CIA confirms Area 51 existence

CIA confirms Area 51 existence

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Dream Weaver

Salisbury, VT

#1 Aug 16, 2013
Fox News reported today declassified documents confirming Area 51. UFO sightings were in part due to US Cold War surveillance aircraft.
Dream Weaver

Salisbury, VT

#2 Aug 16, 2013
So now it's Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy.......fault for everything Obama is doing. ;)
Dream Weaver

Salisbury, VT

#3 Aug 16, 2013
The Washington Post dropped two reports that exposes the recklessness of the NSA's spying program. The first report is insane: the NSA has "broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority" thousands of times a year and the second report explains the insanity: the FISC court that's supposed to be in charge of government spying programs has said that "its ability do so is limited and that it must trust the government" to report when the government has screwed up.

Basically, the NSA gets to do whatever it wants and no one can really check it. An internal audit revealed that the NSA overstepped its bounds 2,776 times in the past year. According to the Washington Post, who got their hands on the internal NSA audit along with other documents, most of those infractions deal with "unauthorized surveillance of Americans or foreign intelligence targets in the United States" which include mistakes like:
Dream Weaver

Salisbury, VT

#4 Aug 16, 2013
Oh yeah, "they" did it first!

BOsBirthCert AProvenFraud

Danvers, MA

#6 Aug 16, 2013
Barry Soetoro aka prez Obama needs to ask the ETs to give back ewe'r brain which they abducted
^just as his supposed birth certificate is a proven fraud...,or.&fp=f...

we also know the bin Laden 'Situation Room' photos were faked-,or.&fp=f... +
There's no proof whatsoever anywhere that ETs have been here,
but there is plenty of proof of the lies/coverups/frauds etc. of Soetoro and the government regarding the unlawful wars and major other Constitution violations
But the sheeple would rather hear about the ET aliens than the illegal alien traitor in the White House and the foreign banksters who pull his strings and run the Pentagon

The msm didn't harp on it as they should have, but the former head of the DOD/Pentagon admitted that Congress is merely ceremonial, that the Sec. of Defense takes his orders NOT from Congress but from the UN/NATO !!,or.&fp=f...
Dream Weaver

Salisbury, VT

#7 Aug 16, 2013
Leahy plans hearings into new illegal surveillance allegations
Police State 4EwerOwnGood

Newton Center, MA

#8 Aug 18, 2013
Yessirree- Pat will get to the bottom of it, he's a real Champion of our Liberties, like when he PATrioticly co-wrote the 'USA PATriot' Act and also supported those other wonderful laws like the NDAA and the Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Authorization and his help in suspending the evil Habeus Corpus thing etc. etc.
Of course besides NSA Spy-gate Pat's going to look into the other scandals as well, like Fast & Furious-gate and IRSgate and Benghazigate etc. etc.
Like Snowden, yet another whistleblower who needs to be drone attacked-->,or.&fp=6d... +
How dare these insiders reveal facts like how 400 missiles were transferred through the Benghazi 'consulate'(CIA annex) to our Islamic Jihadist enemies, and how our Ambassador and others could have been rescued by our helicopter gunships from Croatia or Italy but purposely were not

Ewe can thank Pat personally for all that the next time he has a public forum/Town hall meeting, funny think is no one can remember the last time Pat held one of those, apparently he's been too busy fighting for our freedoms all these years to get around to get around to letting us exercise our 1st Amendment right to redress of grievances
Dream Weaver

South Burlington, VT

#9 Aug 20, 2013
The deflection campaign is in full swing. Obama released documents detailing the US's involvement in the overthrow of Iran's elected government. Though it is true, it only causes me to wonder the full extent of Obama's transgressions given the extent of his attempts to derail the story..

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

#11 May 3, 2014
"CIA confirms........." hahaha good joke.
We all know how thrustworthy the government is in everything. I mean the government would never lie, everything that comes from them is true including their assesment of weapons of mass destruction for Iraq and so on.

Well CIA they're a bounch of parasites just like any politicians.

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

#12 May 3, 2014
"CIA confirms........." hahaha good joke.
We all know how thrustworthy the government is in everything. I mean the government would never lie, everything that comes from them is true including their assesment of weapons of mass destruction for Iraq and so on.

Well CIA they're a bounch of parasites just like any politicians.

THis is Larken Rose - Monitor this Facists! Hoping to be monitored by CIA.
Rand Paul - Not CIA

Rutland, VT

#13 May 3, 2014
occasionally the CIA Has admitted to some of their atrocities and coups and such even on their own website, and later taken the admissions down after someone like Alex Jones etc. pointed them out
but only sheeple waste time looking for E.T. aliens/UFO conspiracies instead of real important truth.
Robert 'Tosh' Plumlee is the latest great whistleblower on CIA gun running in Benghazi and more. Tosh admits drug running for the CIA/Pentagon decades ago, he knew Barry Seal who was set up to die by our govt. after flying in cocaine by the ton as Tosh also did
last Sept.-
HUGE! Church Committee Testifier Robert "Tosh" Plumlee:
Benghazi ='Mop-Up' vs. Witnesses to O's Direct Gun-Running to AlQaeda!

Now more-
Exclusive: CIA Whistleblower Exposes Secret of Benghazi
Alex speaks with famed whistleblower William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee, a former CIA contract pilot who covertly flew munitions for the agency, joins the show to break down the extensive cover-up of Benghazi, including the program that saw weapons smuggled out of Benghazi by the CIA to terrorists in Syria.
CIA Station Chief confirms no protests before Benghazi attack
Apr 1, 2014
Why the White House is Desperate to Bury Benghazi
Cover-up is about shielding details of arms smuggling to terrorists in Syria In May last year, Senator Rand Paul was one of the first to speculate that the truth behind Benghazi was linked to an illicit arms smuggling program that saw weapons being trafficked to terrorists in
Syria as part of the United States’ proxy war against the Assad regime.
Paul Craig Roberts - Washington Intends Russia's Demise Washington is licking its chops, seeing an opportunity to gain Russia as a puppet state.
Will Putin sit there with his hopes awaiting the West’s good will to work out a solution while Washington attempts to engineer his fall? Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.
another great cartoon the libscum media won't run-
Obama Calls Coup Government in Kiev “Duly Elected” Not a single member of the press challenges blatant deception
Horror: Why Did This Cop Fire 4 Shots At A Teen Girl, Killing Her?

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

#14 May 3, 2014
Excatly, they want to cover stuff up and lie it:
Infowars is more truefull than all of the media in this country and most of the media in USA.

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