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Cypress Police Department

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Vista, CA

#1 Aug 30, 2006
If you ride a bicycle in cypress after 9:00pm, you will have no civil rights, and why do the Cypress PD waste so much time on stupid little things?

Maybe they should spend more time protecting us against terrorism insted of acting like ruthless cowboys, they were trained better than that!
concerend neibhor

Kalaheo, HI

#2 May 1, 2007
SO true. the cypress PD DO SINGLE OUT certin typs of riding a bike.walking.the way your car looks, the clothes you wear.its my observation that there giving badges and way to much power to men and women way to young and lacking world the cubscouts and brownies will be driving black and white.

Tustin, CA

#3 Sep 19, 2007
Agreed wholeheartedly on your post "Unknown ESQ" and "concerned neighbor".
I was kidnapped in Hawaiian Gardens, L.A. County by Officer James Kyle III #7971 and his partner Farris, because I had filed a report/complaint five days prior. Sick of the harassment by the Cypress PD, I was filming them as they harassed a client in H.G. Read what happened to my associates and I over a period of time.
Cypress Police Officer Diaz prevented my client from answering his cell phone while he was harassing him. This caused all calls from emergency call boxes on the orange county freeways to go unresponded to for the duration of Diaz's harassment of my client.
Cypress Resident

Long Beach, CA

#4 Sep 22, 2007
Since I live here I'm happy to read that MY police department is keeping riff-raff under control. Lawyers: lowest of the low.....
Cypress Resident also

Buena Park, CA

#5 Sep 27, 2007
I've watched the CYPD for years and everytime I see them stopped on the side of the road with a bicyclist or a car, it's usually someone who needs to be stopped or should not be going through my city. GOOD FOR THEM. I read Jennifer's link and it sounds like there is some type of shady business going on where she works. Piece of advice, GET OUT! The only reason i can see for your misfortune is because you ARE some kind of drug dealing idiot and we don't want that in CYpress. MOVE BACK TO LA.
Frequent Cypress visitor


#6 Sep 27, 2007
I have not heard of any terrorist attacks in the City of Cypress sinceÖ. well since forever. So the Cypress police have protected the citizens of their city and foiled all the terrorist plots against the city of Cypress. Now they are obviously bored and can only deal with parolees, gang members, drug dealers and other criminals. Of course when truly bored they use their extensive knowledge of electronics to hack into and disrupt emergency cell lines on the freeway.

Get a clue donít do crime and you wonít be contacted by the police, itís nice to see them doing their job.
Cypress Resident 1988

Buena Park, CA

#7 Sep 27, 2007
I've been in this city since 1988 and have NEVER had a negative experience with the cops. Sure, I've gotten pulled over and maybe they weren't as friendly as they could of been, but heh, that's why i pay them. If I wanted butt kissers, I'd higher them. Secondly, I also own a lighting company like the woman (if she really is one) above states and we NEVER install lights at night. OSHA forbids it, so either she's operating an illegal alien hiring operation or she's flat out lying. I see that she is from Los Angeles...maybe she should go back there where she can use her drugs all day.

Tustin, CA

#8 Sep 27, 2007
No wonder you live in Cypress. You seem as arrogant and as ignorant as most of the public when it comes to violating human rights.
FYI, I don't use drugs. I don't sell drugs. And as far as OSHA goes, there ARE permits that are available for working at night.
You probably think that the cop that gave me a ticket for my license plate light not being bright enough IN THE DAYTIME is helping to keep Cypress scum free.
There is a difference between butt kissers and law breakers.
And to "Frequent Cypress Visitor" you are being obsurd with your "Hack into and disrupt emergency cell lines on the freeway" comment.

What happened, was the police FOLLOWED A CLIENT WHO OWNS A TOW TRUCK COMPANY FROM MY BUSINESS into LOS ANGELES county and pulled him over for some bullshit equipment violation excuse and while detaining and harassing him on Norwalk and Carson, PREVENTED HIM FROM ANSWERING HIS CELL PHONE while he was ON CALL to answer the EMERGENCY CALL BOXES ON THE FREEWAYS IN ORANGE COUNTY.

It had nothing to do with being bored. It had nothing to do with hacking or disrupting emergency cell lines on the freeway.

And, excuse me, but I don't commit crimes.
My family has an extensive number of years dedicated to serving as law enforcement officers.

Since you are so quick to judge a person, maybe you should go apply to become a cypress cop. They ARE HIRING currently and it sounds like you'd fit right in.
Cypress Resident 1988

Buena Park, CA

#9 Sep 28, 2007
I love it when someone calls another person ignorant and uses terms like "human rights." First off, "human rights" have nothing to do with your problem. You must be refering to "civil rights." Get it right or shut up. Secondly, Hawaiian Gardens borders Cypress. And what were you doing harassing the police when they were stopping someone in a car. Any idiot knows that when the cops stop somone, you don't pull over and throw in your two cents. How do you know that your client isn't a murderer, child molester or rapist? You don't. Please, please do as I ask and get the hell out of my city and go back to LA where you belong.
interested reader


#10 Sep 29, 2007
Wow, Jennifer, you get awful angry over your blog...curse words, capital letters and name calling. Are you coming down or something? All this energy could be spent on packing up and moving...
motel manager

North Hollywood, CA

#11 Sep 30, 2007
I manage a motel hear this lady jennifer and i think theres more going on here than she says. lots of guys at this motel say she's doin some stuff she shouldnt be doing. i dont know but i know that the cops here maybe hard on people but they prety fair.
Jailed4livinNSta nton

United States

#12 Oct 2, 2007
Jenniffer..... utah....... L>A>.......

Tustin, CA

#13 Oct 9, 2007
I have just purchased a nice home here in Cypress. So, I am here to stay guys.
TO motel manager: Your on crack, there are no motels near me.
To: interested reader, matter of fact I'm not coming down, I just came up on a nice four bedroom house, got a loan for less than 6% interest...
fixed rate. Woot!
Not angry at all. Some people have incredible powers to read and judge a person that they have never met.
Maybe you should be a behavioral text scientist?
Cypress Resident 1988

Buena Park, CA

#14 Oct 9, 2007

Great. Now that you own a home here, welcome to the reality that you're NOT in Los Angeles anymore. Our police arrest everyone, period. If you get out of line and they end up arresting you, it's your fault and you're guilty. Don't believe it, check the court records in this county. The police here are nothing like LAPD and don't put up with dope pushers, users or thieves, so welcome and keep it on the straight and narrow.
just a kid


#15 Oct 9, 2007
did you buy your house with your laundered drug money?

Los Angeles, CA

#16 Oct 17, 2007
just a kid wrote:
did you buy your house with your laundered drug money?
No, I borrowed it from Sergeant Walquists wife who got the money from a lawsuit against the City of Cypress.

My charges were dismissed on Friday BTW.
Websearching geek

Buena Park, CA

#17 Oct 18, 2007
Odd, you said your charges were dismissed on Friday. The court shows on their public record site that you had a pre-trial hearing on Friday, but you still have another pre-trial hearing on 11/16, and you are still set for jury trial on 11/26/07. Are you sure that is what happened on Friday. See for yourself, it's all public info:
Websearching geek

Buena Park, CA

#18 Oct 19, 2007
Jennifer, I think you should file a complaint with the County of Orange. Not only did the court records reflect you still have charges pending which you said the court dismissed; but you said you just bought a house in Cypress, however the Grantor/Grantee Index, as of 10/16/07, doesn't show you as a Grantee anywhere in Orange County. See for yourself: . I think the County may be conspiring with Cypress to get you. I'd suggest you file a complaint with the County immediately to protect your rights!
CantWeAllJustGet Along

Los Angeles, CA

#19 Oct 22, 2007
I have worked in Los Al... for Years... The City of Cypress Maybe a little over use of power at times... but like they say... It is an Awesome Area... Clean, and regardless of Where or how nice the Area... there are ALWAYS SOME BAD APPLES... But Cypress isn't Respected the way they are for NOTHING!
I Killed the Cat

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Nov 30, 2007
Websearching Geek - Thanks for the sites!

Jennifer - How was the pre-trial hearing on 11/16 for the case that was dismissed last month? Getting ready for the Motion to Suppress Evidence next month?

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