Thugs at Golden Skate in San Ramon Gr...

Thugs at Golden Skate in San Ramon Grand Theft and Assault And Battery too?????

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Walnut Creek, CA

#1 Mar 25, 2012
Grand Theft, Assault and Battery at
Golden Skate in San Ramon!!!
I want to report a horrible incident at Golden Skate in San Ramon last Friday night. At approximately 8pm on Friday, March 23, 2012, we dropped our girls and their two friends (12, 13, and14 year olds) at Golden Skate. I went in with them to be assured leaving them alone until 11pm would be safe, I spoke to the manager on duty. He said,ďYes, parents leave their kids here all the time to go out and enjoy a romantic eveningĒ.
Around 10pm the girls called us at dinner to say that two of their cell phones and money were stolen out of their shoes (hidden under the table) while they were skating. We immediately called Golden Skate (GS) and told them we were on our way and asked them to call the police, they did not. My husband called the police on our way to GS, when we arrived the police were not there so he stepped out to the lobby (so he could hear) to call the police again.
I went inside, found the girls they started showing me how they could see the missing iphones on a tracker app and that they were still in the building. We started searching the area/table where the girls were sitting. I asked some women next to their table if anyone had seen the iphones or people in or around their stuff. The women got very defensive and started screaming at me! It turned bad in just a few seconds. We were surround by their party of more than 10 women, and threatened! My 14 yr old said donít hurt my mommy and then my 12 year old daughter was thrown to the ground then hit over the head repeatedly with an unknown object. As I was thrown to the ground, my 14 yr old was punched in the face, grabbed by her hair and her face was slammed into the table, then she was thrown to the ground, her earrings ripped out of her ears, kicked in the face and a chair thrown on her back!!! We were assaulted from all angles by a gang of savage black adults.
Still on the ground I noticed my purse was missing, then I was beaten over the head with it! At that point my iphone was missing too. I stood up and saw my daughter screaming with blood running down her face! We ran, scared for our lives, to the exit doors but the owner and DJ redirected us to his office and told us to stay put.
In the meantime, three San Ramon Police squad cars arrived without lights on. I was detained in the office while an officer took my statement and identification. EMTs came to check out my daughter they said she should be taken to the hospital to be checked out further.
During this time we were in the Golden Skate office, someone had turned in my cell phone (it was powered off and case taken off). I had pictures on my phone that I snapped when we first arrived at Golden Skate. My younger daughter showed the pictures to the SRPD the officer walked around with my daughter and friends while they pointed out the women who attacked us. The police told them not to point and to stay calm while the women that hit my daughter was screaming in their face, the officer did not take her name or any information. The SRPD let everyone just leave the building. We ended our night in the Emergency room in San Ramon!
We talked to the officer the next day, 3-24-12 he said they will give all our information to the detectives on Monday. When we asked him if any arrests were made he informed us that there was not and they took no other statements, identification of people or spoke to any witnesses other than ourselves. They simply let every one leave when grand theft, assault and battery were committted (Thanks San Ramon PD)!

Walnut Creek, CA

#2 Mar 25, 2012
The attack happened right in the middle of Golden Skate in front of the snack bar. There were a lot of people around but no one would help they just watched. After the attack the DJ led us into the office, Iím sure she saw everything but was not questioned or forthcoming with pertinent details to the police that could have resulted in the arrests of the gangbangers!
San Ramon Police are currently looking for tall black women one with a giraffe hat, one in a orange shirt, one in a all pink sweat suit, and another in a red and black top. Iím sure they have a lot to work with here, they should have taken down some names and license plates, or something!
The Golden Skate Roller Rink does not seem to have any security staff nor according to the owner do their security dome cameras have the ability to capture these events. Their only working cameras are in the back office that were just changed out because they had been robbed at gunpoint last year by two adult, black, males.
If we would have known it was mostly a crowd of rough adults, we would have never let our kids go to Golden Skate. We are now learning from other local parents that they do not let their kids skate during the final session because it turns ghetto after 9pm. We wish we knew this before we left our kids and want to make other parents aware that Golden Skate is not a safe place anymore!!!
~Parents/Residents of the San Ramon Valley since 1970
Former San Ramon native

Palo Cedro, CA

#4 Mar 25, 2012

San Ramon, CA

#5 Mar 25, 2012
Thanks for the info - what a horrible incident to experience. We won't be going any more nor taking the children!
From A Black Parent

Antioch, CA

#6 Mar 25, 2012
To all affected in the incident I just want to apologize for the ignorance and violence displayed and especially for the harm to the lady, her children and all who witnessed the incident. I grew up skating at arenas from San Francisco to Milpitas. The way the arena in San Jose settled the rogue and rough crowds was to change the music and play rock and role!
From A Black Parent

Antioch, CA

#7 Mar 25, 2012
From A Black Parent wrote:
To all affected in the incident I just want to apologize for the ignorance and violence displayed and especially for the harm to the lady, her children and all who witnessed the incident. I grew up skating at arenas from San Francisco to Milpitas. The way the arena in San Jose settled the rogue and rough crowds was to change the music and play rock and role!
Whoops in the last sentence I meant to say, the way the manager would "effectively" discourage violent, rogue crowds from coming back to the arena was to change the music genre to rock and role. So hopefully in the name of peace and allowing families to have fun in this environment again I hope Golden Skate reads my suggestion.
While I know that there are are always three sides to every story (your side, their side and the truth), as a word of enouragement and I'd like to advise (as difficult as it may be) that you do NOT let what happened to you and your girls bind you with fear and hatred of other blacks and fill you with the the use of stereotypes everytime you see someone black or of an ethnic race or who looks a certain way. Ignorance is ignorance and IS in ALL races.

Walnut Creek, CA

#8 Mar 25, 2012
thank you for your honesty they can clean up there act if they wanted to. you are spot on they didn't even play any hip hop, just unknown rap songs that my girls never heard of. they do know a lot of the current rap sons too!


Since: Dec 10

Cardboard box

#9 Mar 25, 2012

Walnut Creek, CA

#10 Mar 26, 2012
Golesten Investments, Inc
Golesten Investments, Inc is a business that provides services related to Skating Supplies Equipment

this looks to be one in the same as golden skate! they are also located at the same address as golden skate.
Livermore Mom

San Jose, CA

#11 Mar 26, 2012
That's horrible. I am so sorry that happened to you and for no one to do anything about it, while children were being hurt, that is unacceptable for any human being. Shame on everyone in the building that witnessed this and did nothing. The police should be held accountable for their NON-actions that night too. I hope these jerks are found and if they aren't, there's always karma. They will get theirs eventually. Most likely, they will go back to the skating rink on another night. My thought, take some big/mean girls/guys of your own and have them deal with them in the parking lot after the session is over. Let them know how it feels...
Purple Person

Fremont, CA

#12 Mar 26, 2012
"From A Black Parent" <quoted text> NOT let what happened to you and your girls bind you with fear and hatred of other blacks and fill you with the the use of stereotypes everytime you see someone black or of an ethnic race or who looks a certain way. Ignorance is ignorance and IS in ALL races.
I respect your desire to disassociate yourself with violent beasts of any color or creed, but I must point out the obvious truth that stereotypes exist and continue to exist because of regular action to that effect. The only way to transcend this is to embrace the fact that there are s-heads of every color and creed, these s-heads subscribe to s-headery relative to their ethnic background (the worst parts), and there will always be s-heads.
If you truly want to disassociate yourself from these beats: Don't spend time with s-heads, don't dress like a s-head, don't speak like a s-head, don't act like a s-head, and when a s-head from a similar ethnic background engages in s-headery do not associate yourself with them by pointing out that not all of the people from their ethnic background are s-heads.
Your ethnic background is trivial in light of the events that transpire in the name of s-headery, even children know that, so please do yourself and all the HUMANS who share your beautiful and proud ethnic background a great favor in the name of cultural and societal transcendence and DO NOT LIKEN YOURSELF TO THESE BEASTS IN ANY WAY. It is embarrassing.
Thanks for understanding, A Concerned Human.
Karen Lyon

United States

#14 Mar 26, 2012
How awful that happened to your family. I used to go there when I was a teenager and even though it was a long long time ago it saddens me that it has gone down hill like this. I hope your daughter is ok I and pray for healing for your family. The SR police dept needs to step it up as well so the citizens feel that their protection is being validated.

San Ramon, CA

#15 Mar 26, 2012
This is horrific. So sorry you and your family had to go through this. You really need to contact the papers and San Ramon patch. You need to get the word out about the dangers of golden skate. I grew up going there every weekend. It used to be so safe. But people need to know it is no longer safe and San Ramon Police are not doing their job and are not protecting the citizens when it is most needed. Prayers to your family to heal inside and out.

Walnut Creek, CA

#16 Mar 27, 2012
major t.v. stations want to cover the story but we will not allow our children to be on film in our house, and be exposed to the public in this way. we will work with the S.R. patch, and news print along with other social media platforms to warn other people about The Golden Skate in San Ramon. This Owner will need to change his business practices if he wants to do business in this valley.

Livermore, CA

#17 Mar 27, 2012
It's too bad you won't do the t.v. stations. I think that would be your best way of getting this story out there and letting the police and Golden Skate know they dealt with this wrong. Maybe you could ask them to blur your daughter's face? Anyway, good luck with whatever you do. Sorry this happened to you.

Walnut Creek, CA

#20 Apr 4, 2012
this is outrageous!

Since: Aug 11

Riverbank, CA

#21 Apr 15, 2012
Can't those animals just stay on their turf in filthy Oakland and not pollute the good ppl of SR. Wtf? Just keep out of SR. Do us all a favor, go to international blvd and get shot. That's all you animals are good for, bullets. All u do is cause trouble as u can see

Livermore, CA

#22 Apr 15, 2012
They've already $hitted up their own neighborhoods and can't stand it. That's why you see them encroaching into the Tri-valley for fun/shopping etc. I agree - get back on your side of the tracks and stay there.

All the more reason for the gov't to make CA a "Right to Carry State" and eliminate "entitlement' programs and make people fend for themselves. If these animals couldn't afford to live here on their own sweat, they'd have to 1) learn a skill 2) get A job 3) work more/harder etc. They need people to live in S. Dakota and Alaska... ship 'em off. OR, start a program where every welfare sucking scumbag gets a pound of crack and a motorcycle on their 16th bday.
mad as hell

Walnut Creek, CA

#23 May 11, 2012
so true
crack kills

Walnut Creek, CA

#24 Jun 3, 2012
1 black man was shot and killed in san ramon robbing a jewelry store and could have been friends with the shit that hangs out after dark at golden skate!
good riddance

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