Breckenridge, Colorado decriminalizes...

Breckenridge, Colorado decriminalizes marijuana

There are 20 comments on the Fox 31 KDVR story from Nov 3, 2009, titled Breckenridge, Colorado decriminalizes marijuana. In it, Fox 31 KDVR reports that:

The ski town of Breckenridge has voted overwhelmingly to decriminalize marijuana possession.

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Denver, CO

#1 Nov 3, 2009
Makes no difference what the jerks vote on. It is still illegal as far as the state in concerned. More money than brains in Breckenridge.

United States

#2 Nov 3, 2009
This is still good news.

Denver, CO

#3 Nov 3, 2009
This is a step in the right direction, nice job Breck

Lafayette, CO

#4 Nov 4, 2009
Just another baby step towards the overall big picture towards legalization, decriminalization for a PLANT, and taxation. Marijuana is the key to economic recovery people.

Lafayette, CO

#5 Nov 4, 2009
JimmyD wrote:
Makes no difference what the jerks vote on. It is still illegal as far as the state in concerned. More money than brains in Breckenridge.
How is that so? jacka*s. If you had any brains, and in brains, I mean an intelligent, open, and empatethtic mind and thought process, you would see that marijuana is the answer to the state's, and the countries economic woes. Not only for its health benefits, but for its fiber properties as well. It is also a SAFER form of recreation, as opposed to legal ALCOHOL. But you probably live up in a big house making salary off of robbing and stealing C.E.O wages. And for your information, the city and county of Denver, made it legal under an ounce two years ago. Denver was the first, Breckenridge is the second, and other cities will follow suit in the years to come. All this that you hear about in the news, about marijuana and it's medical opportunities, and it's efforts towards legalization, on a DAILY, are the stepping stones towards what we all want. More money in OUR pockets, greener (no pun intended) living, towards a better planet, and our choice to enjoy safer forms of recreation. Noone is out driving and getting in wrecks, and beating their wives, after amoking marijuana. Go to your corporate job and make your six figure,hit the bar afterwards, an drink your scotch and get behind the wheel somewhere, then go home to your six bedroom, 4 bath home, and beat your wife JimmyD, while the rest of us kick back, enjoy recreation and green living, promoting healthier earth, and enjoy life. Viva Marijuana!!!!!!
Politically Incorrect

Denver, CO

#6 Nov 4, 2009
Emjay wrote:
Just another baby step towards the overall big picture towards legalization, decriminalization for a PLANT, and taxation. Marijuana is the key to economic recovery people.
I'm not for it, but we have to admit, Emjay might have a point. Sell it and tax it. Revenue for the State. Now what if they did the same for prostitution? Sell it, regulate it, tax it. I'm talking dividends within a month. And what if the State can sell mj and tax it for less than the dealers currently do? We actually might put some dealers out of business. Capitalism, I love it!

Okay, so much for the humor. Seriously now, I rode through Breckenridge last summer. What a picturesque place. So much to see, you almost don't notice the countless "Stop for pedestrians in crosswalk" signs, or the pedestrians themselves. Now add being stoned while driving, or walking, to that equation. This was a bad idea Breckenridge.
Politically Incorrect

Denver, CO

#7 Nov 4, 2009
Oh, one more thing, what do you think the state will do with all that revenue? Do you think they'll use it only towards the deficit? You're a fool if you think so. The socialist democrats in power now will dump all that money into more social welfare programs for the illegal, the lazy, the stupid, and the unions, securing future democrat votes.
Michael C in Denver

Perris, CA

#8 Nov 4, 2009
It's still illegal. What next? Legalize cocaine it's natural. Legalize heroin it's natural also. Give me a break. All this it's harmful and just tax it is nonsense. Marijuana is the #1 abused illegal drug. Just check the stats on how many accidents involve THC and then tell me it's a good idea. Us Americans are not responsible with alcohol how can you expect me to believe it would be any different with the above?
Michael C in Denver

Perris, CA

#9 Nov 4, 2009
Correction on the above sentence. All this, "It's not harmful and just tax it is nonsense." 1 joint is the same as smoking 15 cigarettes. And I suppose after all these laid back, make the world a better place pot heads get cancer. Since all they have done their whole life is eat Oreos and watch Nick at Nite. Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for your hospital and cancer treatments. Yes Denver legalized it, but Federally it is still a crime.

Kanab, UT

#10 Nov 5, 2009
Legalize it all. Provide the drugs to those that want it in any quanity they want. The gangs would be out of business, crime would go down and the druggy population would gradually tank and overdose. I think it would be great. Just make crimes commetted under the influence are punished to the max, just like a hate crime. There would be a small bump in usage, but would level off and then drop.

Houston, TX

#11 Nov 5, 2009
wow michael c is extremly uneducated. it is still illegal at a state level. medical is legal

Belleville, MI

#12 Nov 14, 2009
Curious; Never heard of anyone having health problems from MJA. Cancer? Death? I've been doing it 4 37yrs. and I don't even have a coughing problem like my cigarette smoking friends do! Can't wait till it gets to PA. P.S. Have a friend that survived from a major case of Necrotizing Fasciitus (flesh eating bacteria),Without pot he wouldn't be able to cope with the pain!
Politically Incorrect

Denver, CO

#13 Nov 14, 2009
This whole legalize dope issue is a lot like the gay marriage thing. You're both trying to shove your agenda (or whatever) down our throats.

The q-u-e-e-r-s are trying to hide behind the first amendment in their quest to legalize their sordid way of's their freedom of speech, expression, religion, whatever.

You dope smokers are doing the same thing and worse. On this thread and another, I've read numerous excuses in support of it, use the revenue toward the deficit...fight crime, sell it cheaper than the dealers and put them out of business...the terminally ill need it for comes from the almighty God, it is meant to be free for all of us...someone even claimed to have evidence that Jesus was a doper.

You guys don't want it legalized to help the deficit or fight crime or to alleviate the pain someone you don't even know might be feeling or even for religious purposes. You just want to get high. You just want to get stoned. Why won't you guys just say you want it legal because you like it and you want to do it anywhere, anytime? Why lie about it?

And remember, it really doesn't matter if every municipality makes it legal within their jurisdictions, state law trumps local law, it doesn't matter where you are. Local administrations can order their law enforcement to ignore the rules, you know, like they do about illegal aliens being here, but under the right conditions it is still illegal. You want to light up, do it at home, don't advertise it, don't get stupid while stoned and no one will bother you.

Belleville, MI

#14 Nov 27, 2009
Just found out a relative of mine that normally has high blood pressure was in to see his Dr. last wk. The Dr. asked him why he might have thought his blood pressure was down (norml) this time & he told the Dr. he was smoking his "stuff" alittle earlier that day. Dr. said he didn't hear that, but had no reply. HMMMMMMMM???

Yulee, FL

#15 Dec 12, 2009
It's a gift from the Earth, and what's from the Earth is of the greatest before you nock it, try it first, and you may see that it's a blessing and is not a curse....

Seriously...I'm a nurse and I've never seen anyone go in to liver failure because of weed, but I have with acetaminophen, and alcohol.
I've never seen someone die from a perforated gastric ulcer caused by weed, but I have with ibuprofen, and alcohol.
So whether it's for pain or pleasure, I say let the stoners stone, and mind your own business. It's a free country...

El Centro, CA

#16 Jan 1, 2010
Overcriminalization of certain popular, more innocuous than being drunk behaviour is a growing problem within the justice system.
Consider this, according to , there were 14 million who admitted to smoking in 2007. 14 million jail-house beds, 14 million more regular probation officer meetings, mental-health sessions, before any of the pot-dealers, hard-drug-dealers, drunk drivers, bar-room brawlers, wife-beaters, petty thieves, armed robbers, etc. need to be placed in jail or on probation. For the sake of comparison, according to , shortly afterwards in 2006, there were only roughly 4 million Americans on probation or in jail already. This number includes serious offenders serving long-term sentences.
Effectively enforcing federal marijuana law is impractical without major justice system infrastructure revision (more officers, jails,) and this situation is a result of Marijuana prohibition simply being so unacceptable. People simply refuse to accept that pot should be more illegal than alcohol, this is why the population of offenders manages to reach that critical mass, around 3 times the size of justice system.
Personal Freedom

United States

#17 Jan 11, 2010
I personally don't smoke it but have tried it a time or two, only to find that I got hungry sleepy and Slightly paranoid. I agree with Jim and Shaun. Why should it not be personal choice? If you don't like it, don't do it, simple as that. I recently returned from breck, and while there I did notice quite a bit more smoking, however I never felt threatened in the slightest. As a matter of fact many of the members in my party are extremely conservative and spoke of how their opinion changed after observing how they personally remained unaffected by the use of others in their environment. Kudos to breck for letting their small voice for freedom be heard
Kidding Me

Denver, CO

#18 Jan 13, 2010
So they need a website too? ???? I thought CO had more of these dispensaries than starbucks??

Carlisle, PA

#19 Jan 19, 2010
Way to go N.J. Looks like Ill. & N.Y. are next.

Silverthorne, CO

#20 Jan 31, 2010

Couldn't have said it better. So true, all of it. Downvalley/CB will get there, I lived there last year. I'm in Breck now and it's recent choice to decriminalize has been nothing but good. I'm an avid consumer and for those of you who haven't/can't try marijuana recreationally really have no voice in this discussion. Would you critique my English as an ESL student? I think not, stay inside your own playground and away from CO if your head is tighter than a rubberband. Embrace change, because it won't stop. Good luck squares, I hope all those 4.0's didn't corrupt your carnal ability to be free thinking and progessive, I know mine didn't.

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