Blood always on the poor streets of S...

Blood always on the poor streets of Springfield Ma

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Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#1 Aug 30, 2010
Blood on the poor streets of Springfield ma

“Police investigating four separate homicides.
Boston police are investigating four separate homicides that occurred Friday and Saturday in the city's Dorchester, Roxbury, and Fenway/Kenmore neighborhoods.

The spasm of deadly violence brought the total number of homicides for the year to 42. Last year at the same time, the number was 38, said police spokeswoman Jill Flynn.”

I was out on my bike all afternoon Saturday riding through the Pine Point section of Springfield...spent some time in Hartford Connecticut. A lot of people were out on their bikes, but all I'd seen is blacks and Hispanics. Over the weekend took a long tour through the north and south end of downtown Springfield.

There is a dichotomy with the massive construction projects going on in the heart of the downtown commercial district...with only a few miles away object housing and food insecurity going on.

What stuck like a sore thumb was the insistent police and fire sirens going on all the time. It was amazing, you hear a police siren from the north, then a few more in that area, then silence. A few minutes later then the sirens from say the south, then it would quite, then police sirens from the East. All afternoon long.

It was like I was in a field of fire flies in the night, but I was in the middle of my old neighborhood in daylight...with the police sirens lighting up all around me in every direction. Some close and some far away.

There are some parts of Springfield where it is too dangerous for the police to even go...on the south side of downtown Springfield.

The stress is building up...I have never seen it so bad.

Our poor sections of our cites are on fire...there is blood and hopelessness flowing freely in the streets. I am a city boy and the level of ambulance and police sirens was way out of normal.

It is one of the greatest historic failures of our happy land touristy media and newspapers...not displaying the blood in the streets.

It really gets you wondering how much does our media not display!
Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#2 Aug 30, 2010
The garrison in Pine Point.

I spent some time with a middle class white family in this poor section. Two blocks from the low income housing neighborhood I grew up in. There are my heroes. They have two beautiful teenage children. I know for a fact the blacks and Hispanics are exactly in the same spot as this family.

The children thought I came from outer space. We had free roaming range of my neighborhood, and as boys we just about explored every corner of this world. We told them I had come down to ride my bicycle around the area. The first puzzling question I got from them was,“so you are going to ride up and down the street in front of the house”. I said no,“I am going explore all over the neighborhood and beyond”. That is when I got that look from them that like I was a alien. The boys’ eyeballed their parents sending the message, this guy from the sticks of Hinsdale NH is alien weird.

The boys questioned me thoroughly when I went came back. It was like I took a risk full journey and they wondered how I returned unharmed. I mean, they asked in detail where I went, they know I bike long distances, they were astonished all the places I had driven. They thought I was weird beyond belief.

I mean see, you get a wider perspective of the have to learn to cope with things you don’t have to cope with around here.

Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#3 Aug 30, 2010
Two weeks ago there was a man found stabbed to death two blockd from their house.
Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#4 Aug 30, 2010
Right, you got the blacks and Hispanics plus the garbage can whites competing for gas attendant jobs against the illegal’s and foreigners...
Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#5 Aug 30, 2010
We got a war undeclared war going on in our country?
Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#6 Aug 30, 2010
What also stuck like a sore thumb...there were hawks and a assortment of them everywhere. There was hawks screeches all over the place. I was visiting my mother’s and father’s grave in Saint Michal’s cemetery...their graves was right next to the Watershops pond. We went fishing in that pond before we could walk....the graves overlook our “secret’ fishing spot.

Anyways, there was Canadian Geese poop all over the place, more strict don’t feed the animal signs than poop, geese feathers floating on top of the water, tons of geese, the waterway clogged with some kind of water underwater plants...then hawks all over the place. There was two flying around above us in cycles, then a young hawk screeching in the woods for something. We have spend much time over decades on that cemetery vista overlooking the Watershops ponds over the years.

That reminds me of the Forest Park pond ducks...the delight our children spend there feeding the ducks. Young children never change, we all love feeding the ducks!

My daughter ask me you know anywhere our kids can feed the ducks beside forest park.
hard dude

Easthampton, MA

#7 Aug 30, 2010
Well, Mike, That's city life ... or death. Have you ever heard about the re-distribution of wealth,(money)? That sort of thing is happening all over. What does money and oil have in common? It always rises to the top.

So the recent multinational corporations got very sweet tax deals to ship any job they possibly could off-shore. Now, I'd wager, the economic system in this country can not afford to pay the citizens to live in this fine, liberty filled, free country anymore.

Results of the wall street crash have yet to be REALLY felt. This 'economic recovery act' is just that: and act -- they are playing with us. But, Oh! Those bankers are still walking away with multi-million dollar bonuses given out by the QUARTER!

Hunker down. Just be grateful that most city folks can not tolerate the quiet of the woods.
Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#8 Aug 30, 2010
I mean it is a pounder keg, I worry about some errant ideology taking off?

It is a garrison of isolation and a government that doesn’t work. Kids are growing up in that, they always did, they just don’t have any hope in something bigger than themselves. Believe me god is dead could god be so cruel.

Springfield just got done with widespread government corruption probes...then city bankruptcy and receivership. The feeling is the feds and staties wiped out one generation of massive city corruption...with the people coming in to replace them being 10 times worst than the political crooks recently jailed.

I learned to love the sounds of the woods around here...the quietness. You have to learn to love is a acquired taste. But really, the hum of the city, I really don’t feel connected and comfortable to the world unless I can hear the cityscape hum and feel the city smells.

I was up on my local neighborhood mountain vista last was really 200 feet of elevation created by the old Springfield municipal dump. That hum is just so enticing up there with 360 degrees of a view.

The increase of poverty and isolation is startling....
Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#9 Aug 30, 2010
Yea, no matter what people do to you, nobody should be able to steal your spirit away from you.

So many people have just given up.
flat lander

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#10 Aug 30, 2010
It's Mass a chew its way of population control. cheaper to let them have their way than trying to save them and lose town and state workers with benefits. This is a similar plan to road rage to get more off the roads and at the beaches no more life guards
Mike Mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#11 Aug 30, 2010
Honest to god, you are making sense to me now.

It is certainly a talent
flat lander

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#12 Aug 30, 2010
Spent my hard days on those street and have been on the inside of the big one on numerous times not far from Pats home turf.
mike mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#13 Aug 30, 2010

Since: Aug 10

Charlestown, MA

#15 Aug 30, 2010
Why can't I change my home town?
flat lander

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#16 Aug 30, 2010
Sleeping in a town more than the rent covers starts to turn you into local or home town boy so spread the wings and fly on if it's what you believe.
hard dude

Easthampton, MA

#17 Aug 30, 2010
Yeah, we've been living in the big lie -- maybe that should be -- life, in the big time since right after WWII. Got used to it. Had a good time. We just cared about our selves and family -- maybe. So good we all got fat. We sold out our spiritual,(in a neighborly manner - not god necessarily,) value for the things we could buy. We traded being human for the title 'consuming unit'.

Then there's Uncle Sam --If his shoe lace came untied, it would take twelve years for the government to fix it. All they do in DC is pretend. They act -- as in a movie. All they do is pass laws that have choked this country to death. But they are very smart. But there's plenty of loop holes in them thar legislative out pourings.

There will always be the very rich -- and the very poor. That's the way life is designed -- at least here in this megalopolous, capitalistic feeding frenzy that's been going on. If the empire doesn't fall, there's going to be a lot more poor and roving gangs.

Sorry for the science fiction -- just got off on a rant. In the woods -- yup! the place to be. To smell what the forest is doing -- any time of the year. To hear a rain storm come in by listening to the leaves. To watch the summer cycle, from bud to fallen, colorful glory..... Got a tee shirt around here somewhere's with a picture of all that.

Sometimes I ramble.

Peterborough, NH

#18 Aug 30, 2010
Mike--if I were you, I wouldn't use my real name on these posts anymore. Springfield, MA is a much rougher place than Brattleboro.

“figuresdontlie*l iarscanfigure”

Since: Feb 10

S. Londonderry VT

#19 Aug 31, 2010
mike mulligan wrote:
Why can't I change my home town?
I'm sending faq link. Info is @ the bottom of page. My auto-topix home location bounces between two NH towns 10-15 miles apart & like 40-50 mi away from my home. This has been a baffling issue w/others as well.

I wrote to Topix re this but no answer.
hard dude

Northampton, MA

#20 Aug 31, 2010
Used to be a neighbor would shoot someone for insulting his wife. Now, it sort of seems like people get shot because the guy didn't like the high he got from the shirt he sold him.

But then, in this economic bee hive we live in, the VALUE of a human being has been lowered far too much. Part of that is this country does not have the means to employ and pay the citizens a living wage. That's on of the things that encouraged the corps to send all jobs over seas.

Like when I get a software glitch, I call the toll free number and I'm talking --- trying to talk with --- some one on the other side of the globe, who doesn't talk good engrish.
mike mulligan

Charlestown, MA

#21 Aug 31, 2010
Heather wrote:
Mike--if I were you, I wouldn't use my real name on these posts anymore. Springfield, MA is a much rougher place than Brattleboro.
You big baby!

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