Letter to Reformer - Praise For Entergy

Letter to Reformer - Praise For Entergy

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ENEnews dot com

Rutland, VT

#1 May 28, 2014
from http://www.reformer.com/letterstotheeditor/ci...

On safety, VY and tonight’s NRC meeting

Editor of the Reformer:

Come sing praises to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as it returns to Vermont for its annual meeting Wednesday night. Yes, the only safety regulator in the nation returns to Brattleboro Union High School from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. to laud our local reactor and its workers. The NRC is here to speak highly of Entergy, the corporation that decided to close Vermont Yankee after winning the federal case it brought against Vermont. The appeals court decision however did not excuse Entergy of court costs. Entergy spent a rumored $80 million suing and fighting the state of Vermont in court.

The NRC is here to sing its praise for Entergy, the company that hired the security workers who found a suspicious "pipe bomb" looking device. A Vernon police officer told Entergy to call a bomb squad. The Reformer printed that it was defused using duct tape and string by Entergy security workers.

Come hear the NRC praise Entergy the company that hired contractors or sub-contractors to properly seal the conduits that lead to the switchgear room under the control room. Wires to control the reactor are in the switchgear rooms. Oops, they must have forgotten. And Entergy took the contractors’ word for it without eyeballing it. Come join in these exultations.

Gary Sachs,

Brattleboro, May 27
Jersey Sure

Florham Park, NJ

#2 May 29, 2014
Keep Vermont Yankee alive until at least 25!
Ficticious Minds

Little Rock, AR

#3 May 29, 2014
Gary, again you spew information that is totally not accurate. You are such a douche...lol. I love the fact that we can say almost anything we want in the U.S. , you should at least get the facts straight before making up some fiction. Perhaps you could co-author a book with Stephen King or something, you seem to have a great mind for imagination.
TheDailySheeple dot Com

Rutland, VT

#4 May 29, 2014
the radtastic waste left in Vernon will stay 'alive' until way past the year 25,000

Plutonium Half-life - 24,100 years
Facts Nuketards Hate

Rutland, VT

#5 May 29, 2014
In 1976 3 GE Scientists quit in protest over flaws in Mark 1 Reactor design
Five of the six nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power station are boiling water type GE Mark 1. Now we have the revelation that three G.E. scientists who were working on the design of the Mark 1 Reactor quit their jobs over GE's failure to correct the design flaws that have become so disastrously evident at the Fukushima Daiichi power station.
It turned out that even if the tsunami had not occurred and just the 9.0 quake, it would not have mattered as far as the radiation and resulting cancers since the meltdown scenarios had already begun, critical cooling pipes had burst and smoke was also see coming from the reactors and more- all prior to the tsunami wave hitting.
from Wikipedia:
The "GE Three"
On February 2, 1976, Gregory C. Minor, Richard B. Hubbard, and Dale G. Bridenbaugh "blew the whistle" on safety problems at nuclear power plants. The three engineers gained the attention of journalists, and their disclosures about the threats of nuclear power had a significant impact. They timed their statements to coincide with their resignations from responsible positions in General Electric's nuclear energy division, and later established themselves as consultants on the nuclear power industry for state governments, federal agencies, and overseas governments. The consulting firm they formed, MHB Technical Associates, was technical advisor for the movie "The China Syndrome." The three engineers participated in Congressional hearings which their disclosures precipitated

23 US Nuclear Plants use same GE Fukushima reactors www.whiteoutpress.com/articles/2014/q1/23-us-...
^**including the one in Vernon**
White House silence Carrington and The Daily Sheeple suggest that President Obama’s silence on the topic is due to his fear that someone might mention the fact that there are currently 23 GE Mark I nuclear power reactors operating in the United States.

then there's the OTHER 'GE Three'!
they were rightfully convicted but their high-priced jew lawyerscum got them off with appeals
http://www.google.com/#q=ge+three+carollo+gri... +
Those "Too Big To Stay In Jail" Walk: The "GE Three" Go Free
"Someday, it will go down in history as the first trial of the modern American mafia," Taibbi began his June 2012 opus about Dominick Carollo, Steven Goldberg and Peter Grimm. "Over 10 years in the making, the case allowed federal prosecutors to make public for the first time the astonishing inner workings of the reigning American crime syndicate, which now operates not out of Little Italy and Las Vegas, but out of Wall Street."
VT Taxpayer Not 4 Long

Merrimack, NH

#6 May 31, 2014
VY is now closing.
The politicians scrambled to figure out where their Tax Dollars are going to come from. Tax the Hippie Grannies from Massachusetts? Property Tax the homes that are springing up For Sale across southern Vermont? Oh wait, Income Tax from the jobs that are going away? Hire consultants from Out-of-Sate and pay them a hefty fee from Entergy's Economic funds!
Don't forget, VY gave millions of dollars to GMP, have the ratepayers seen their cut?
VermontRepublic dot Org

Rutland, VT

#7 May 31, 2014
so Vermonters should learn from those New Hampshire anti-illegal tax protesters Ed & Elaine Brown- they should all just refuse to file 1040 forms and pay anything to the G-d feds OR the State
Power in numbers!- If most everyone tells them to stick it and not pay taxes, the gubmint sure can't incarcerate everyone!

"Hire consultants from Out-of-Sate..."
-oh they tried that years ago don't ewe know, the outta State consultants said that if you let the nukies install a GE Mark I nuclear reactor then everything will be rosy and gloriously profitable- it was profitable but only for the nukies
and they lied about the Mark I being safe and reliable, as evidenced from a few of those very same design reactors going Ka-Blooey over in Japan
Community Disorganizer

Trumbull, CT

#8 Jun 4, 2014

They should add a huge incinerator and take in garbage from all over the Northeast. I know Connecticut would be glad to send our trash your way.
RememberWaco and T-Square

Rutland, VT

#9 Jun 4, 2014
Cornholer Dipshitizer wrote:
http://www.wcax.com/story/2569 1200/biomass-plant-proposed-fo r-vermont-yankee-site
Connecticut would be glad to send our trash your way.
-already done, which is why whenever we see someone being a scummy jerk in Vermont we can safely assume it's a transplanted invader from CT or NY or NJ etc.
Countering Lies On The 'Miracle' Of Thorium Reactors
Fukushima Disaster Still A Global Nightmare
Gaza Strip Water Supply On Verge Of Collapse
survivalbackpack.us/gaza-strip -water-supply-verge-collapse/

Tiananmen Square- 25 years ago
Chinese censorship is the model that corrupt politicians around the world strive for
Jersey Sure

Florham Park, NJ

#10 Jun 6, 2014
More out of state power for the NIMBY state.


Brattleboro, VT

#11 Jun 6, 2014
Most states have had all kinds of NIMBY interactions with other states. Read a bit, don't just Google on things that support your already set opinion.
FukReport dot Com

Rutland, VT

#12 Jun 7, 2014
No one can legitimately be NIMBYish against Yucca mountain as a depository for nuke waste since it isn't anywhere near anyone's backyard, unlike the horrifically dangerous Hanford site and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, or WIPP, both of which are leaking badly and giving people cancers

but around the VY Evacuation Zone area, NIMBY either means 'Nuclear In My Backyard-Yes'(for nuketards)
or 'Nukedom- Insidious, Mad, BOZOrific, Yucky (for those with a brain)

Insidious: causing harm in a way that is gradual or not easily noticed
Gradually, one million people died young from Chernobyl's radiation.
Someone defined Bozorific as: "Negative outcomes resulting from management practices so poor or non-existent that a "clown like" work culture prevails over common sense."
-and isn't that what the 'GE Three' said would likely result from running the GE Mark I design reactors?-They were it's own nuclear design experts, not just some anti-nukies voicing opinion, yet they were then blackballed by GE and the nuke industry
Same with ex-NRC head Greg Jaczko, he ended up being demonized as an anti-nukie and forced out just for telling the truth about how All our nuke plants are not merely leaking radiation but are dangerous ticking time bombs

who hasn't seen the cartoon character that the Japanese first trotted out for Fukushima's mascot?
(I can't type it's name here without my post being auto-deleted)
Jersey Sure

Florham Park, NJ

#13 Jun 12, 2014
Shumlin toured Mark and Sara Borkowski's "ehome". Another couple of out of state interlopers with money to blow on feel good energy savings projects that will never pay back and are ripping off the taxpayer.


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