With weed legalized in Breckenridge, ...

With weed legalized in Breckenridge, how can Park City compete?...

There are 31 comments on the Park Record story from Mar 12, 2010, titled With weed legalized in Breckenridge, how can Park City compete?.... In it, Park Record reports that:

When Park City's tourism boosters boast why skiers and snowboarders should choose the city, they talk about Utah's fluffy powder, the easy access from Salt Lake City's airport and the three local ski resorts being so close to each other.

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Draper, UT

#1 Mar 13, 2010
Parkites should not be worried about making pot legal...right now fun is illegal in Park City. Word is out that this town, complete with its very own storm troopers, is the most unwelcoming ski town in the U.S.A. Restaurants and bars at the Junction and Main St. are getting KILLED because locals can't go out without being harassed and people in Salt Lake have stopped coming for the very same reason. This is hurting tourism and home values. The red and blue flashing lights on 224 are a sobering welcome for all who have the unfortunate experience of trying to have a good time here. Everyone has a story of being pulled over for some totally bogus reason like a license plate light out or not putting a turn signal on early enough. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Salt Lake City, UT

#2 Mar 13, 2010
why is it that park city couldn't decide not to pursue charges on small weed amounts, out of curiosity?

our police force ignores state law on illegals - why not on weed?

Disgruntled does has a bit of a point - was there a mandate to our police officers to ticket more for revenue purposes? I have been here a long time and have never been hassled like recently.
Afraid to drive

West Jordan, UT

#3 Mar 13, 2010
Forget weed, you can't even go out for dinner and have a coule of drinks without being intimidated about driving home and getting thrown in jail for DUI. Instead of protecting the citizens, I feel like I'm being preyed on here. I would have never moved here if I'd known it was a police state.
PC Local

South Jordan, UT

#4 Mar 13, 2010
its very clear to any locals that have lived in park city long enough to see that Dave Edmonds and his goose stepping Gestapo officers of the Summit County shrieffs office view all of us in western summit county as a criminal culture with to much money... That can be easily taken. You can't drive down 224 at night any longer without being worried of being pulled over for any reason. It used to be that 224 was patrolled late in the evening for drunk drivers going back to the junction, and this was understood as a public safety issue. But now, you can't drive 224 either night or day and not see swarms of Dave's henchmen working the road to extract all the fine money they can from it. I regularly travel throughout the county for work, and the sheriffs office precense on 224 is unlike anything else in the county... Once outside of town, i can speed all i like and not use turn signals and there's never a cop to be found... try that on 224 and be ready to have your car searched. But there is little we can do given that PC is a liberal gap in otherwise conservative Summit County, and our votes count very little compaired to the greater whole.

Salt Lake City, UT

#5 Mar 13, 2010
how many out there have gotten a ticket for a 'dangerous lane change' in the past 6 months? By 'dangerous lane change' I mean you were the only one on the road and didn't use a turn signal.

Draper, UT

#6 Mar 13, 2010
Who would have ever thought that Parkites need to go to Salt Lake to have a good time? At least there the police have enough to do that they don't shake down regular folks who are just trying to get from point a to point b. I know tons of PC Locals who refuse to drink outside their homes because they don't need the hassle. Car searches here are a commonplace deal, forget about the idea of PC being some sort of liberal island, there are ZERO civil liberties here..how sad.It's just a matter of time before a major national expose sinks this town's tourism for good...one day the wrong guy is going to get stopped and searched for no reason and a major piece will end up in the N.Y.Times or Conde Nast Traveler. Most people are smart enough not to deal with this crap, that's the real reason prices here are less than any other ski town!
art and film

South Jordan, UT

#7 Mar 13, 2010
I agree with all of the above comments. This town has turned into a police state. The schools love it, they cruise Facebook pages of students looking for 'evidence' to bring the students into the office, call parents, and the police. The PC police are just as excited to get action as the county. I often wonder if the patrols are as common on the east side of the county? I see the county on patrol every day and night in Jeremy Ranch, at lunchtime there are 3 of them on many occasions. Maybe we can get FOx news onto it and promote some real LIBERTY here. get off my back

United States

#8 Mar 13, 2010
When you live in a state whose church, legislature and child molesters are all the same thing, don't expect any great thoughts to come from their repressed minds.

West Jordan, UT

#9 Mar 13, 2010
they can have the pot. our snow is still better.
Anonymous Parkite

Salt Lake City, UT

#12 Mar 13, 2010
Sig Heil!!!! Thats what I think of when I think of Dave Edmonds. Everybody in this town has a police story, or if they don't, they know someone. We need to back an alternative candidate that will not wield fear of driving in our minds. I have a radar detector now, not because I like to speed, but since I got two tickets for low single digits over the speed limit, the game of sharks and minnows is on. I agree with the above statement about the NYT and Conde Nast, It is GOING to happen someday, the draconian police will stop and screw with the one guy that will write a bad story about this town, and hurt our economy. Call your political representative TODAY, and tell them you are sick of feeling like you live in Eastern Europe after world war 2.
hey now

West Jordan, UT

#13 Mar 13, 2010
sweet, i knew that "burnt out license plate lightbulb" shiz was bogus. i was driving home from work too.:(

anyway, i agree with all the above points.

Atlanta, GA

#14 Mar 13, 2010
Marijuana is great just cause its legalized in colorado doesn't mean people won't blaze it up and go boarding in utah too. everyone i know lights it up at brighton and park city!
in charge

Salt Lake City, UT

#15 Mar 13, 2010
summit county is coalville, wanship, and hoytsville-old school utahns, enjoying tax revenues from their east side liberal enemies. right wing, know the real truth, glen beck-centric, gun toting, here before you-locals. own world coming soon. take that
Peter Kemp

Heber City, UT

#16 Mar 13, 2010
On the big powder day last weekend got a nice wiff in the parking lot first thing in the morning...and of all places, Deer Valley. Gotta love it.

One of the things I hated about moving the concert during FIS World Cup from the PRIVATE PROPERTY of Deer Valley to Gestapo Main Street: At DV, you could bring your imbibements and watch the competition, then the concert, in a fun atmosphere, without getting hassled. And there were NO problems I ever witnessed, it was a family event even with people having a few.

On Main Street this year, as strolled along before the concert with my red party cup, a barrel-chested PC Storm Trooper was right in my face. "Throw it out" he simply said." So I did. Then watched the people smart enough to have the flasks in their pockets enjoy the party. And the weed smelled quite pervasive as well.

Fun Killers.
Summit Sam

Frisco, TX

#17 Mar 14, 2010
Cops do suck here, and all above points are valid! The pure hatred they have for locals disgusts me! All they do is ride around and run everyones license plates until they catch someone with expired tabs or a cracked windshield etc! Guilty nothing, Ahole wannabe cops shaking down local residents for a joint, and treating it like a nuclear bomb! I respect the real police, but these goons could find some more meaningful things to do than harass us all the time!

Atlanta, GA

#18 Mar 14, 2010
I call this shit hte brown bomber cause when you smoke it you shit your pants haha
when not harassing people

Alpine, UT

#19 Mar 14, 2010
They park in the canyons parking lot and sit for hours. Engine idling the whole time to keep the lap top going. Wake up America, the fear mongering on all levels is not to increase security, but to take away your liberties. Not a pot smoker or a drunk driver myself, just scared of the coming police state.
Blow up the moon

United States

#20 Mar 15, 2010
Not to pile it on here, but aside from some of the more sensationalist comments, I haven't found a single inaccurate statement about the police in Summit County.

I've read and heard plenty from both police chiefs about how all they care about is public safety, preventing fatalities, keeping the peace - all garbage.

These idiots getting raging mega-boners when they pull over ski bums hoping to god they find a roach or some rich cougar driving her enormous SUV home hoping to smell alcohol on her breath.
I have absolutely, positively no respect whatsoever for the law enforcement here, and it's not just about the third-reich style enforcement. They're completely impotent when you really need them, my apartment was broken into, was I helped? No, took them 6 hours to swing by for a 5 minute look-see and a statement then never heard from them again. Did it matter I knew the thieves had their hands all over my doorknobs and counter tops when I asked them to check for prints? Nope. My girlfriend's prudish best friend was molested outside of the Spur by 2 tourist punks, when she called the police they practically told her she was asking for it. And I was harassed at the Bravery concert in Jan without a cup, or the smell of weed on me.
And of course I loved the front page pic from last month after the robbery at US Bank. Our storm troopers must have eaten their tough-guy tacos before grabbing the assault rifles and pretending to know how to catch a bank robber. These pigs can all rot in hell for all I care.

My advice to locals - fight everything. Question every pullover, politely tell them you're documenting everything they say, take pictures of them searching your car, take every ticket they give you to court and make those pigs sit on the bench and defend themselves. Most importantly, never give them excuses. I've learned speed limits almost everywhere in town and always use my signals, so if they pull you over for doing 60mph in one of the 45 mph zones on 224, it's your own damn fault.
In all fairness, I've been stopped twice by state troopers, and neither case was a bad experience - could just be me though.

I'm going to go hit the canyons and blaze one up on the gondola. Middle fingers in the air for PC law enforcement.
Fun killer

New York, NY

#21 Mar 15, 2010
Sounds like everyone posting is pro pot on the slopes. I just wanted to let you all know that I was in the parking lot at PCMR after a great day of boarding with my kids and had to explain what that smell was and why they drove after they smoked it. I don't mind if people use it, just please try to be more discrete. I doubt anyone is using it for medical reasons. If they were they would not be able to ski or board because of chronic pain.

Sounds like the park record should write an article about the PCPD.
utah outlaw

Salt Lake City, UT

#22 Mar 15, 2010
why couldn't summit county utah make some cha ching $$$$$ off a county controlled dispensary. The one in Berkley, CA donated 100,000 to the city. Just keep getting ripped off by the DABC mormon yahoo organization. I'll bootleg some fat tire or yuengling as opposed to paying 55+ for a case of real and warm beer. ridiculous. utah is retarded for not wanting to cash in on legal medicinal marijuana. Hopefully its top of the line organic, truly healing. A lot of rippers out there do not have jobs that offer health insurance and pharmaceutical pain killers even ibuprofen mess with your liver. Oh well prohibition is still a failure but the lawyers judges metal health people cops and county jail guards all need to survive by busting a peaceful herb.

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