try and work harder to pay more taxes so you all can pay back all my children's school loans.

I promise I won't let them borrow more than 2.5 mil$ before interest.

I also promise to make sure that they save all the money they work for [cash under the table] so they will have a solid financial start when they join their sister.

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