Volunteers need to start Brea PONY le...

Volunteers need to start Brea PONY league

There are 39 comments on the The Orange County Register story from Oct 7, 2009, titled Volunteers need to start Brea PONY league. In it, The Orange County Register reports that:

A group of parents are trying to get a PONY Baseball league started in Brea. While the league is in the formative stages, volunteers are needed to fill a variety of positions on the board.

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La Crescenta, CA

#1 Oct 26, 2009
There is already Little League in Brea they do not need PONY!!! The city should dis allow this to start- Pony has no =boundaries and this not fair to let other use the fields that are not really benefiting children from our own city.

Los Angeles, CA

#2 Nov 6, 2009
dgm wrote:
There is already Little League in Brea they do not need PONY!!! The city should dis allow this to start- Pony has no =boundaries and this not fair to let other use the fields that are not really benefiting children from our own city.
I guess with that type of thinking, we should no let anyone outside of the city join BREA Aquatics because the pool is at BREA Olinda High School. Or maybe we should only allow BREA residents to shop at the BREA Mall, or drive on BREA streets. BREA Little League has it share of problems that just won't go away. Maybe new ideas, some new management, and good old competition may wake up the self centered folks that run the BREA Little League. PONY has worked well for our neighbors in Placentia for years now. Give these people a chance to make it work!

United States

#3 Nov 19, 2009
DAK, you don't know what you are taking about....but it is probably not your fault. You're probably just repeating what's been told to you.

Over the last two years, BLL has had an 80% turnorver of their BOD.

It might surprise you to know that those that have pushed the hardest to "force" this issue on the City are the same people who could not get elected to ANY Board positions at the BLL General Meeting in Sept.

What you, DAK and others who have been lied to cant figure out is that this is not an issue of Liitle League or PONY; it is an issue of resources. The City does not have the resources to allow (accomodate) two similar but different youth baseball organizations simultaneously.

Nobody in leadership at BLL has a problem with PONY baseball. The same cannot be said about the core leadership for Brea PONY Baseball. We are definitely talking about people who do not represent the finer qualities of the average Brea citizen. Examine their track records; find out how many games they have been ejected from or suspended for. A few of the members or the core leadership group for Brea PONY have the highest number of requests from parents to have those managers BLOCKED from being allowed to draft their children. These people are forced to start their own league as they couldn't/wouldn't be able to get past the integrity test of an existing league.

Sadly, for all those who will be fooled into thinking PONY is the answer, changing to PONY will not change the character of these people. And when the league blows up, in typical fashion, they will blame someone else.

I was there at BLL last year; Ive been there for several years. I never heard a negative thing with the exception of situations surrounding the people you will now find on the BOD (or married to someone on the board or someone hiding in the shadows) at Brea PONY Baseball.

Placentia PONY is a well run organization by people who appear to have integrity and a sense of community. Good luck with your season at Brea PONY. I truly hope your son is not adversely effected by your uninformed decisions. With any luck he may even still like baseball when its all over.

United States

#4 Nov 25, 2009
My goodness OFU. Where do you get your facts? Oh wait that's right Brea Little League Board of Directors make up their own rules and statistics. What are you so afraid of? Is this your company losing money? Of course it isn't? If you had all your facts correct you really wouldn't be commenting on this at all. Youre just scared of what you don't know? Were you bullied as a child? Are you afraid of real baseball and you wouldn't know how to coach it? I'm just trying to understand the insecurity. Why would you be so worried? Let the kids play real baseball in their own city instead of having to go elsewhere. We Do have the resources. Minimal change would be taken care of by Brea Pony. No cost to the city. You cost the city because you don't use enough of the fields. How about this... You and your family stay in Little League and have "fun" and my family will play baseball!! It shouldn't concern you and it won't affect you or your child.

Brea, CA

#5 Nov 26, 2009
hey mr brea little league cheerleader, lets talk about the financial scandal from 2 years ago. you want to talk about whats right. get your facts straight you have no idea about the clowns running brea little league. obviously your kid could not make it in pony if he had to. keep dreaming
JR whittier

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Nov 27, 2009
What happened to the other 85%. Its a fact: only 15% of All Little Leaguers Play High School Baseball:
-40% do not move up because of physical inability to play at a higher level.
-30% do move up because of poor coaching during the development years.
-15% do not move up because of pressure from parents.
My son played L.L, Pony & Travel. Brea parents you are doing a big mistake not having Pony. I was blessed to find Whittier Pony. My son the first year couldn't up with these kids but he work his tail up and now. WOW!! That got him ready to go to the next level. Remember parents its about the kids.
baseball lord king

Kaneohe, HI

#7 Nov 28, 2009
You get what you put into it. Pony kids always learn faster than LL kids do to the nature of the game they are allowed to play. My 9 & 10 yr old pony kids can beat most 11 & 12 yr old LL teams.
Basically you need good people willing to put in the time to teach kids.
Boards always have issues. Ideally I'd like to see boards where the President and VP can't coach a team and members are voted on to the board by parents.

United States

#8 Nov 28, 2009
Brea sure sounds like a great place to raise a family. OFU does everyone in brea have to pass your integrity test? We played soccer on YOUR fields sorry it didn't benefit your Brea kids.

Schodack Landing, NY

#9 Nov 29, 2009
These Pony folks have WAY too much time on their hands.

I'm sorry they never played as kids and are reliving thier youth through thier own children.

I was impressed by theBLL leadership and completely discusted by the behavior of the expatriates. I am no Nun, but I watched two of the folks have a meltdowns which if not dangerous were downright Hilarious.

These guys are selling out the kids because of thier own short commings.

Let the Boys (and Girls) play baseball. BUTT OUT!

La Habra, CA

#10 Nov 30, 2009
Pony Fan

United States

#11 Nov 30, 2009
DKM Fan,
If it weren't for the Pony Folks having supposed WAY too much time on their hands, then how could there be any organized sports in any city? Did you know that Little League, Pony, Pop Warner, NJB and Soccer are all volunteers with NOT enough time on their hands. Your comment is WAY too ignorant and sad that you would even go to the extend of insulting. Of course we all played as kids, another ignorant comment. We are hardly living through our children. We live FOR our children and we want to give them the positive experiences that most of us had as children. Who are you or anyone else to dictate what type of baseball should be played? Pony is not trying to replace Little League. We just want our fair share of the fields. These children's parents pay their taxes for the use of the fields. It's misinformed people such as yourself that cause hatred in the community. This is not about BLL leadership, Pony leadership, adult meltdowns, children meltdowns, selling out kids (whatever that means). This is about bringing something that has been needed in the city of Brea for quite sometime. What makes Little League the monopoly? Last time I checked, that was illegal.
We want the boys and girls to play baseball and in order to do so, we can't "BUTT OUT". I am sure you hardly know any of the people involved or even spoke to any of the so called "expatriates" because if you had, you would understand what is really going on. Just be certain that Pony will NOT be going away and our kids that want to play baseball will be playing Brea Pony. They might not have the City Fields this year, but what will Little League do next year when the fields will be allocated to both organizations? It is inevitable!! And it is people like yourself and the other nay sayers that cause the problems in cities that need positive, exciting, with the times update and change. Take a look at JRWhittiers statistics...It says it all!!
Talking about someones integrity and judging their abilities to coach are just bad digs that are meant to hurt. All we are trying to do is give these kids a better chance to play and know the game at a higher more competitive level.

Brea, CA

#12 Nov 30, 2009
I sat on the board of Brea Little league for four years. I have put two sons through Little league from t-ball through Seniors. My family has been dedicated to this league for well over a decade...My sons, while playing little league to be with thier school friends also ventured out of the city to play travel ball as well. That is where they learned the skills and the competitivness to move on to the next level.

So, now that I've seen both sides of the coin and have a third son that is approaching the next level, I speak with expierence when I say that PONY baseball is what this city needs. If we had had this years ago, my boys would have learned what they needed while playing in thier own city with thier own friends. I do not see in any way shape or form how this can be a detrement to our city, our families, or our children. I mean for goodness sake, it's just baseball. Please keep in mind, that in a few short years our children will be grown, and trust me when I tell you that this board of directors postion that you hold with BLL will be a distant memory...your fight long forgotten...PONY baseball will happen, it is happening and it's going to flourish...all your insults and insinuations about the fine people of this community are not going to stop it.

So, I ask you Mr. Nay sayer to put your personal feelings aside because you seem like a half way intellegent man. I am sure that if you took a half a second and cleared your mind of all it's negetivity and insecurity, you would quickly realize that our city and our families can only benefit from PONY baseball. Don't take opportunities away from others just because it may not be what you want for your son. Think of others first, it's a good rule to live by.
Concerned PONY Parent

Honolulu, HI

#13 Dec 1, 2009
I'm entrusting the Brea PONY board members (none of which I know) to be representative of what most families in this fine city represent.

My son is a gifted athlete bringing All Star Level talent to a new league which I hope he can proudly represent, enjoy, & grow within.

Please prove to me I made the right decision Brea PONY League.

United States

#14 Dec 1, 2009
Pony Fan,

Go get 'em man.

If it means that much to the future of your kid, do it. In speaking to three of the PONY reps this weekend, I found them to be arrogant and listened to them bash BLL with personal vengence. They displayed the attitude of busy body moms and wanna be Dads. THAT WAS MY EXPERIENCE.

With regard to the field allocation, Do some homework, there are precendents to stop this unfair behavior by the city. Santa Clara and Elg grove have had this battle. The problem is you could win the battle but lose the war. But, like I said, talk to the big talking Met's coach, he woul'nt shut up about his Lawyer friends.

United States

#15 Dec 1, 2009
The homework has been done and the policy is in place. The proper paperwork and forms have been submitted. This is not a battle or a war. It's about what is right and fair. It is not fair or right to dictate what sport is only to be available to our kids in OUR city in which we pay taxes. Pony or Little League? There is nothing unfair about it. There is enough room for everyone. Pony is not trying to take anything away from Little League. And trust me when I tell you that whomever you are listening to is not a true representative of BPB. It is not the intent of BPB to big talk our way into town. We just want something that we feel could be a big help to the kids in this community and to our high school. My son is a varsity baseball player and he couldn't have benefited without playing pony.
Cmon Man

Honolulu, HI

#16 Dec 1, 2009
I just hope representatives from both leagues remember the MISSION STATEMENTS of their respective organization:
The Little League program assists youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.
To provide every child regardless of special needs the opportunity to participate in America’s favorite pastime of baseball and softball. It is our goal to provide an environment that enhances the participants’ self-esteem, physical mobility, and embodies the spirit of teamwork and community.

Irvine, CA

#18 Dec 2, 2009
This entire message thread goes to show just what a disgruntled group of parents sounds like. It is very sad indeed that there is very little mention of the growth and wellbeing of these players as citizens and future leaders. All the rhetoric about playing “real baseball” vs having “fun”, I have seen little if anything written about learning lessons of good character, dedication and fairness. Very few of these posts even address anything other than the parents’ petty, self-centered arguments. If you are resting the hopes of your childs future on their youth baseball experience then I believe you will be very sadly disappointed at what that future holds. Baseball is still a game right?

United States

#19 Dec 2, 2009
You are absolutely right. There is no mention of the well being and growth of the players. That is not what this is about. It's about the right for Pony Baseball to join the city of Brea. Everyone involved has the best interest in the children. Pony just wants it's fair time in Brea. There are always those in any league that unfortunately don't represent their leagues in the proper way and
everyone needs to be aware of that and know it's not in just Pony, it's all of the organizations. There shouldn't be a fight about this at all but for some reason there is. It's not just up to these leagues to instill good character and leadership in our children. We have that responsibility as parents. And it's our responsibility to be there for our children and offer them all that is out there for them to grow in a positive enviroment. If everyone would just try to respect each other there shouldn't be a problem having both leagues in the city. But for some reason we have those afraid of what they don't understand and don't want to try to understand, instead there are backstabbing insults and misleading lies.
taKKe iTT easy

United States

#20 Dec 2, 2009

You are all over the board. I am confused as to your perspective on this issue, but I am convinced of your anger.

First you attack and attempt to belittle. Then you preach about getting along, common goals, mutual respect, good character and leadership. Then you are off accussing others of "backstabbing insults and misleading lies".

You have personal issues at stake here, that much is obvious.

It would seem as though it is time to let it go. From what I understand Brea (city leadership) has decided to honor the City's policy regarding new user groups. It appears that there is no one, no group, no organization, and no governmental body impeding the organization and operation of Brea PONY.

My advice....Go in peace, to love and serve the community.
want to know more

United States

#21 Dec 2, 2009
iknowbetter wrote:
hey mr brea little league cheerleader, lets talk about the financial scandal from 2 years ago. you want to talk about whats right. get your facts straight you have no idea about the clowns running brea little league. obviously your kid could not make it in pony if he had to. keep dreaming
I'm trying to decide which way to go. If you have information that would make that decision easier, that would be helpful.

What does it take for a kid to make it in pony and why wouldn't someones kid make it?

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