Ex-NRC Head Jaczko-US Nukes UNSAFE, S...

Ex-NRC Head Jaczko-US Nukes UNSAFE, Should Close!

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Nukes Deadly-SHUT EM DOWN

Newton Center, MA

#1 Apr 11, 2013
Ex-NRC Head Jaczko - ALL US Nuke Plants UNSAFE, Should Close!
March 29, 2013
Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chairman Gregory Jaczko says that the current fleet of operating plants in the US should be phased out because regulators can't guarantee against an accident causing widespread land contamination. In two key decisions last week Jaczko said the agency "damaged significantly" its international reputation for upholding safety and he accused the five commissioners of "just rolling the dice" in dealing with severe accidents.

Jaczko comes out as avowed antinuclear activist - Atomic Insights
Greg Jaczko has recently admitted publicly what many of us in the nuclear world have known for the better part of a decade; he is now an avowed antinuclear activist instead of one who tries to hide his real nature.

Three of seven Fukushima tanks leaking radioactive water

Fukushima: Nuclear material may be flowing from “damaged pipes or drains” into Pacific

TEPCO Can't Fix Huge Radioactive Leaks Until June

'Mothers of Fukushima'-Film Trailer

Mothers of Fukushima is the first part of a documentary on the mothers in Fukushima and refugees who have left Fukushima to protect their children and families. They are being told by TEPCO and the Japanese government with the support of the US government and the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA that they can overcome radiation and that Fukushima can be "decontaminated".
They are fighting to save their children and their families.
For further video go to
"Fukushima, Never Again"

Italian Supreme Court President Blames Bilderberg For Terrorist Attacks
"BBC had prior knowledge of a terrorism event"
British Man Wins Small Victory For 9/11 Truthers
^He refused to pay his TV license [You have to have a LICENSE to watch TV in England?!]
He won a small victory in court and exposed some truth but they still want him to pay a damn fine.
Nonetheless the judge agreed with his main contention about the BBC and the World Trade Center building 7 which fell on 9/11 like the twin towers but was Not hit by a plane.
see also PatriotsQuestion911.com and WTFU & shivagit!
Community Disorganizer

Newtown, CT

#2 Apr 12, 2013
Shutdown Vermont Yankee and build thousands of wind farms on every ridgeline and mountain in Vermont.
Community Disorganizer

Newtown, CT

#3 Apr 12, 2013
make the Green Mountains truely "Green"!

Community Disorganizer

Newtown, CT

#4 Apr 12, 2013
Fill the valleys with photovoltaic arrays.

Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#5 Apr 12, 2013
Everything about this guy is irrational and erratic...the master flipper.

The only solution is to build a cutting edge plant 4 times the current sized, built for less people operating the plant and maintenance it.

A plant that is four times as large, four times as efficient, four times as safe...at half the cost and twice the profits.

Build 30 plants at a time and they all being identical...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#6 Apr 13, 2013
Only government is big enought to do something this big...

Worcester, VT

#7 Apr 13, 2013
Community Disorganizer wrote:
make the Green Mountains truely "Green"!
Why can't we have the pretty looking windmills like what we have seen in old movies and picture books? We could paint them green!

Newton Center, MA

#8 Apr 14, 2013
Nuclear Radiation In LA Air Surges 419%- Vid

&fe ature=youtu.be

Dust aggregate over 27 days as collected from two HEPA filter machines and a new ionizer at Radiation Station Santa Monica, California. Aggregate measures 90.4% above background. Previous period of 58 days from just the two HEPA filter machines yielded dust aggregate that was 46.3% higher than background. On a per day comparison, the current period's dust is 419% than the previous reading, a significant jump.

'Deaths In The U.S. Increased Following Arrival Of Radioactive Plume From Fukushima'

'Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster'

10 Myths About Thorium As A Nuclear Solution

'All three mainstream news networks are little more than shameless parrots for White House propaganda

(REAL)Journalist Ben Swann: Why the MSM is A Joke http://www.infowars.com/journalist-ben-swann-...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#9 Apr 14, 2013
Ok, just because my primitive radiation instrumentation reads something I am going to believe it world.
Nukedom vs GMOs

Newton Center, MA

#10 Apr 28, 2013
TEPCO To Dump Masses Of Deadly Radioactive Water Into Pacific

Arnie -'Gross Containment Failure'...Plutonium Far From Plant

Japan, IAEA 'Grossly Downplaying Cesium Released From Daiichi
so which will be first to kill us all, nukedom or gmos?

Irrefutable evidence that GMO Frankenfoods can harm you

Californian sheeple Sign Petition For Nazi Takeover
Just as we got Austinites to sign a petition to ban Dihydrogen Oxide (water), Infowars and Mark Dice teamed up to ask Californians to sign up for a Nazi Takeover, Door to Door Gun Confiscation, Add More Police Powers etc. Watch and be amazed.
WWJD-What Would Jaczko Do

San Jose, CA

#11 Apr 30, 2013
Insider - Restarting San Onofre Too Dangerous - Vid
ABC News 10
&fe ature=player_embedded
^besides the insider /whisteblower who is a safety engineeer they also interview an expert who used to work for the NRC, Dr. Joe Hopenfeld- San Onefre has a potentially catastrophic problem with the cracks etc. in the tubes that carry water to and from the reactor

NYT - Fukushima Plant Crisis, TEPCO Barely Hanging On Day-By-Day
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/30/world/asia/... ;

National Review Critiques Alex Jones as Fire-and-brimstone Preacher
I Know More Than You

Tilton, NH

#12 Apr 30, 2013
Village Idiot wrote:
WWJD-What Would Jaczko Do?

Tell you to shut your ignorant mouth.

I see you ran from the LaSalle thread as soon as I called your bullshit.

You are the equivalent of a pigeon. You shit all over a thread and then fly away when scared.

Make to sure to post when you are going to standing at the rotary holding your little sign. I want to get some footage to post on youtube!
tuth truth truth

Montpelier, VT

#13 Apr 30, 2013
After rigorous and thorough evaluation, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has once again determined Vermont Yankee achieved the highest safety rating – green..."the NRC in 2012 devoted more than 55-hundred hours to the inspection of Vermont Yankee nuclear power station. In other words, the well-trained, highly skilled NRC staff dedicated to Vermont Yankee an average of 15.83 hours for each of the 365 days of 2012."

Attack of the Jaczkos

Newton Center, MA

#14 Apr 30, 2013
thanks for reminding me about how we almost lost Chicago due to the Lasalle plant and lightning

Now we also have San Onefre to worry about if the damn NRC OKs it for running, as if at 70% is 'safe' and the pipes won't crack some more

The severity of those Lasalle failures are underreported in the NRC event report, because it reads no different than if it the failures had been discovered during testing instead of being found out in the midst of a real life emergency resulting in the last ditch cooling effort of venting.

We explain the situation in more detail in the video, but gist of the analysis is as follows.

1. Lightning took out power to both reactors.
2. Backup generators kicked on, but powering everything would overload them
3. The systems which measure how much radiation is being vented from the plant did not have power.
4. The reactors lost cooling capability.
5. Automatic emergency cooling kicked in.
6. The automated emergency cooling on Unit 2 was failing.
7. As a last ditch effort, Unit 2 primary containment was vented to the atmosphere.
8. The venting cooled and dropped the pressure in Unit 2 enough to compensate for the failing cooling.
9. The camel was down to its last failing straw and only fractured its back; had it broken, Chicago would be aglow.
10. Radioactive contamination did occur.
at the phony NRC 'meeting' tonight the grannies and other anti-nukies walked in with elasticband attached color printed Jaczko masks!

CNN To Air Pro-Nuclear Propaganda Film

Highest Radiation On Tokyo Since Crisis Began
I Know More Than You

Tilton, NH

#15 Apr 30, 2013
Village Idiot wrote:
More Lies
Still just parroting the web page because you are too stupid to do any of your own analysis.

I already refuted that pack of lies once. I see you haven't gotten any smarter since then.
MLKlikeTheGreat AlexJones

Newton Center, MA

#16 Apr 30, 2013
I Know More Jack Shiat wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm still just parroting the nuketarded BS because I'm too stupid to admit nukedom has failed, is Over.
I excrete packs of lies. I haven't gotten any smarter since Fuktupshita Japan.
Japan thought it was safe, GE Mark I reactors were supposedly safe, their future looked bright but they didn't expect THAT 'Glowing' kind!

No the pack of lies came from Nukescum, or which ewe have sided and agree with on everything


Highest fallout levels in Tokyo since soon after Fukushima crisis began

The End of the Nuclear Renaissance

The End of Nuclear

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King Jr.
I Know More Than You

Tilton, NH

#17 Apr 30, 2013
Alex Jones is Bottom Feeding Scum wrote:
Insane gibberish
Really struck a nerve there?

Ironic how you complain that everyone else is "sheeple" but you willingly swallow whatever Alex Jones puts in your mouth without question.

Get help.
Jaczko Exposed Nuke Cult

San Jose, CA

#18 Apr 30, 2013
Jones isn't who I learned about nukedom from douchetard, it was the likes of John Gofman, Robert Alvarez, A. Stanley Thompson, Admiral Rickover, and 'The GE Three', the experts who helped design the GE Mark I but whistleblew on it

Low dose radiation Does cause cancers etc.
&fe ature=uploademail

How Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease, Stroke
Science Daily

Horrifying Fukushima - Many Young, Old Dead From Heart Attacks - Vid

"When you hear 'no immediate danger'[from nuclear radiation] then you should run away as far and as fast as you can."
-Alexey Yablokov, member of the Russian academy of sciences, and adviser to President Gorbachev at the time of Chernobyl

“For the first time ever we have confronted in reality the sinister power of uncontrolled nuclear energy”
Mikhail Gorbachev — President of Soviet Union

Einstein's Regret

Washington, DC

#19 May 21, 2013
Amazed wrote:
<quoted text>Why can't we have the pretty looking windmills like what we have seen in old movies and picture books? We could paint them green!
We should become creative and make art out of it! Not exactly like this: http://www.homeenergyefficiencyaudit.com/wp-c... but it's something different

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