Is Brentwood considered part of Secti...

Is Brentwood considered part of Section 8 housing???

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Concord, CA

#1 Aug 22, 2006
I a new Brentwood resident; can someone please shed some light if Brentwood is considered a section 8 city?

San Carlos, CA

#2 Oct 23, 2006
Brentwood is a beautiful place to live and work The people who live in Brentwood are kind and caring people.
To answer your questions.
No! Brentwood will never be considered a section 8 city.

United States

#3 Nov 1, 2006
Are you kidding! didn't they just put in a sec. 8 complex in Brentwood?
Jihad Your Head

Daly City, CA

#4 Nov 1, 2006
Section 8 is Federal Housing. A city can stop it, but they are stripped of federal funds if they chose to do so. And Antioch generates alot more money then Brentwood and has the means of limiting its section 8. Brentwood can keep promising to keep itself Section 8 free. Besides, go down to old H-4 near the old Cable Store. All of those apartments and old homes behind their are in fact section 8 zoned and most of them probably are. Brentwood is not free of crime. It's just not as bad as Antioch at this time. But, just like Pittsburgs problems spilled over into Antioch, It will do the same with Oakley and Brentwood. So dont think you live in some uppity town.

Vacaville, CA

#5 Nov 25, 2006
so the question wasn't really answered about Brentwood ever becoming section 8 housing. Its not now but that's not to say that it won't be inthe future...someone please explain. This section 8 crap is out of control here in Antioch. I was jumped this past weekend and my car was kicked in from some young hoodlems.. yelling out were from the "murder capital of the world Oakland MF..... and they were proud of it.. they need to get the hell out of here and leave out beautiful neighborhood the way it use to be a few years ago.

San Rafael, CA

#6 Nov 26, 2006
It will become Section 8 if people want it to be. If the city tries to stop the owner from placing his home on a section 8 list, that person can sue the city. Only time will tell if it becomes section 8. The only reason Danville and Moraga don't have section 8 is because those properties are too expensive and the Government wont bother paying a portion of those rents. Antioch is different as is Brentwood. As a matter of fact, right now, Brentwood real estate is worth less then it was 2 years ago The property values are dropping. So this makes it easier for Brentwood to become victim of investors who chose to have the Federal Government pay for section 8 which in turn will bring in crime.

United States

#7 Dec 6, 2006
We all meved here for a reason,including the section 8 families. To stay at home and raise our children, move to a less congested area, country setting & scenery, low in crime. I spent a lot of money on my home and improvements on my home in Brentwood. I, like anyone else, do not want to see declining property values or increased crime. We all need to do something about it. The ones that cause problems are the minority, don't judge the many by the few. If you take a stand now in the beginning, neighborhood watch groups, get involved in your community, talk to people, let them know what you are concerned about before it gets out of control. Don't be bullied by a few. This is and old town with a new beginning you have the choice to make it what you want. Everyone of us has a chance for a new beginning. Lets show California an example and make it happen here.

Pleasanton, CA

#8 Jan 23, 2007
I first posted this message to the "Is Antioch Ghetto hell Yah!" forum, but then I discovered this one. Here it is. By the way, I am from Brentwood, not Moraga as this website automatically indicates.


I just finished reading all 54 posts in this forum. Two things stood out to me:

1. The comments of "antiochcopwife" on Sep 11, 2006. She says "there are signs all over the ghetto part of Oakland and San Fran saying 'Hey, come live in Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood...we'll give you $200 more a month PLUS let you live in a brand new home.'" This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard on this topic. Can she (or anyone else) shed some more light on this? Where can we find out more information about that? We need to do all we can to stop this NOW!

2. The comments of "Fleeing New Oakland" on Sep 28, 2006. He was talking to his neighbor (who is on Section 8) about selling his house. This is quoting him: "(The neighbor) said what ever (the mortgage payment) was to double it,& that the 8 (as he called it) would pay most of it,& I could pay my house payment,& make a profit that we could split. I was horrified by what had just taken place,& couldnít believe my ears. So thatís whatís going on out here. I told him, Iím not interested. He said if I changed my mind, just ask around the hood for little Joe & he would get in touch with me. He said it was guaranteed money. Somebody lives in my house for free, while the government pays me,& we split the difference...A word to the wise people of Brentwood,& Oakley plagues spread very fast." Has this happened to anyone else? Can someone please give us more information? Like "Fleeing New Oakland", I am horrified to hear that this is happening.

This forum is a nice place to vent, but it is worthless if that is all we do. We need facts so that we can take action. I live in Brentwood and I will do everything within my power to keep this problem from spreading into our town.

Anyone with specific information about points 1 or 2, please share it with the rest of us.

San Jose, CA

#9 Jan 23, 2007
brentwood has section 8 every city does behind centro mart is section8 there are low income apartments theres the ones on sycamore i think thats behind the old 1/4 burger and theres brand new homes being built all right there so the ppl who buy those homes dont even relizes their buying home in a area of low income and section 8 housing the apt. behind the dollar tree are low income the name is marsch something they are even a gated community

Rohnert Park, CA

#10 Jan 27, 2007
I live in the suburbs off Garin in Brentwood where every house in area is 500k+, and recently (about 5 months ago) some meth dealers moved in next door. None of them have jobs, they practicly torture their kids (beating a baby at all hours of night and early morning) and none of the neighbors will call the cops because these people all have guns and everyone is scared. If section 8 is supposed to be in a zoned area then how are these people living in my area where almost everyone owns their own home?

Fairfield, CA

#11 Jan 30, 2007
i dont think secion 8 is suppose to be in zoned area. they can live anywhere, the ppl who bought that house are trying to make money, what they do is buy a home rent it to section 8 which their mortage is payed for and then a few years they sell the house make whatever in equity, pretty much your living in a bad situation while someone has made a investment out of that house.

Alameda, CA

#12 Jan 30, 2007
If anyone has problems with a Section 8 home they need to report to the conta costa housing authority and file a complaint. You can report this annonymously.

Rohnert Park, CA

#13 Jan 31, 2007
concerned wrote:
If anyone has problems with a Section 8 home they need to report to the conta costa housing authority and file a complaint. You can report this annonymously.
Thanks alot for that info. I am going to report them right now.

San Leandro, CA

#14 Feb 1, 2007
Here is the Contra Costa Housing Authority website They have complaint forms on the site or you can call your complaint in.

Redwood City, CA

#16 Feb 1, 2007
I don't know why it put Redwood City under my name? Again, I am from Brentwood!

Redwood City, CA

#15 Feb 1, 2007
Contacting the CC Housing Authority is a good idea, however, it will take them 30 to 60 days to process the claim, that's if they even look at it at all.

I would recommend a more effective approach, getting involved. There are other concerned Brentwood citizens out there. I am one of them, in fact, I am involved with a group that's currently trying to keep Brentwood from becoming another statistic!

That said, I would encourage everyone out there to attend our City Council Meetings. They are held fortnightly, you can get more info on these meetings on the City of Brentwood site. Next meeting is going to be held, Tuesday, February 13th @ 7:00 p.m.

The aforementioned group will be there. If you are interested and are serious about taking action, please approach one us. You'll know who we are.

We can't afford to let the wrecking ball that's S8, destroy our community.


#17 Feb 17, 2007
nicol wrote:
so the question wasn't really answered about Brentwood ever becoming section 8 housing. Its not now but that's not to say that it won't be inthe future...someone please explain. This section 8 crap is out of control here in Antioch. I was jumped this past weekend and my car was kicked in from some young hoodlems.. yelling out were from the "murder capital of the world Oakland MF..... and they were proud of it.. they need to get the hell out of here and leave out beautiful neighborhood the way it use to be a few years ago.
you people need to stop associating section 8 with hoodlum thugs. Just because someone receives section 8 it doesn't mean they're bad people. Many are hard working invidiuals like myself who have degrees and such. Do your homework and stop assuming you know something before speaking about it!
Section eight

Montara, CA

#18 Feb 17, 2007
The city under your chosen name on the left of this is likely where your server or ISP is out of?
Listen People, you haven't a clue what section 8 is.
There is no blocking or keeping it out and it is not an evil it is something the race hustlers are using at the moment to put pressure on the government for a power grab in the city of Antioch. Section 8 is even in Discovery Bay and yes we pay the rent for that too.
Section 8 is but one kind of financially assisted housing not some crime wave.
You silly cows need to take Angel's advice and participate at city hall.
If you think you are getting fleeced now on the street wait till you see what they are up to there. Yes your politicians hired the same sneaks Antioch and Pittsburg did so don't get all high and mighty on us...
The developers own you too, your not in the club like Orinda.
Funny, here I am the so called lesser for living in the Antioch ghetto and I have to tell you what's going on....
REDEVELOPMENT IS THE EVIL you should fear that!!!!
Redevelopment is funny money they can use to do things like new buildings, off ramps and yes just about anything they can think of, even unlawful. The problem with it is 20 % of what they spent must then go into low income housing or 'non working households' as some like to call it.

Redevelopment takes peoples houses away, tears them down and builds apartments that undermine your home values.
They like to pretend it is for the poor but it is about the developers getting free infrastructure and paying back politicians later when they run for office. They don't tell you they have the obligation to build low income you need to look up where they spent it then you know, They keep it secret but they have to build the low income houses and apartments though it is later.
The main problem is that low or non incomes drain city funds like police or other services.
More poor people = more crime. Color seems to make little difference.
Brentwood golf courses can turn into apartments anytime they want.
Did you people read your general plan or papers when signing for your
new house?
I think not. Slick politicians are everywhere not just in Antioch they are a disease you'll find well intrenched in any older town.
They are ALL GREEDY! or they would not let them hold office.
People don't elect them their funds are from corporations.
So in the interests of fairness let me say only a real estate person would say Brentwood is above being greedy it is the nature of the job. Antioch's is just a little more out of hand because it took more $.

United States

#19 Feb 19, 2007
I am not sure why residence from Antioch think that they are being put down by Brentwood residence. Antioch is a fantastic city that is being destroyed by Section 8 and I am sure Brentwood residence do not want this to happen. I have seen stories in the Antioch Press putting down political candidates from Brentwood who ran on the slogan "Don't let what happened to Antioch happen to Brentwood". In stead of putting down this slogan they Antioch politicians should be giving every bit of assistance and advice to Brentwood so that the same does not happen. I agree that everybody concerned should attend the City councel meetings. Even better would be to organize the Parent Teachers Associations from all the school's in Brentwood and representatives from all the schools should attend these meeting. One person from each PTA could represent literally hundreds of parents who are concerned. These politicians work for us and should be protecting us. We elect them and they are nothing without our votes. This is a start. At the next City Councel meeting if we had thousands represented I have a feeling the City would start listening. At least more people will become aware of the issues. Then watch how the press pays attention to an issue like Section 8 when thousands show up to a city councel meeting when they expect maybe 50. This should be an easy thing to stop.

United States

#21 Feb 20, 2007
I recently found out that SEction 8 is a federal program administered by the County housing authority. Brentwood does not have a housing authority and had little control over who puts thier houses up for section 8 availability, and who moves in. It would be important to find out if the city can stop section 8 housing if it is being abused or not being done right, such as backround checks. Antioch has done a great job with the county by exposing the abuses. Brentwood could only help bolster support and make changes. Oakley can do the same. Once the cities inform us of our rights and ways to help make changes in the faulty section 8 program.

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