Panel in secondary containment of VY ...

Panel in secondary containment of VY reactor bldg blows out; More financial woes

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The NRC is a joke

Newport, NH

#1 Mar 24, 2013
Entergy Louisiana: Panel in secondary containment of VY reactor bldg blows out; More financial woes
Mar 21, 2013

"On the anniversary of the expiration of the CPG and the expected planned closure date, SURPRISE! more troubles at the troubled VYNPS in Vernon VT. Looks like news involving the panel blow-out from in the secondary containment in the top floor of the reactor building which happened on Monday at VY couldn't be buried until Friday & beginning of the weekend news dump, but making it to Thursday from Monday still quite a feat.

Both Brattleboro Reformer & Rutland Herald had stories published in todays papers about the latest 'mishap'.

-all emphasis added

[..]NRC also announced that Yankee, which is currently shut down for refueling and maintenance, had a panel in the secondary containment of the reactor building "blow out" early Monday morning because of over-pressurization in the building[..]

Reportedly, when those highly-trained "experts" at the plant started the heating, ventilation & air conditioning the exhaust system failed:

[..]workers had started up the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the reactor building early Monday, but the exhaust fan did not come on, creating what he called a "slight increase" in air pressure in the pressurized building.


A 6-by-10-foot aluminum panel was blown out and landed dozens of feet away, on top of the turbine building. The panel is supposed to be attached to a wire rope, according to Uldis Vanags, the state nuclear engineer who sent a memo about the problem to members of the Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel.

Once again working their euphemistic magic at every juncture. No problems here, just a "slight increase" of air pressure, like the infamous "small 1/8 inch holes" in the leaking pipes & other pipe leaks emitting those "tiny puffs of steam".

My my. A bit difficult to minimize a "6' x 10' aluminum panel". I see they didn't attempt to call it a "relatively small light-weight metal panel"-too obvious.

According to NRC & Entergy, there was:

no discernable increase in the release of radiation from the reactor building with the hole.

So it couldn't be "discerned". How about "measured"?

NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said a senior health physicist had done calculations on whether the opening presented a public danger and concluded it did not.

Looks like the unnamed "health physicist" used "calculations". Extrapolated from one their trusty "models"?


"The panels worked as designed," said Rob Williams, spokesman for Yankee. "But we are looking into why the exhaust fans didn't operate."

"Our resident inspectors at Vermont Yankee, with support from Region I Office specialists, will continue to review the activities until the issue is fully resolved, including the development of a root cause evaluation and corrective actions," said Sheehan.

A temporary cover has been put in place pending the installation of a permanent fix. ...

More dubious double-speak. "Worked as designed". Ha! Good old VY, thrifty as ever with their duct-tape bubblegum-methodology slaps a "temporary cover" on it & calls it a day." ...

The NRC is a joke

Newport, NH

#2 Mar 24, 2013
continued from:

... " In a memo to the Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel, Uldis Vanags, the nuclear engineer for the Vermont Department of Public Service, noted the panels are secured with a wire rope to prevent them from falling to the ground when they release.

Works just fine?

"Just as it was designed":

"However, in this case the panel that released fell onto the turbine building roof," wrote Vanags.

But of course:

"There are no doses to the public or plant workers because of this," Sheehan said[..]

Ray Shadis:

"In short, even the most obtuse observer should now understand that Vermont Yankee's containment safety systems have a very high probability of failure," Shadis wrote in an email Wednesday.

In other news, as Entergy Louisiana and VY employees continue to bombard Vermonters with letters to editor and their everything's-fine-business-as- usual shtick, what's really happening:

Changes in the energy marketplace have forced Entergy Nuclear to write down the value of Vermont Yankee nuclear plant from $517 million to $162 million.

The NRC took the unusual step of asking for additional information from Entergy Nuclear about the finances of Yankee, citing a recent Entergy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ray Shadis:

Now NRC too has its doubts as to whether VY even meets the financial qualifications for a license," he added."

Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#3 Mar 24, 2013
So what is the mechanism that controls the pressure in the when the ventilation is operating:

It is the capacity of the fans....the exhaust fan is slightly bigger than the supply fan...

It is Agastat type timers and relays that control this monster with the fans and louvers...

Usually just a single switch on both panels; run, off and standby when I was working there.

Safety Sally

South Burlington, VT

#4 Mar 24, 2013
The NRC chairperson Alison Macfarlane who was put in a year ago just got her tenure extended another 5 years by Obama.

Oh but wait, she's not a Nuclear Engineer, and according to the nuketards here those Fukushima Daiichi workers who who saw busted spewing water cooling pipes AND smoke billowing out of the nukes just Afer the earthquake but Prior to the tsunami cannot not be trusted in what they claim they saw, that they are not qualified to report it and their eyewitness reports be used to determine that the quake alone caused the meltdowns.

'Panel doubts TEPCO claim tsunami caused nuke accident'
'Inquiry Declares Fukushima Crisis a Man-Made Disaster'

23 GE-Designed Reactors in in 13 states Similar to Japan's
U.S. nuclear plants similar to Fukushima spark concerns
It's time: demand permanent shutdown of GE Mark I reactors!
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#5 Mar 24, 2013
Well, I would make the utilities sell all the Mark 1s to the government at cost, make their decommissioning funds part of the deal and make the utilities fully responsible for full decommissioning cost.

Then the USA government start building new large capacity replacement plants of all new modern identical designs with cutting edge technology.

So you would have a extremely skilled core group in charge of building and decommissioning the plants.

I would even think about say building three large nuke and natural gas side by side...with all similar parts.

The you can contract out services where you will get a better deal because there will be similar parts and employee would be more efficient.

Then you can make the nukes and natural gas plant work in a holistic was.

Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#6 Mar 24, 2013
Say for the plant ventilation system...with our modern cheap video equipment, the training department and computer servers. Wouldn't it be amazing!

You could make a 5 minute procedure-operational 5 minutes or less to explain how the system works. Maybe a video to explain exactly what modes of operation, say to change from ventilation and supply system 1 to system 2. Maybe switch vent supply fans. Actually video somebody doing the system switch.

Maybe a step by step video, a picture of the switch and indications, take this switch for standby to on...then have the video automatically pause. So then you do what the video instructs...then hit the continue link to the next step.

Maybe each department would have their own operational, maintenance or surveillance instruction lists of videos on a server. Something like a YouTube section for a nuclear plant.

A monkey could then operate a nuke plant.

Mike, we are going to switch around the ventilation supply and exhaust systems after rounds...go bone up on the operation videos before I call you later to do the switch.

The problem is most of this stuff is done so infrequently on a per person basis...
Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#7 Mar 24, 2013
So i am saying if a exhaust fan isn't running, you can't start the supply fan. If he exhaust fan trips, then the standby exhaust fan automatically auto starts, if you lose a exhaust fan, then the supply fan trips.

It looks like it is operator error...

Mike Mulligan

Brattleboro, VT

#8 Mar 24, 2013
Say if you are moving fuel and have the reactor head off for refueling...this operation requires you to have secondary containment. They have to stop what they are doing. There are all sorts of shutdown modes where secondary containment in required.

It totally screws up the schedule...
Monkey-Muck Mike

Danvers, MA

#9 Mar 25, 2013
"with cutting edge technology."
-we were all told years before Fukushima that the Mark I design, especially with its 'upgrades' IS cutting edge and safe & reliable etc., would not meltdown, then it did- in Triplicate

"A monkey could then operate a nuke plant."
- I know of one monkey who was not a nuclear engineer but actually did Help out in Some small way with the operation of a nuke plant, he since became an 'expert' on bridge safety and a minor celebrity on Ewetube-


New Book: Shocking Hanford radiation experiments on prisoners — Columbia River called most radioactive in world

Cold war dreams of producing nuclear bombs fuelled shocking radiation experiments by US and Soviet governments, reveals Kate Brown's book 'Plutopia'

900 Trillion Bq Of Daiichi Strontium 90 Poured Into Pacific Direct discharges of cooling water”
Daiichi Worker...'Radiation Levels Just Won't Go Down'- Vid

Journalist -'Daiichi Situation FAR WORSE Than Admitted'- Vid

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