Family of immigrants question health ...

Family of immigrants question health care treatment in son's H1N1 death

There are 119 comments on the Fox 31 KDVR story from Sep 27, 2009, titled Family of immigrants question health care treatment in son's H1N1 death. In it, Fox 31 KDVR reports that:

The family of a 13-year-old Breckenridge boy who died from the H1N1 flu virus says their son shouldn't have died at all.

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Juan Perez

Denver, CO

#1 Sep 27, 2009
This community Clinics that treat the immigrants are the worst that you can ever see when you are really sick. This is what happens in the most powerfull nation of the world when even a dog has more rights than a human being. I don't know any domestic dog that doesn't have a Vet doctor to see him, but we see a young boys death as something that is OK just bacause we don't have access to a decent health care system.
The few clinics in operation that treat the immigrants should not even exist at all. Not in this price, not in the price of lost lives of people who's only mistake is to try to survive in a country full of racism and discrimination. In a country that is fighting a war for the freedom of some people, but has its own slaves of a free and equal medical system access here in our land. We live in a country full of hate, racism, inequality, and discrimination. And Fox 31 in one of the local channels that has been always against the Mexican Illegal immigration!
This channel is full of racists!
This is one of the Right wing channels that brewed all the anti immigrant sentiment that always has been sponsoring and promoting politicians like Tom Tancredo and Others that have their brains full of Mierda!
I hope that this lost will open the eyes of all this racist and finally they open their rotten hearts for a legislation where no kid would be left behind with out medical help in case of an emergency like the H1N1 flu.
But, for you every is about money, money, and money! You don't want to aprouve a Health care reform but you didn't say anything when Mr Bush spend more than 6 trillion dollars in a war that didn't gave us any benefits. A War that almost bankrupt the country!

Denver, CO

#2 Sep 27, 2009
There's that word again - Illegal. Of course Fox and many people are against this illegal immigration - IT'S ILLEGAL. This has nothing to do with race, nationality, or any other inconsequential descriptive anyone can come up with, much less hate, inequality, or discrimination. There are illegal aliens here from every Country in the world. And they are ALL illegal. Most other Countries jail and then export, or execute illegals, including most of those south of the Rio Grande. Would that be better?

There are ways to come here legally. Use proper channels. If you choose the illegal route, you cannot expect privileged status, above those who ARE here legally.
Paul Buchanan

Denver, CO

#3 Sep 27, 2009
Were any of them in this country legally?
Mad as a Jalepeno

Windsor, CO

#4 Sep 27, 2009
WHOA!! Looks like you think health care reform would give illegals health care. WRONG! Maybe if you want to place blame look at the parents. Emergency rooms are always available if things were this bad. Oh yeah, it has nothing to do with race, quit beating that horse; everyone has seen through that for several years now.
Jason S

Denver, CO

#5 Sep 27, 2009
First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to this boy's family. Juan, have you ever lived in another country? There is a reason people come to this country in waves, both legally and illegally. If this country is so racist and discriminates against certain people why do they continue to come and stay. People like you that make the statements like you have fail to see the big picture. You attribute too much to what you think is related to discrimination or what you feel is discrimination and it blinds you to what illegal immigrants receive. We should be against illegal immigration because it is.....wait for it.....illegal! This country has done more for immigrants, both illegal and legal, than any other country on the planet. I don't expect you to understand it because people of your view point would point to one incident vs. a history of open opportunity and continue to say immigrants are discriminated against. Failing to mention the free school, general tax free living, incarceration issues, etc. that equate to more than a few dollars. Remember, everything is about money. Money and the opportunity to make money is the reason the illegal immigants come to America. You must be have a simple mind to think that the war did not give us any benefits. Ask any of the Iraqi immigrants currently in the U.S. if they share your same sentiments. I doubt they do. Understand the issue in that region and understand what is currently going on in Iran and Afganistan and see how much worse it would be if Iraq were in that same situation. Before you say that nothing has come from the war, go up to a soldier and tell them thank you for your freedom. Before you say something like a TV station is racist, a person is racist or a country is racist, think of the other point of view and understand there may be valid arguments on the other side. Course, I am sure you believe that everything should be for free at no cost. And before you call me racist you simple minded idiot, my grandparents illegally immigrated from Mexico. They also put 7 of 8 kids through college, paid taxes, and benefited from this great country.
Paul Buchanan

Denver, CO

#6 Sep 27, 2009

Lafayette, CO

#11 Sep 28, 2009
Did you mean to say "ILLEGAL" immigrant or "LEGAL" immigrant?

Houston, TX

#12 Sep 28, 2009
lite in loafers

San Mateo, CA

#13 Sep 28, 2009
Great news story, what part did they leave out???? Perhaps that he is ILLEGAL? That's like calling a drug dealer a retailer of banned substances. Call it like it is and quit using the race card. The kid was just like the hundreds that died before him, from the flu, not from negligence. Kick thee parents out of the country already.

United States

#14 Sep 28, 2009
So I guess my comment has nothing to do with race, but rather with the parents. If your child is sick it is not the docs responsibility to take you in for care (is the prefered choice, but not mandatory). It is your job as a parent to realize the diffrence between a cold and an emergency. If this child fell off a roof would they still be trying to get him in to the doctors office? Get real! It is very sad that this poor child has passed on, and My heart goes out to him and his siblings. Now for the parents I hope that charges will be brought out on the neglect of this child that was not being properly cared for!

Since: Sep 07


#15 Sep 28, 2009
I agree with mem- this child suffered for the ignorance of his guardians. Racist? No way. Perhaps it's cultural- look how many died in Mexico from H1N1- makes you wonder how they handle severe illnesses there. But if my son had H1N1, or any flu, and a history of breathing issues, he would have been in the hospital the day we found out, and if they had to travel to Denver General to do it, it is only an hour away, and they would not have been refused. That doesn't mean they feel any less anguish, but the responsibility was theirs. Poor boy- eight days- he suffered.

Littleton, CO

#16 Sep 28, 2009
Sorry about the boys death but I'm sure he would have been better treated in Mexico. Being illegal for 10 years is no different than being illegal for 10 minutes. Immigration is a privillege not a right, and most Mexicans don't even try the legal path, they feel they have a right to invade America and put Americans out of work. With 10% unemployment, there is no such job in America that American's won't do and American's have a right to expect Mexican's to retreat back to Mexico and free up JOBS.
lite in loafers

San Mateo, CA

#17 Sep 28, 2009
There was an American involved in a car accident in Mexico a few years ago and the Mexicans would not let him leave the country to get treatment because he couldn't prove that he had Mexican insurance to cover the other guys car. He lingered in a hospital for a couple of days before he finally died of his injuries. It P***es me off every time one of these illegals claim how poorly they are treated, when Americans who go to Mexico get treated like sh** when they have accidents/illness. And don't even get me started on their legal system, they can kill here and hop back over the border without fear of prosecution, as their government doesn't believe in death penalty. I wish they would all go home if it is so bad here.

Denver, CO

#18 Sep 28, 2009
i wonder what his treatment in mexico would have been like

Denver, CO

#19 Sep 28, 2009
Hey Juan, don't like it? Then leave!
Operation Wet back

United States

#20 Sep 28, 2009
If the treatment in America is so horrible why not pack your bags and move home. Nobody is forcing you to live in America, land of the free. Meaning you are FREE to leave. In 1954 "Operation Wet/back",(Google it) rounded up and relocated illegals and shipped them hundreds of miles south of the border so they couldn't easily relocate back to our land. Hopefully the next president can enforce our immigration laws and kick out these ILLEGALS! Come to LA and see what will happen to Colorado if you allow the illegals to take over your great state.

Boulder, CO

#21 Sep 28, 2009
where does it say he was illegal?

Denver, CO

#22 Sep 28, 2009
It doesnt matter if you are illegal or not, when you are a healthcare professional it is your job and duty to take care of someone in need. Ever heard of the Hippocratic Oath? i dont even think the doctors who are sworn in under this oath remember what its all about. He needed care and was neglected. I am an EMT, and trust me, having to save a drunk drivers life after he killed a toddler and family, isnt easy, but its my duty and what i am meant to do. I just can't imagine how terrible it is going to be when hospitals and clinics try to run background checks on people before they are seen. How pathetic. I love America, the free. But also the most arrogant, corrupt and selfish! I feel for this family. and probably the many others who are turned away because people just dont care! Makes me sick.

Sammamish, WA

#23 Sep 28, 2009
Doctors are part of the sickness industry, they are not healers.

Denver, CO

#24 Sep 28, 2009
The linked story does not give any references to the family's legality. That issue came from the first poster. "Juan Perez", who went on a b!**h fest about how illegals deserve the same services as legal citizens. Juan also went into an ant-rightwing, racism, pro-healthcare spitting, spite rage. He is of the opinion that there is a Right to immediate and full healthcare regardless of ones legal status.

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