I can imagine many people on here have a scanner, or maybe they should get one to listen and see that almost every agency (fire and EMS) in St Lawrence county have instances at one point or another where they dont answer a call and it has to be covered by a neighboring department. It isnt because the volunteers are on drugs or lazy, it is because they are volunteers and have no obligations to act. Especially when they are busy with their lives. As for Santo, he was suspended immediately and no members were aware of his habbits; during his service he mostly served as a helper on calls and was very friendly, professional, and helpful. I encourage anyone who: enjoys getting up at 3AM for 2-3hrs when you have to work the next day, or anyone who doesn't mind dropping everything they were doing to go help someone out of the goodness of their heart, or anyone who has time to take a semester at suny canton to become an EMT to benefit their community..... I encourage you to try volunteering. Thank you to all the volunteers in northern New York, you people are very much appreciated.