I am reading Atlas Shrugged for the f...

I am reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time!

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Lois Lamplighter

Essex Junction, VT

#1 Mar 3, 2013
What insights should I be getting out of this work?

I am in the lower middle class. Unlike the atheistic Ayn Rand, I am a spiritually commited Christian who reaches out to my fellow human beings. What can Atlas Shrugged teach me?

Newton Center, MA

#2 Mar 3, 2013
"I am a spiritually commited Christian who reaches out to my fellow human beings."
-so is Ron Paul, but ewe'all are too stuck in the 'Left Right Paradigm'(google it) and failed to elect the Only candidate worthy of being President and so now we all have to suffer the loss of our economy and our liberties and the *Constitution
*That thing ewe sheeple don't really care about.

Ron was ewe'r last chance for bringing back the Republc and its Constitution http://www.topix.com/forum/city/brattleboro-v...

Neither Jesus nor His true followers are for Big Govt., Corporatism, Fascism OR Socialism NOR unjustified WAR

The Declaration of Independence says we have unalienable Rights that come from our Creator/God, and that the job of govt. is to protect those Rights. That basic tenet from the Dec. of Ind. is part of the Constitution via Article VI clause 1

BTW, Rand Paul was Not named Rand after Ayn Rand, his name is Randall






Ayn was a mistress of Philip Rothschild http://planet.infowars.com/activism/the-illum...

as the saying goes:
"The Left will support War when it comes with their beloved Big Govt. and the Right will support Big Govt. if it comes with their beloved War"

the best cartoons I've found that illustrate the 'Left Right Paradigm':

*** http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_v5KLbZBFl_o/TNcTI4r...


It's So Trendy To Be Sheep
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#3 Mar 3, 2013
Michael Mulligan: "Midas Mulligan"

Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#4 Mar 3, 2013
I was there!
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#5 Mar 4, 2013
These teabagger pipe dream of Ayn are to have private corporate militias guarding the elites and intimidating the bottom half instead of haing dead beat police...
Ich Bin Ayn Patriot

Newton Center, MA

#6 Mar 4, 2013
from Ron Paul's NY Times Bestseller book 'END THE FED', page 157:

Although some claim love of money itself is the root of all evil, others say that it is dishonesty in money that has been a major source of evil throughout history.

Ayn Rand’s defense of honest money meant the outright rejection of paper money. On the issue of “objective standards” for money, she was nearly biblical. Honest money to her was required for a prosperous society. In Francisco’s speech in Atlas Shrugged, she warned of the day when the paper money system would collapse. Rand stated that if you wanted to know when a “society vanishes… watch money.” Whenever “destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owner a counterfeit pile of papers.” Paper money to her was a “mortgage on wealth that does not exist.”

No great religion advocates governmental fraud in money. All speak of fulfilling one’s promises and obligations and respecting other people’s persons and property. Central banks, and especially our Federal Reserve, deliberately run roughshod over this principle that has been endorsed for thousands of years by essentially all religious and ethical leaders. Yet the “love” of controlling the money by the powerful is indeed the root of great evil in the world.

The lack of clarity on morality in politics, economics, and money invites and seduces many who claim to believe in, or once believed in, free markets to accept a partnership arrangement with government

from page 62:

Although Ayn Rand never spoke kindly of libertarians and I never contemplated becoming a supporter of objectivism as a total philosophy, I did read all her novels and received her objectivist newsletter essentially the whole time it was published. She challenged many of my beliefs that I had taken for granted and forced me to understand and defend them better. However, she never convinced me of her definition and application of altruism. Equating voluntary Christian charities with Communism made no sense to me. But she also built up my excitement for championing freedom. I have in my library a copy of the original 1957 hardbound edition of her huge Atlas Shrugged. The price listed on the cover flap is $6.95. There’s no doubt she influenced a lot of people over the decades and forced them to reassess their premises, and most came away being more devoted to liberty.

Read the whole book for free here:

vid-Ron is asked about Ayn
Lois Lamplighter

Barre, VT

#7 Mar 4, 2013
I have read a few chapters of Atlas Shrugged and although it is interesting, it made me depressed. I have decided to put it up for a few days and then start reading again.

I have learned that Ayn Rand accepted both Social Security and Medicare when she was old snd got sick. For years she had condemned them as evil, but when it was her turn to suffer she had to humble up.
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#8 Mar 5, 2013
You know, she was a entertainer or artist, a world class writer...she vividly painted a picture that drew millions of people to the problems of the world.

I admire the hell out of her for her talents...

She made me angry and made me think...

So what is the difference between the Unionization of the 1930s and our rich elite creative class going to Mulligan’s valley and going on strike?
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#9 Mar 5, 2013
The B rated movie the “Hollow Man” is a interesting movie. I didn’t like it’s gratuitous nudity and its youthful narcissistic scientist irked the hell out of me. It really didn’t entertain me that much. By the way, I do like nudity is some types of movies.

But it posed an interesting question...could you control yourself if you were invisible. If you couldn’t get caught at anything you did, would you have a conscience.

The metaphor of our Constitution, transparency and nakedness is what make us moral people.

I envision being transparent as a tool to do much good...peak into the lives of bad people unknown.

Right, it is assertion of uncontested power....the ability to snoop into other peoples and corporate lives at will.

So Atlas Shrugged asks us to what ends do you or your group use power?

To what ends do you use religion, another form of using power?
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#10 Mar 5, 2013
To what ends to you use philosophy or influence other people?

To what ends do you excite other peoples' brains?

This is all neural activity and neurotransmitters.

Can you control your own neural activity and neurotransmitters...it is very hard, not as much as you think you can...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#11 Mar 5, 2013
Sometimes bad guys are more altruistic than good guys...God approves of everything done on earth.

I think all human life is precious beyond knowing and I would never intentionally hurt anyone...but bad events and people have a lesson to teach us all.

Don't we call these things into our lives.

Mathew 5:45...

Then you will become children of your Father in heaven. For he makes his sun shine on good and bad people alike, and he sends rain to the righteous and the unrighteous alike.
Francisco dAnconia

Barre, VT

#12 Mar 5, 2013
I think the current issue with the post office is a good example of what that book gets at...
Universal service for the public good and without reference to economic feasibility. Given that the last 20 % of universal coverage (of anything) takes 80% of the costs, "universal coverage" in providing anything is not reasonable, even when it is a noble "goal".
And so they are about to apply the post office mentality to health care and atlas shrugs...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#13 Mar 5, 2013
yea, because you think those that have money deserve it.

Francisco dAnconia

Barre, VT

#14 Mar 6, 2013
Mike Mulligan wrote:
yea, because you think those that have money deserve it.
why are you even reading the book if you are closed to what it is discussing?
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#15 Mar 6, 2013
I like and respect people who are different than me too...

I appreciate a broad perspective of the world...

I learn more from people who I disagree with than people who i agree with....different ideas and ideals stimulate my thinking...
Francisco dAnconia

Barre, VT

#16 Mar 7, 2013
how about you do so worth the post office theme I brought up?
it seems to be a perfect topic for discussing the book....
yet has nothing to do with those who have money or those who do not...it has more to do with who wants
mail 10 miles down an unmarked dirt road as opposed to urban delivery....

that the public good is an abstraction that is self defeating as always providing the public good will eventually kill our ability to provide any good to the public...
(as in we all don't get saturday delivery and we need to close some offices)

so fed ex and UPS step in....
they know when to say, no, we will not deliver to you...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#17 Mar 7, 2013
More government hatred!
Francisco dAnconia

Barre, VT

#18 Mar 8, 2013
Mike Mulligan wrote:
More government hatred!
I bet you can get more BTU's out of the book than ideas in that case...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#19 Mar 8, 2013
BTUs,hmm, what case?
Francisco dAnconia

Barre, VT

#20 Mar 8, 2013
Mike Mulligan wrote:
BTUs,hmm, what case?
in other words, given your hate for the ideals in that book, I bet you'd get more out of burning it than reading it...

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