How to Report Section 8 Fraud

North Las Vegas, NV

#27 Aug 2, 2012
Section 8 is all part of the planned development of any community. Master plan is kept at city hall. They allow the. Developers too construct the homes first, then comes section 8 apts.

Governor Brown past history gave special favors too certain developers too build their section 8 complexes.

Just another welfare program.

They even sell book to new welfare woman how too work the system.

Sure you can report one..but it's just tiny straw in the haystack.

Just take the waste the state government does with over time meal tickets. Ask yourself why supervisor will get larger over time meal ticket than average state employee receives. Does supervisor eat more?

Over time meal ticket is shouldn't matter what rank or position the state employee holds the meal tickets should be the same amount.

North Las Vegas, NV

#28 Aug 2, 2012
Here is another waste of welfare program.

The welfare department will issue free monthly check to anyone who simply fills out forum ...all the welfare person has to state othe fourm is their boy friend or husband took the monthly check and spent it. Welfare department will credit debit card with new check. Basically equates to 13 paychecks each year.

My best friend works at the Sacramento office, he tells me all the waste.

Public is clueless too all the fraud.

North Las Vegas, NV

#29 Aug 2, 2012
My friend who works at the welfare office says..their hands are tied.

The law has ton of books that control them from asking certain questions. And certain ethnics groups who draw welfare like Vietnam types won't report anything too welfare cops...they don't trust any type of badges.

Also the bums who ride the rail cars..the hobos they travel too different cities and get $120 per month from each city.

My friend says its just too hard to track them down...they have no home or apt.

System is set up too just hand out $120 to males.

No questions...each town within the state don't work together...

Total waste...

Antioch, CA

#30 Aug 3, 2012
I dont know where theese ppl are geting their FACTS, but no one gets an extra check if your money was lost or used by someone have a card with a pin # if its used its on you. Since 1996 noone can recieve benifits past 60 months in any state, once you use up your time thats that, and while your recieving welfare if u dont cooperate with their job search program they cut the adults off the grant and only give u funds for the children in the household. As for section 8 apartments...they dont exsist, they have apts that accept sec 8 and they have low income based apts but nowhere is only sec8 complexes. Sec 8 goes by your income, u get a place according to you fam size and you pay 30% of your income for rent. You are eligable for as long as your income meets the standards. The waiting list for sec8 has not been open since 2008 and they havent even called one person from that list yet. Before that it was open in 2001 and some ppl on that one are still waiting. Yeah some choose to abuse the programs but they cant for long. Some ppl need it in theese times. Its NOT a free for all, whoeverr wants it assistance.

North Las Vegas, NV

#31 Aug 3, 2012
It's true, welfare department will issue extra 13 monthly check, just have fill out stolen claim application. Just contact any welfare office and ask questions.

North Las Vegas, NV

#32 Aug 3, 2012
Perspective Big Picture .. California, Texas and New York State = 3 only states in the Union that allow Convict too procreate.

47 states say No way.

Disgusting to know in the USA .. The three largest states, are so dumb.

Stop allowing people behind bars, too produce kids ....

North Las Vegas, NV

#33 Aug 3, 2012
California total population 34 Million .... Prison population 164,000

.02 percent of full 1 percent of the total population.

Liken too coffee table of 100 pennies which total population of 34 million, remove 99 of the 100 pennies, you have 1 single penny left. Then slice that single penny into 10 parts....remove 8 parts.

You only have 2 tenth of percent left.

State tax payor pays to house and keep these 2 tenth of one percent health and happy and aloe that small part too produce babies.

Disgusting and pure evil..

North Las Vegas, NV

#34 Aug 3, 2012
99.8 % of the California population are obeying the laws....

Tiny .02 percent that keep having babies and not obeying the laws.

164,000 people lockup....

34,000,000 million the 98.8 % who basically obey the laws.

Bible days they would march that .02 percent onto ocean.

Or ship them too island.....

Just ponder the total cost these tiny percent cause us all.

Such tiny percent that cause all the pain

Jackson, TN

#35 Aug 29, 2012
I agree the Section encourages laziness and abuse of taxpayer money. When a single parent gets it for them and their children then have another adult move in, it plain and simple fraud. It also ruins apartment complexes, those living in them are usually lowlifes with low expectations so garbage and nasty looking homes are the standard for them.
I was always raised as "you don't have to be nasty even if you are poor". It doesn't cost you a dime to bend over and pick up a piece of trash.

Fort Worth, TX

#37 Sep 30, 2012
My children father selling cars off section 8 property at 142 embrey st dallas tx 75137. How do i report his mother. The lady has everyone staying there

Kansas City, MO

#38 Nov 23, 2012
thnka you so much fro posting this, Im at my wits ends with my section 8 nieghbor. It's got so bad we could not even enjoy Thanksgiving Day yesterday.

Concord, CA

#39 Nov 23, 2012
Let the Government know it TARGET. The problem. To those who work for Govrnment, IS the one that COMPLAINS.

Want to be a target for code enforcement ?

Concord, CA

#41 Nov 23, 2012
filthy monday wrote:
mondays should either contribute to society, work cleaning freeways, rest stops, what not, seeing as how they have made sucking off the tit of the tax payer a full time job and are basically receiving a pay check, or take a bullet to the dome.
Go report that section 8 violation. ovrnment needs to know you better...

Antioch, CA

#42 Nov 24, 2012
dickie wrote:
Do you live near a horrible section 8 neighbor who is renting out rooms, or has many people "stayin" there?
I recommend you report your section 8 neighbors to the housing authority to get rid of them.
You can read more information here about reporting them by state:
There's also a step by step instructions here:
It's no surprise that the same types of people who commit crimes, are taking advantage of the system and creating unlivable situations for us in our neighborhoods.
I hope you will take the advantage of reporting any fraudulent section 8 neighbors so we can get our city back to the peaceful place it once was.
All Section 8 tenants that have multiple people living in there home are not in violation. For all you know they can all be on the lease. Also just because you recieve housing assistance that does'nt mean that your a criminal. There plenty of criminals that are not on public assistance. I am not in favor of those taking advantage of the system, but reading your comments it appears that your not only against those that are on section 8 that are fraudulent but also those that are positive citizens and are making a difference in the community. IS IT BECAUSE YOUR JEALOUS BECAUSE YOU WANT TO RECIEVE ASSISTANCE? You should'nt be so judgemental. If no one is bothering you, why bother them.

Antioch, CA

#43 Nov 24, 2012
filthy monday wrote:
mondays should either contribute to society, work cleaning freeways, rest stops, what not, seeing as how they have made sucking off the tit of the tax payer a full time job and are basically receiving a pay check, or take a bullet to the dome.
most of the families on section 8 are tax-paying citizens. ignorance is not a vertue but yet its a disease.
Gubmit Fed

Concord, CA

#44 Nov 24, 2012
Subsity helps keep rent high. If that many cannot afford to rent without help ? Government needs to STOP subsidizing Investors.

All investors are ripping off Tax Payers. Government is allowing this to happen. An government subsitidy actions cause rents to go up...
Gubmit Fed

Concord, CA

#45 Nov 24, 2012
No more free rides.

Mountain View, CA

#48 Nov 25, 2012
@ "New World Order"@

Massapequa Park, NY

#50 Dec 9, 2012
What I don't understand is the way they check everything with a fine tooth comb on the honest people, but the thugs they don't.

Some of them use their middle names for car insurance and leases instead of their first names.

Isn't this investigation 101?

Massapequa Park, NY

#51 Dec 9, 2012
And why do they let the spanish get away with working off the books, getting benefits and lying to federal agencies?

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