Sandy Hook Dad - Brilliant, Passionat...

Sandy Hook Dad - Brilliant, Passionate, CORRECT

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#1 Jan 29, 2013
**Sandy Hook Dad - Brilliant, Passionate, CORRECT**
5 minute Video of him from FOX News->
&fe ature=player_embedded

Another Chinese Communist Party Mouthpiece Demands Obama Disarm Americans Beijing state media calls for “urgent gun control”
in US
The Solution to School Massacres No One is Talking About: Homeschool Your Kids
Gun Owners Refuse to Register Under New York Law The New American
The Resistance Begins: New York Gun Owners Refuse to Register“
Largest Act of Civil Disobedience in State History”

BACKFIRE: Seattle Gun Buyback Turns Into Gun Show; Collectors Waved “Wads of Cash” At Those In Line

Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Unconstitutional Executive Orders in Arizona County

“Shall Not Be Infringed” More Constitutional Sheriffs That Are Standing With The People
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association | CSPOA
"Our Mission: To equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office."

**see also-

Newton Center, MA

#2 Jan 29, 2013
Here Are All The Children Murdered By Drone Strikes At The Hands Of Obama
States’ rights pushed in bill that would ‘assert the sovereignty of the state’
(^actually it's not a complete list of the names of children we know were murdered by Obama drones, and more innocents get blown up every week)

Will Obama Cry For Children He Has Killed With Drones?

Obama Jokes about Killing People via Drones
(this is worse than Illuminati Bush's joking about looking for WMDs but most libs refuse to see the evil of the Obama)

‘Did We Just Kill A Kid?’— The Six Words That Ended A US Drone Pilot’s Career

Wash Post Report: Hagel Warned Obama About ‘New World Order’
Secretary Of Defense nominee pointed to rogue elements within the military

DHS Boss Butch Napolitano Praises Trampling of Posse Comitatus at National Police Confab


Photographers viciously attacked by police after taking pictures of historical building

Ron Paul: U.S. Action in Mali is Another Undeclared War

New Obama Foreign Policy Scandal Bigger than Benghazi-Gate? Did Washington “approve” a plan to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria to be blamed on Assad? This could be a bigger scandal than Benghazi-Gate.
Eye Opening Video: SSRIs-The TRUE SOURCE of RANDOM & MASS SHOOTINGS and VIOLENCE (several psychiatrists and other Dr.s & experts there saying that)
&fe ature=player_embedded
Canadian judge rules SSRI antidepressants like Prozac can cause children to commit murder
Dec 2011
The use of antidepressant and psychiatric drugs, particularly among children, is an extremely risky activity that could have fatal consequences for both the individuals that use them, as well as their friends and family.
According to the National Post, a Canadian judge recently ruled that the extreme mind-altering effects of the antidepressant drug Prozac were in large part responsible for causing a 15-year-old boy to thrust a nine-inch kitchen knife into one of his closest friends.
Antidepressant Drugs Causing Epidemic of Mania, Mayhem and Murder April 2012

Killer Kip Kinkel and the voices inside his head caused by Prozac

Drug-induced Murder: What Caused the Connecticut School Shootings?
The New American
Jan 28, 2013

'The Second Amendment For Dummies'
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#3 Jan 30, 2013
So what American terrorist think of the USA....
Community Disorganizer

Newtown, CT

#4 Jan 30, 2013

Danvers, MA

#5 Jan 31, 2013

Newton Center, MA

#6 Feb 3, 2013
Anti-Gun Arguments Fail In The Face Of Facts - Vid

231 Sheriffs and 4 State Sheriffs Associations Saying ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control

Henson Ong at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing - Hartford, CT - 1/28/2013

Veteran at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing - Hartford, CT - 1/28/2013

Derek Greaves at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing - Hartford, CT - 1/28/2013

Mark Mattioli, Father of 6-Yr-Old Sandy Victim Gives Powerful Testimony: "The Problem Is Not Guns laws (same as linked to in post #1)

Columbine Dad Says School Prayer is Answer to Violence, Not Gun Control
CNS 29 May, 2000

Newton Center, MA

#7 Feb 3, 2013
Columbine Student's Father 12 Years Later
Fake video of “guns nuts” heckling father who lost son at Sandy Hook
‏Here’s what they showed:

Here’s what really happened
MILLER: The gun-show loophole myth
Chicago gun deaths, confiscations belie claims of gun-control activists
Doctors kill 2,450% more Americans than all gun-related deaths combined ------
Politics in Absurdistan: Obama & Skeet Shootergate
Over 1000 Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting Second Amendment
Military professionals agree second amendment is primarily a defense against government tyranny
The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook
Rev. Jesse Jackson (33rd degree Freemason) Says Gun Supporters Are Domestic Terrorists
pay no mind to all the Freemasons who have mass-killed innocent kids like the one who shot those schoolkids in the Dunblane Massacre or the other Freemason who killed 70 in Norway
^and who was it that ADDED to his Facebook page (while he was in custody) the notion that he is a "Christian conservative" ?!? *9KhocPtLW5xB4YVt3MC/Mason_And ers_Behring_Breivik.jpg&w= 773&h=747&ei=msoOUcwOp _TRAe-LgPAC&zoom=1&iac t=rc&dur=446&sig=10622 3756550431221883&page=1 &tbnh=131&tbnw=127 &start=0&ndsp=10&v ed=1t:429,r:7,s:0,i:104&tx =83&ty=46
Poll: Majority of Young Americans Against Banning ‘Assault Weapons’
Pew Research Poll: 53% Say Govt Threatens Freedoms
Ben Shapiro
Obama is Israel's biatch
Author Jerome Corsi: Obama’s Plan to Destroy America
Time Warner Bans Gun Ads, Continues to Produce Movies Full of Gun Violence
Establishment attempts to make firearms ownership taboo
Another Great Newtown Dad

Danvers, MA

#8 Feb 5, 2013
In testimony that was universally ignored by the G-d scumbag N.W.O.-owned & run mainstream media (including the Bratt Reformer), Newtown father Bill Stevens blasted attempts to use the Sandy Hook tragedy as a poster child for gun control, telling a public hearing,
“You will take my ability to protect my Victoria from my cold dead hands.”
Calling gun control bills currently proposed “asinine,” Stevens quoted the Connecticut state constitution, which reads,“Every citizen has the right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.”
He also pointed out the Fact that our individual Rights are unalienable because they come NOT from legislatures but from our Creator as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution enumerate
ObamaDrones vConstitution

Danvers, MA

#10 Mar 6, 2013
Eric Holder just proved 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones right

Attorney General Holder: Prez Can Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil


Is Bernie 'BS' Sanders filibustering the Brennen nomination? Is any democrat strongly against it? NO-- Only one Senator is and he's a republican

Sen. Rand Paul Filibusters Brennan's Nomination As CIA Director'

Obama didn't join Wright's church to follow Jesus
Members:'It was a political decision, not a religious one'

Trinity Church members reveal Obama shocker!
'Matchmaker' Rev. Jeremiah Wright 'provided cover for gays'
The murders of Donald Young and Larry Bland remain today open cases of unsolved homicide.

Man in Camo Spurs Michigan School Lockdown
Sheeple idiot freaks out over National Guard guy wearing his standard issue camos

Florida High School Student Suspended for Disarming Gunman
AIPAC Conference Day Two
Exempting Israel from sequestration is prioritized.
AIPAC operates lawlessly.
It's an unregistered foreign agent. It prioritizes militancy, war, occupation harshness, apartheid, racist hate, and Israel uber alles.It's a dagger in the heart of rule of law principles and democratic value. It menaces world peace.
Its annual conferences display the worst of its agenda.

BPA is deadly to the developing brains of babies in utero, new study shows
Keep poisoning your kids sheeple!

Olympic Medalist Promotes New 7Up with High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspartame
Sand Hoax

Rutland, VT

#11 Jan 21, 2014
'Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax'

by Vivian Lee, Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer and the Sandy Hook Research Group

Norwalk, CT

#12 Jan 21, 2014
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#13 Jan 22, 2014
The problem is, they don’t censor you enough. Luck it’s not my blog.
Sandy Hoax

Nashua, NH

#14 Jan 22, 2014
the problem with NH courts is they didn't put ewe away in prison and throw away the key for that act of terrorism at the bridge ewe pulled which nearly caused people to fall to their deaths!
^Mikey the Homemade Halo Ho mo of Hinsdale
Sandy Hoax - Full Documentary
Civil War 2Begin In Conn

Rutland, VT

#15 Mar 1, 2014
Connecticut Patriot Group Fights Back Against Confiscation Order
‘We Are Armed… And Are Familiar With the Finer Points of Marksmanship’

The war on liberty is coming to a head in Connecticut, where tens of thousands of gun owners have refused to comply with their state government’s gun registration laws. Officials have literally ordered those who failed to meet the registration deadline to surrender their firearms or face arrest.

The State of Connecticut is now demanding that gun owners across the state turn in all newly-banned, unregistered firearms and magazines or face felony arrest.

The State Police Special Licensing & Firearms Unit began mailing out notices to gun owners who attempted to register their firearms and accessories with the state but did not do so in time for the Jan. 1 deadline of Connecticut’s newly enacted gun control law.

The Daily Sheeple reports:

Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire. And that is exactly what Mike Vanderboegh has chosen to do. The state of Connecticut wants to make a list – a list of gun owners. So, Vanderboegh has created his own list – a list of those state legislators who are insisting that certain firearms be banned or registered.

Here is the post, A Sipsey Street Public Service Announcement: The Connecticut Tyrants List:

The state of Connecticut is making lists of firearm owners to raid. It seems obvious to me that it is thus only fair to list those anti-constitutional tyrants who will have blood on their hands the moment the first Connecticut citizen is shot by the CT state police while carrying out their orders. I will be sending these folks my own email later today.
And, yes, I said tyrants. You bought it, in the form of the woefully misnamed “Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety,” you own it, you are certainly — if you get your way — going to pay for it like it or not, so you might as well own up to it. Look in the mirror. That’s what a tyrant in the 21st Century looks like. Mather Byles, the Massachusetts Loyalist of the Revolutionary period — our first civil war — once famously asked,“Which is better – to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?” The Founders themselves were just as suspicious of unrestrained democracy as a means of tyranny. This is why they gave us a republic of limited powers and the rule of law, to limit those who would misuse democracy to create a new tyranny. Yet that is precisely what you’ve done. Own it.

If Connecticut goes through with this and sends heavily armed police personnel to the doors of Constitutional Law-abiding citizens it is not out of the question to suggest that we will see bloodshed and violence when these gun confiscations begin.

The people have had enough and many Americans are preparing to stand their ground.

the rest of it at--
“Surrender Your Firearms,” Connecticut Tells Unregistered Gun Owners
Feb 25
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#16 Mar 1, 2014
Guns are for cowards!

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