Tax that Filthy Rich 1% American!

Tax that Filthy Rich 1% American!

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Portland, ME

#1 Jun 11, 2013
This is me disturbing the peace! This reported on The Today Show; A wealthy American history buff is donating 1/2 of the bill to repair the Washington Monument. The estimated cost is fifteen million. The monument was damaged in an earthquake. What selfishness, that man should be taxed at 99%!
God Hates Phallic Symbols

Danvers, MA

#3 Jun 11, 2013
There's no peace to disturb George, it's ewe that's disturbed

It's 555 ft tall- convert that to inches and it's 6660
So we see the number of the antichrist beast system as described in the book of Revelation was built into that phallic monument by the Masonic witches

First God put a crack in that perverted penis of Osiris, next He's going to take it down completely, along with a lot more.

Satanic Occult Symbols In Washington D.C.

Obelisks and Freemasonry

Phallic Monuments and Mystery Architecture Provide Shocking Graphic Proof The Illuminati Are Obsessed With Sex

Riddles in Stone - The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C.

^excellent well-made documentary, nearly 3 hours long
Another great enlightening documentary by the same group->
The New Atlantis - Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings

Chester, VT

#4 Jun 11, 2013
ease up on the David Icke and Alex Jones

Chester, VT

#5 Jun 11, 2013
There are three kinds of people- called Larrys, Curlys, and Moes.

The Larrys don't even know there are three types; if they're told, it's an abstraction, because they cannot imagine anything beyond Larryness. The Curlys know about it, and recognize it as a pecking order, but find ways of living with it cheerfully...for they are the imaginative, creative ones. The Moes not only know about it, but exploit and perpetuate it.

.....The naive, pleasant New-Agers and "nice" UFO contactees, for instance, are Larrys (as are normals at large)- ineffectual, well-meaning do-gooders destined to always be sheep, they don't want to hear unpleasant legends about "the slaughterhouse"; they trust the strange beings who feed them.

The artists, unsung scientific geniuses, political writers, and earnest disciples of the stranger cults are Curlys- engaging, original, accident-prone but full of life, and intuitively aware of the Moe forces against them and trying to fight back. They can never defeat the Moes, however, without becoming Moes, which is impossible for a true Curly.

The Moes, then, are the fanatics, the ranters, the cult gurus, the Uri Gellers AND the debunkers; they are the Resistance Leaders and the Ruling Class Bankers, both. They hate each other, but only because they want to control ALL the Larrys and Curlys themselves. They don't actually enjoy their dominance; it's simply part of their nature. Nor are they any less foolish for the fact that they make the decisions. They suffer a chronic paranoia that is unknown to their less demanding underlings.
....Larrys and Curlys die in wars started by rival Moes- the Larrys willingly, the Curlys with great regret. Concepts like "Hell" and "Sin" were invented by Moes to keep Larrys in line; the Larrys, in turn, being far more numerous, exert social pressure on the Curly minority to obey- mainly so the Larrys won't feel like suckers.
....The Moes also invent myths, like that of the "Grouchos, Harpos, Chicos and Zeppos", to throw the more rebellious Curlys off their trail and keep them unsure of the real situations.

.....When the Curlys finally die of overwork, the Moes find that they cannot live in an all-Larry world; they select special Larrys and try to mold them into False Curlys...but it isn't the same."

Chester, VT

#6 Jun 11, 2013
George wrote:
This is me disturbing the peace! This reported on The Today Show; A wealthy American history buff is donating 1/2 of the bill to repair the Washington Monument. The estimated cost is fifteen million. The monument was damaged in an earthquake. What selfishness, that man should be taxed at 99%!
It's amazing people watch propaganda TV like the Today Show run by the CFR.
Go Sit On An Obelisk

Danvers, MA

#7 Jun 11, 2013
Joe wrote:
ease up on the David Icke and Alex Jones
nobody here mentioned or linked to Icke or Jones so wtf ewe talkin bout?

Danvers, MA

#8 Jun 11, 2013
The three kinds of sheeple are represented by the Tinman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion
Each of ewe sheeple is lacking at least one, usually 2-3 of the three Wizard of Oz Prerequisites, the BRAIN (WTFU) the HEART (shivagit) and COURAGE (get a spine and fight the NWO)

Study Proves 95% of Ewe are Sheeple

Occult Science Splained-
The Occult Roots of The Wizard of Oz
not my governor

Portland, ME

#9 Jun 11, 2013
It's a symbol used to commune in sequence with other life forms!
MasonicObsession wPenises

Danvers, MA

#10 Jun 11, 2013
obelisks were built by the ancient Egyptians in honor of Osiris, specifically in reverence to his penis which according to the lore of that mystery religion he lost and had rebuilt for him in gold by Isis
the silly movie 'Austin Powers- Goldmember' made fun of this.
the word obelisk itself means 'shaft of Baal', click links in #3 and leard stuff

There's a reason the Freemasons made a huge deal about bringing ancient obelisks from Egypt and placing them in NYC & Paris & London and that one in St. Peters Basillica
Hmmm, what's a Egyptian perverted pagan penis pole doing in the middle of a pagan sun temple at that supposedly Christian setting at the Vatican?!?
The Masons had an elaborate ceremony there by the Washington Monument when it was finally finished

Chester, VT

#11 Jun 11, 2013
Go Sit On An Obelisk wrote:
<quoted text>
nobody here mentioned or linked to Icke or Jones so wtf ewe talkin bout?
EWE: the female of the sheep especially when mature

fascinating, somebody who talks in childish gibberish asks somebody else WTF they are talking about.

Portland, ME

#12 Jun 11, 2013
What's wrong with a nice big penis? If the guy wants to rebuild it so the people come, let him!
CreatureFromJeky ll Island

Newton Center, MA

#13 Jun 11, 2013
Joe wrote:
There are three kinds of sheople- called Obliviots, Turdwhackers, and Schmoes.
they don't want to hear unpleasant facts about "the new world order"; and the Ruling Class Banksters,
-yeah I got that too from the Wizard of Oz, that "Follow the 'Yellow Brick Road'" was about the bars of gold that the banksters stole from us and replaced with paper notes that are worse than worthless they're dept notes. Theosophist Baum's original book had Dorothy with Silver slippers not Ruby, and that was taken out of the coins as soon as they killed JFK in that triangular/pyramidal outdoor temple of Freemasonry on the 33rd parallel in Dallas- and Baum warned us years before the banksters conspired to create 'The Fed' in 1913 that they would pull the economic rug out from under us that way, the ultimate Ponzi scheme fraud. And sheeple Still put up with it even now that the whole house of cards is about to collapse bigtime!
There are similarities with Dorothy in the Wiz and Neo in the Matrix, both needed to listen to Toto/Morpheus, WTFU and stop being played by the Wizard/NWO/Matrix system, take the red pill, get a brain, care and stand up

Portland, ME

#14 Jun 11, 2013
Privacy concerns over high-tech tool checking Vt. driver's licenses
Updated: Jun 11, 2013 7:57 PM
You may be surprised what happens to your license photo after the DMV clerk snaps it. A $900,000 program funded by the federal government is helping Vt. use facial recognition technology on every driver.5

Chester, VT

#15 Jun 11, 2013
CreatureFromJekyll Island wrote:
<quoted text>
take the red pill, get a brain, care and stand up
out numbered by the Larry's big time. They will borrow money from the bankers and none of them are going to take anyone serious who uses silly terms like banksters.

If somebody didn't knock off JFK he would have been exposed as another windbag like the current one everyone had so much hope for, nothing has changed has it.

The Larry's will keep getting hosed and cheering on education spending because they are saps without the first clue about building real net worth and keeping the cost of living down.

The Larry's will be victims of their own stupid stuff and wasteful morons crying and finding a scape goat to blame like the boogieman.

The Larry's spend trillions on education because they are morons.
The Larry's spend trillions joy riding in their smog machines because they are morons.
The Larry's spend trillions on large houses because they are morons.
The Larry's spend trillions heating and cooling large houses because they are morons.
The Larry's spend trillions on imported stuff including cars and send trillions out of the country because they are morons.
The Larry's spend trillions on entertainment because they are morons.

It's all some giant conspiracy by the men in black to get the Larry's to be such total morons. Only somebody who is a even bigger moron would think the moron Larry's are going to change.

It's is fun annoying the Larry's and making fun of them. Making them look and feel really stupid is a sport.

Chester, VT

#17 Jun 12, 2013
Your sheep fetish is revolting, leave them alone.

I deal with math, not emotional hysteria. The problem is the moron next door. Americans are financially illiterate emotional basket cases.
The Bleat Goes On

Newton Center, MA

#22 Jun 13, 2013
That socialist puke rag The Brattleboro Reformer actually just allowed Some truth
yesterday's Reformer had a letter by an awoken one
'Open Your Eyes'...
^writer mentioned the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the 'USA PATRIOT Act, the NDAA and the U.N.s Agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones and the origin and history of the Federal Reserve Bank and he suggested that sheeple look into these things and WTFU.

Today's Reformer guest editorial...
Gut check on 'Climate Change'
^the writer tells the truth about the global warming scam but unfortunately comes from the Vermont 'Ethan Allen Institute' which is a F-ing nuketard site
speakin of nuketards and their BS...
CNN Nuke Propaganda Dishonest To The Melted Core
Obama 7 Lies In Less Than Two Minutes -vid

Judge Napolitano - FBI Involved In 17 False Flag Ops On Us - Vid

Did Ousted IRS Chief Miller Just Admit Taxes Are Voluntary?- Vid
Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law
TheIncredibleHul kOnViagra

Newton Center, MA

#25 Jun 17, 2013
this thread was about a big obelisk,
So what else Can that be about?
And what was the big deal with making them in Egypt in the first place and with the modern Freemason's obsession with them?
It's ALL about sex! That's at the core of the Egyptian mystery religion, and Aleister Crowley 33 drew his name with the 'A' as a big one
Where do the occultists hide a huge perverted penis pole?
Right out in prominence

It's like saying to God 'THIS is what we worship', which is why He hates it and put a crack in it in 2011 and He will bring it smashing down soon
hope they catch it on video

I'm sure the 'gays' have less a problem with that than if there were Giant vaginas in prominent places

No building in DC is allowed to be taller than it.
Seen from above it forms a point in the circle (of the 50 State flags)- yet another perverted sex symbol.
1776 minus the decimal values equals 666
The Washington Monument is 6660 inches tall
A pack of Marlboros right now at the Circle K on Canal St. is $6.66

BTW, is Ramses still a brand of condoms?
that pharoah had a bunch of obelisks made

this thread was also about the sheeptard belief that it's patriotic whatever to support fixing the giant phallus of our nation
"You can pri ck your finger, but Doooon't finger your pr ick!" - George Carlin

Chester, VT

#28 Jun 19, 2013
Chris Ess wrote:
it's been almost 100 years since the term "New World Order" was coined. Wouldn't they have taken control by now?.
They have taken over, they own us and own everything.
Not New

Brattleboro, VT

#29 Jun 19, 2013
Guess he didn't get the memo.
Ewe R Monumentally Stupid

Newton Center, MA

#31 Jun 19, 2013
"The topic was taxation of 1 person, "that man should be taxed at 99%!"."

-no dummy, that was just a sarcastic crack thrown into the title by the one who made this thread which was about the story of some rich guy funding the fixing of the crack in the Masonic American penis of Osiris AKA the Washington Monument

"Did you get permission from George Carlin's estate to use his material without attribution? Or do you believe it is in the "public domain"?

'Attributed' is a term used to make a distinction for quotes that have reliable publications as sources, but which cannot confirm the quote is accurate.
I gave the Known source which is Carlin, and repeating any such quote from any public figure is of course not something one must get permission for

And I didn't mention anything about any "conspiracy theories" in this thread.
I did happen to mention the admitted and documented historical conspiracy Fact about the formation of The Fed, which BTW is the very bankster's scam takeover of our once lawful money that the founding fathers like Jefferson warned us to Not allow, they also warned us Not to allow individuals to be taxed, only corporations, but ewe suckers don't realize that when ewe file a 1040 etc. ewe gullibly make ewe'rself a corporate personhood
FreedomAboveFortune dot com
PayNoIncomeTax dot com

And the NWO term is More than 100 years old, it's under the pyramid & eye of the Great Seal in Latin which was designed over 200 years ago, by Masons.
Something is not a conspiracy if it's done right out in the open. Joe is kinda right, most of the pieces of the NWO puzzle are in place already, but it's not too late for ewe'all to WTFU and put a stop to it though

Carlin pointing out that "They gotcha by the balls!" and that they don't want ewe to WTFU

another one of George talking about EWE people

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