Libs: Duck Dynasty Christian Views “H...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#23 Dec 21, 2013
I Know More Than You wrote:
<quoted text>
They are by no means exclusionary as you are implying.
Much like I know you never actually listened to/read Obama's speech on Mandela, it's clear you haven't read anything but snippets of Duck Moron's views on gays and blacks.
Keep alienating everyone but old white people and see how many elections that wins you.
Did you listen to Obama's speech? Or read it?

What was published of Phil Roberston's opinions about it have all been religiously referenced. You libs want to paint it as homophobic because that serves your warped view of the world better.

I'll stick with the older white people. They have more education and more success. They are more self reliant and self sufficient and because they have more experience they are also smarter and wiser. You stick with the libtards who voted for Obama. The less successful, less educated less informed. They are the idiots that brought us Obamacare.
Lets Kill Agenda 21

Rutland, VT

#26 Dec 21, 2013
I Love it!
(and Alec is Not acting here) !/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/ derivatives/landscape_635/alec -baldwin-hilaria-thomas.jpg
Alex Jones tell Piers Morgan that he and his fellow globalist NWO control freak scum will suffer 1776 retribution from Patriots if they continue to push their '1984' tyranny on us!
Kill The New World Order

Rutland, VT

#27 Dec 21, 2013
pics of Baldwin defending his space against media punk scum

Montpelier, VT

#28 Dec 21, 2013
I really like this Phil! I hope he never shuts up at all.
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#29 Dec 22, 2013

Since: Sep 08

Neon City Oh.

#30 Dec 22, 2013
According to these wackjobs the blacks and gays have been persecuting white Christian for the last 300 years.
I Know More Than You

Hooksett, NH

#31 Dec 22, 2013
Blythe wrote:
I really like this Phil! I hope he never shuts up at all.
Give em enough rope...
Too you pixies

Morrisville, VT

#33 Dec 23, 2013
Hollywood is not a moral compass, nor financial wealth a moral barometer. Americans have placed their virtue into the devils den.

Nashua, NH

#34 Dec 23, 2013
Die Nasty wrote:
"The Duck Dynasty guy who likened homosexuality to bestiality makes a living helping people trick ducks into thinking they want to f*ck them." =WUgl4u9F9SQXX
Isn't Louisiana a 'Right to Work' state?
Who are the wimpy whiners having a hissy fit?
"Are these the same people who believe that Big Business should be able to do anything they want? Who believe in little governmental regulation? And who applaud when commentators like Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin lose their jobs over vile (and apologized for) comments?"
"Just another day in the GOP."
."...many Republicans, Christian organizations and garden-variety tweeters enjoy spouting off about their love of freedom and the Constitution while remaining disturbingly unaware of what the Bill of Rights actually says and means. The right-wing passion for a set of ideals they claim to revere – but remain ignorant of – is not new, but it’s news again this week. They’re up in arms at the suspension of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson for a series of homophobic and bigoted remarks he made to GQ magazine. Professional consequences for bigoted comments, they say, violate the constitutional right to free speech."
"Here's what the first amendment doesn't do: allow you to say, write or publish whatever you want, no matter how offensive, and also entitle you to a giant pay check from your starring role on a cable reality TV show."
"A tirade of ignorance about gay people, African-Americans, Muslims, Shintos and vast swaths of Eastern and Central Europe? Just another day in a GOP..."
"Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin lose their jobs over vile (and apologized for) comments?"
-Bashir's disgusting crack about Palin was vile, but Baldwin's to that paparazzi scum constantly bothering him was justified
'Geraldo Rivera defends 'Duck Dynasty' star, Alec Baldwin:'C---sucking f----t' is not a homophobic slur!'

I don't agree with Alec's politics but I'll stand with him and his right to defend himself against those G-d rooster--$ucking paparazzi scum!
Cool pics of Alec fighting off the photographers-

Nashua, NH

#35 Dec 23, 2013
I've never seen the Duck Dynasty show, but I know it's called a 'Reality' show, not a regular teevee show-If ewe don't like their reality then change the damn channel or just p-off!
We see the lefty libs Hate people of the right especially Christian right having their say- They preach 'Diversity' but really don't want diverse views aired, only theirs which is why the left is THE most hypocritical.
They ridiculously said "Oh look we found a tape of Robertson giving a sermon in a church where he said 'hate speech' ", when the guy was simply quoting from the Bible book of Romans! Meanwhile Miley Cyrus does her 'twerking' on prime time teevee and they don't complain about that at all.

The DD family is worth 80+ million and counting and they don't need the A&E show, A&E needs them, so we'll see those extra episodes with Phil on A&E or else good people will boycott the network.
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#36 Dec 23, 2013
I Know More Than You wrote:
<quoted text>
Give em enough rope...
Given: he is a dope.
Community Dsorganizer

Newtown, CT

#37 Dec 24, 2013
Perhaps A&E should fire this creep!
Makes Sense

Port Huron, MI

#38 Dec 24, 2013
Community Dsorganizer wrote:
Perhaps A&E should fire this creep!
For playing a straight man in an R-rated movie?
Makes Sense

Port Huron, MI

#39 Dec 24, 2013

Phil "blast gays while he gets rich making phallic devices for men to blow on".
Google Bathhouse Barry

Rutland, VT

#40 Dec 24, 2013
Chris ewe are just jealous

a reality show about the lifes of ewer ilk would never be anywhere Near so wildly popular
Makes Sense

Port Huron, MI

#41 Dec 24, 2013
...or as fake.

There more than one of us (Chris who?).

Mike Mulligan

Bennington, VT

#42 Dec 24, 2013
We should ask Evan how he feels about it.
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#44 Dec 26, 2013
Google Mia Pope

Nashua, NH

#46 Dec 27, 2013
Makes Sense wrote:
There more than one of us (Chris who?).
-the flaming one, not the nuketard one
Video: Gay False Flag Attacks

Twerking Miley Cyrus Pushes Homosexual Agenda

Alabama Lawmaker Plans Resolution Supporting ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star
Phil Reinstated by A-E

Rutland, VT

#48 Dec 28, 2013
in the news today-
A&E has reinstated Phil Robertson
They were stupid to can him in the first place and had a huge backlash against them for it
Ewe G-d politically correct heterophobe twits are outnumbered by truth lovers

Duck Dynasty On Trial
Jon Rappoport
No More Fake News
This is a transcript of the secret trial of Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty.

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