On my day off standing in front of my home with my neighbor we witnessed three chocolate drops walk up to a home that they dont live at. Walk around said home and then disappear. All while a single chocolate drop was standing out front as a lookout. I motioned to my neighbor that I'm grabbing my firearm and to call PD. Before I could get outside APD is already there with ALL THREE CHOCOLATE DROPS IN CUSTODY. I was fucking music to my ears, I walked over to the officers and thanked them for responding in a timely manner. They even let me say a few choice words with the Canadians. The looks on there faces were PRICELESS. I will NEVER forget that look. They looked SHOCKED, like HOW THE FUCK DID IT HAPPEN TO ME. Oh my god my day just got a WHOLE lot fucking better knowing three Canadians are off the streets. Hopefully '3' wont have so many bergs today.