The USA’s Fukushima.
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Brattleboro, VT

#21 Aug 31, 2013
Michael Mulligan wrote:
I would be amazedly easy...just turn off all your safety systems...the AC and DC electrical systems. Turn off a sufficient number of safety systems to confuse the hell out of the plant operators.
Developed a plant wide NRC culture of dishonestly and lying...
Remember, you could get a NRC permissible accident in which the nuclear industry as we know it would end...a core melt like TMI with little radioactive release. A loss of AC and DC is a very difficult accident to create.
A falsification scandal where the credibility of the NRC is lost...same deal as TMI.
He said "theoretically possible" not "theoretically unrealistic or "theoretically extremely unlikely" or "theoretically stupid". Someone could also drop a small thermonuclear bomb on the plant. Is that "theoretically possible"?
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#22 Aug 31, 2013
TMI was once theoretically impossible...a hole in the head at Besse was theoretically impossible...

We are clearly capable of different kind of pressure emerging and it creating a whole new TMI of a different kind.

And a TMI level core melt without releases is way more probable than a loss of all AC and DC leading to fukushima.

Are they still putting in “my” million dollar emergency electrical diesel generator that replaces the Vernon dam?

The answer is yes!
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#23 Aug 31, 2013
Basically TMI was an “intentionally turning off your safety systems” accident in order to protect the plant.

Danvers, MA

#24 Aug 31, 2013
I Know More Than You wrote:
<quoted text>
As usual, you are full of shit.
ewe said the same thing the last couple times I posted the truth about it months back, and the facts proved ewe wrong then and still do
Either ewe just Hate admitting ewe're wrong, or are a purposeful liar, or both
Earthquake Caused Japan Nuke Crisis, Not Tsunami -Japan Times
December 2011
It wasn't the tsunami that caused the nuclear crisis at Fukushima No. 1 in March. According to The Japan Times' translation of an article in the December issue Sentaku Magazine, evidence is mounting the meltdown was caused by the earthquake and by the use of a U.S.-made reactor that was unable to withstand such an event.
'Fukushima reactor meltdown was a man-made disaster, says official Parliament report'
Japanese investigators say tsunami wasn't sole cause of nuclear accident and criticise collusion and poor regulation
July 2012
The Independent has spoken to several workers at the plant who recite the same story: serious damage, to piping and at least one of the reactors, occurred before the tsunami hit. All have requested anonymity because they are still working at or connected with the stricken plant. One worker, a maintenance engineer who was at the Fukushima complex on the day of the disaster, recalls hissing, leaking pipes.
The reactor walls are quite fragile, he notes: "If the walls are too rigid, they can crack under the slightest pressure from inside so they have to be breakable because if the pressure is kept inside... it can damage the equipment inside so it needs to be allowed to escape. It's designed to give during a crisis, if not it could be worse – that might be shocking to others, but to us it's common sense."
I personally saw pipes that had come apart and I assume that there were many more that had been broken throughout the plant. There’s no doubt that the earthquake did a lot of damage inside the plant… I also saw that part of the wall of the turbine building for reactor one had come away. That crack might have affected the reactor.
Those are the words of a Fukushima maintenance worker who requested anonymity when he told his story to reporters for Great Britain’s Independent last August. That worker recalled hissing, leaking pipes in the immediate aftermath of the quake.
Another TEPCO employee, a Fukushima technician, also spoke to the Independent:
It felt like the earthquake hit in two waves, the first impact was so intense you could see the building shaking, the pipes buckling, and within minutes I saw pipes bursting. Some fell off the wall…
Someone yelled that we all needed to evacuate. But I was severely alarmed because as I was leaving I was told and I could see that several pipes had cracked open, including what I believe were cold water supply pipes. That would mean that coolant couldn’t get to the reactor core. If you can’t sufficiently get the coolant to the core, it melts down. You don’t have to have to be a nuclear scientist to figure that out.

Danvers, MA

#25 Aug 31, 2013
As he was heading to his car, he could see that the walls of the reactor one building had started to collapse. "There were holes in them. In the first few minutes, no one was thinking about a tsunami. We were thinking about survival."

Workers also describe seeing cracks and holes in reactor one’s containment building soon after the earthquake, and it has been reported that a radiation alarm went off a mile away from Fukushima Daiichi at 3:29 PM JST–43 minutes after the quake, but 6 minutes before the tsunami hit the plant’s seawall.

Indeed, much of the data available, as well as the behavior of Fukushima personnel, makes the case that something was going horribly wrong before the tsunami flooded the backup generators:

Mitsuhiko Tanaka, a former nuclear plant designer, describes what occurred on 11 March as a loss-of-coolant accident.“The data that Tepco has made public shows a huge loss of coolant within the first few hours of the earthquake. It can’t be accounted for by the loss of electrical power. There was already so much damage to the cooling system that a meltdown was inevitable long before the tsunami came.”

a meltdown was inevitable long before the tsunami came.”

a meltdown was inevitable long before the tsunami came.”

He says the released data shows that at 2.52pm, just after the quake, the emergency circulation equipment of both the A and B systems automatically started up.“This only happens when there is a loss of coolant.” Between 3.04 and 3.11pm, the water sprayer inside the containment vessel was turned on. Mr Tanaka says that it is an emergency measure only done when other cooling systems have failed. By the time the tsunami arrived and knocked out all the electrical systems, at about 3.37pm, the plant was already on its way to melting down.

In fact, these conclusions were actually corroborated by data buried in a TEPCO briefing last May

corroborated by data buried in a TEPCO briefing
corroborated by TEPCO

* Tanaka stated the emergency condensers, which are supposed to lower the pressure and temperature of the reactor, were not working at the time of the accident and that the plumbing for these condensers was likely damaged in the earthquake.
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#26 Aug 31, 2013
I just don't believe the credibility of this story...Mitsuhiko Tanaka.
Quake-HumanError CausedIt

Newton Center, MA

#27 Sep 1, 2013
It doesn't matter what EWE think mikey
TEPCO apparently believed their workers and nuke experts and put it in their report!
Don't forget mikey, by calling their 'NRC' which is the govt./nuke industry alliance of Japan wrong in their findings then ewe are claiming to know more than them And the ewe witnesses that SAW the pre-tsunami damage, And ewe are therefore basically anti-government- which is what ewe call others!

Inquiry Declares Fukushima Crisis a Man-Made Disaster
Juky 2012
NY Times

“It was a profoundly man-made disaster — that could and should have been foreseen and prevented,” said Kiyoshi Kurokawa, the commission’s chairman, in the report’s introduction.
The 641-page report criticized Tepco as being too quick to dismiss earthquake damage as a cause of the fuel meltdowns at three of the plant’s six reactors, which overheated when the site lost power.
The commission believes that this is an attempt to avoid responsibility by putting all the blame on the unexpected (the tsunami),” the report continued, adding,“and not on the more foreseeable quake.”

Dr. Kurokawa reserved his most damning language for his criticism of a culture in Japan that suppresses dissent and outside opinion, which he said might have prompted changes to the country’s lax nuclear controls.

“What must be admitted, very painfully, is that this was a disaster ‘Made in Japan,’” Dr. Kurokawa said in his introduction to the English version of the report.“Its fundamental causes are to be found in the ingrained conventions of Japanese culture: our reflexive obedience; our reluctance to question authority; our devotion to ‘sticking with the program’; our groupism; and our insularity.” The Japanese version contained a similar criticism.

Shuya Nomura, a commission member and a professor at the Chuo Law School, said the report had tried to “shed light on Japan’s wider structural problems, on the pus that pervades Japanese society.”

Fukushima radiation levels ’18 times higher’ than thought
Sept 1
Ewe Were Not There

Newton Center, MA

#28 Sep 1, 2013
the eye witnesses
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#29 Sep 1, 2013
"TEPCO apparently believed their workers and nuke experts and put it in their report!

How smart does that sound...they caused the accident and lied throught their teeth.
Pus Pervades Nukedom

Newton Center, MA

#30 Sep 1, 2013
they lied at first, about the tsunami being the sole cause, yes
THEN it was some proper investigating with the Inquiry and their own workers/witnesses and experts blowing the whistle that made them have to admit the truth-That it wasn't the tsunami, and that even if the tsunami hadn't happened, the damages from the quake alone meant the meltdowns were still a done deal--due to the quake ALONG With the prior unsafe practices, lax regulations, cutting corners etc. and "our reluctance to question authority" -- "the pus that pervades Japanese society.”

get it now pus head?
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#32 Sep 5, 2013
It does support the area tremendously in some ways.

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