I wrote to the Sheriff and this is his response:
Can anyone help him find the video??

Dear Ms. McLean:

We have received several identical letters as yours reference to the "video posted online depicting an illegal hog-dog fighting event". We have no ideal what you are talking about. We do not have an investigation going on reference to a hog-dog fight. We have not posted nor have we been able to find a web site where this alleged video is posted. In your letter or the others we have received from around the US no one has provided us with the web site location so that we could look at the alleged illegal dog-hog fight.

Would you be so kind as to provide the web site location for this video so that we may view it to see if it is in fact within Brazoria County, Texas.

Thank you for your concerns in this matter.


Charles S. Wagner, Sheriff
Brazoria County, Texas