VY yearly NRC meeting
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#1 Apr 29, 2013
Believe it starts at 5:30 PM.

I am going....

Everyone needs to behave like grownups...

The NRc recently had a hard time over pilgrim's yearly...
I Know More Than You

Tilton, NH

#2 Apr 29, 2013
Mike Mulligan wrote:
Everyone needs to behave like grownups...
Tell it to the morons who throw cow shit and dress up in costumes...
fun fun fun

Plainfield, VT

#3 Apr 29, 2013
Let's hope the police force brings plenty of zip ties this year!
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#4 Apr 29, 2013
You can't make a mistake by going to the meeting one day ahead of everyone else when you travel by bicycle...

Walked my bike over the old unused rail bridge...actually twice. I parked my bike and walked it first to see if was safe. Then I walked back to drag my bike across.

I thoroughly enjoyed my screw-up.
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#5 Apr 29, 2013
I knew I screwed up when I didn't see a gaggle of Brattleboro police officers out in front of the school...

It was "Track And Field Day" at the Brat High School...I thoroughly enjoyed myself hanging out to watch for a while all the happy kids doing their thing...

Newton Center, MA

#6 Apr 29, 2013
And we see on that cwazy ewetube channel of Mikey's that he's shaves his head in solidarity and agreement with the great Jaczko* who was pushed out by the bullying nuketard scum industry shills
*- http://www.topix.com/forum/city/brattleboro-v...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#7 May 1, 2013
Subdued this year except for those crazy elderly people...

Crazy Jaczho mesmerized these nuts...
BridgeAbout To Fall Clown

Port Huron, MI

#8 May 1, 2013
who mesmerized ewe to protest by the bridge so many times, the one we haven't seen fall yet even tho ewe'r 'expert' opinion 2 years ago said it was about to

^at the 2 minute mark did ewe say that the eastern part of NH is 'sucky'?
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#9 May 1, 2013
BridgeAbout To Fall Clown wrote:
who mesmerized ewe to protest by the bridge so many times, the one we haven't seen fall yet even tho ewe'r 'expert' opinion 2 years ago said it was about to
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =vGbQ8545HswXX
^at the 2 minute mark did ewe say that the eastern part of NH is 'sucky'?
Who knows what I said...
BabbleBridgeIsFa lllinDown

Port Huron, MI

#10 May 1, 2013
so according to mikey the one who thinks the bridge is about to collapse AND can't understand his own babbling from a video of himself, those folks last night who simply quote the former NRC head as saying basically that U.S. nukes are unsafe and should be SHUT DOWN are 'mesmerized' and 'crazy'?

Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#11 May 1, 2013
Anyone lessening to Jaczko is a nut...
Mikeys Creds On Ewetube

Port Huron, MI

#12 May 1, 2013
so he's a nut and anyone believing what he says is too?
Gee, how does a nut get a resume like this?...

Gregory Jaczko was a Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for 3 years.
He studied physics and philosophy at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and earned a bachelor in the two disciplines there in 1993.[4] He also earned a doctorate in theoretical particle physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in 1999.[4]

He served as a Congressional Science Fellow in the office of U.S. Representative Ed Markey in Washington, D.C. on the basis of an AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship. He also worked as an adjunct professor for Physics and Public Policy[6] under Dr. Francis Slakey[7] at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.[8]

He later advised the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on issues regarding nuclear power,[4] and served as appropriations director for U.S. Senator Harry Reid and as Reid's science policy advisor.[8]

Jaczko has asserted that the greatest possible openness furthers the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's work on the protection of the environment and of public health and safety.[8]
He encourages “licensees, vendors, state and local governments, interest groups, and the general public” to participate in the Commission's policy-making efforts.[8] Efforts by Jaczko to strengthen security regulations for nuclear power plants have included requiring new such plants to be able to withstand an aircraft crash.[8]

On February 9, 2012 Jaczko cast the lone dissenting vote on plans to build the first new nuclear power plant in more than 30 years when the NRC voted 4-1 to allow Atlanta-based Southern Co to build and operate two new nuclear power reactors at its existing Vogtle nuclear power plant in Georgia. He cited safety concerns stemming from Japan's 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, saying "I cannot support issuing this license as if Fukushima never happened".[9]

A member of the Democratic Party, not a member of the Nuclear Party-


compared to the nuke plant job of pencil sharpener and coffee maker ewe had at VY mikey, I'd say Jaczko is pretty well qualified say whether our nukes are unsafe or not and should be SHUT DOWN.
Oh and some nuclear engineers agree with him.

PS- isn't it true mikey that ewe often screwed up the coffee AND the pencils?
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#13 May 1, 2013
He had the power to say that...when it really mattered....when he was the head of the NRC. But he was chicken and a coward.

He could have done a lot more...
1 Stood4Safety AlbeitLate

Newton Center, MA

#14 May 1, 2013
oh so NOW ewe say he was too pooosy while there as Chairman and didn't do enough...when it mattered, which is to say he was doing Some neccesary good, which is to say he was basically right in his central contention- that most all the nukes are NFG and for safety reasons gotta be SHUT DOWN

Mikey just always want to be on the 'winning' side, and Jaxzko didn't win out, it doesn't really matter who's right to ewe does it?

He Did do plenty and got demonized by the nukescum shills there as bitchy and argumentative- but the job description IS to hold the line on unsafe nukes and Fuktupshita Japan proved the need to slow down but wreckless arrogant Nukedom wanted to push on and build more and get rubberstamped for more years at every single damn nuke and thy got it from the NRC- Nukescum Rubberstamper Cronies
So according to this he was a nuketard but finally did WTFU near the end of his 7+ year tenure at the NRC:
Asked why he did not make these points when he was chairman, Dr. Jaczko said in an interview after his remarks,“I didn’t really come to it until recently.”

“I was just thinking about the issues more, and watching as the industry and the regulators and the whole nuclear safety community continues to try to figure out how to address these very, very difficult problems,” which were made more evident by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, he said.“Continuing to put Band-Aid on Band-Aid is not going to fix the problem.”

While traveling in Japan several weeks ago, Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen took soil samples in Tokyo public parks, playgrounds, and rooftop gardens. All the samples would be considered nuclear waste if found here in the US. This level of contamination is currently being discovered throughout Japan.
At the US NRC Regulatory Information Conference in Washington, DC March 13 to March 15, the NRC's Chairman, Dr. Gregory Jaczko emphasized his concern that the NRC and the nuclear industry presently do not consider the costs of mass evacuations and radioactive contamination in their cost benefit analysis used to license nuclear power plants. Furthermore, Fairewinds believes that evacuation costs near a US nuclear plant could easily exceed one trillion dollars and contaminated land would be uninhabitable for generations.
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#15 May 2, 2013
He was a typical Obama do nothing politician looking for his next job...

He could form a group and using his inside knowledge and prestige...he could engage the NRC from the outside processes...
Mega Meltdowns Coming

Danvers, MA

#16 May 2, 2013
One EMP burst and the world goes dark
USA Today

The Government Spends Trillions On Unlikely Threats … But Won’t Spend a Billion Dollars to Prevent the Very Real Possibility of Global Nuclear Catastrophe (from an EMP) http://www.globalresearch.ca/nuclear-power-pl...

Forget about losing just a region and a million people getting cancer like we saw with Chernobyl and Fukushima and almost Chicago last week with Lasalle and the lightning strike, a massive EMP hit can occur from the Sun or from an enemy country with a small nuke being exploded 100+ miles above the center of our country and the nuke plants all don't have properly protected transformers-what they need to survive the massive power outage which means we could have Mega-Meltdowns!
Matthew Stein has been on mainstream radio shows talking about this problem and the solution->

Four Hundred Chernobyls: Solar Flares, Electromagnetic Pulses and Nuclear Armageddon

Student Faces 20 Years For Obama Facebook Threat
http://www.infowars.com/high-school-student-f... School
But not one Obama supporter faced jail for threatening to assassinate Mitt Romney
Mikey ewe love this sh't!-->

Floridians Encouraged to Report Neighbors Who “Hate Government”
$1 million dollar hotline characterizes dissent as extremist threat

Poll: 29% Think Armed Rebellion Might Soon Be Necessary

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