getting big tax refunds backfor welf...

Pikangikum, Canada

#210 Feb 15, 2013
Oh I thought of one more example, and I never heard anyone say anything about this, see the king and queen of countries get tax payers money without working for it? They get all the benefits, they get to really do nothing but be famous, for living off tax payers money, what does that make them? why are they famous and respected? They live luxuriously and get everything, they don't work super hard, so what is the difference between someone on welfare and the king and queen

Chicago, IL

#211 Mar 2, 2013
Pixie1987 wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you serious?? Wow... I am truly just at a loss for words at how wrong and ignorant you people are being. Just.... Wow. I could cry out of frustration at the fact that you can lump people into this pile of trash and think it's okay to brush them off. Take myself for instance, working 40+ hours a week and so is my husband. We needed assistance at one time to make ends meet. We received a large tax return and put it towards our slow climb out of debt. I'll be damned if someone is going to judge me for having children and at the time getting assistance. This whole debate just turns my stomach, I get so upset... If you're lucky enough to have the brains to go to college and the job and the nice things in life then sit back and enjoy your life and count your lucky stars!! Why this seething hatred of those that receive assistance??? Is it jelousy over the tax return? Or a feeling of superiority because you're so wonderful and you've always had money?? What is it? I will never understand what drives you people to speak cruelly of those that are underprivileged. I just worked 16 hours and it's hard forme to even form a coherent thought at this point, but I just don't understand the ignorance of people feeling they're superior, and feeling as though it's their damn business how others live.
First off, people who went to college and have good paying jobs worked for it...why is it that when one person is successful , they are Lucky..and when one is poor they are underprivileged ??

Moravia, NY

#212 Mar 2, 2013
Guy wrote:
<quoted text>
First off, people who went to college and have good paying jobs worked for it...why is it that when one person is successful , they are Lucky..and when one is poor they are underprivileged ??
first of all those are your opinions and they are wrong, well at least you used the wrong words to get a point across thats not backed up by facts....
just because YOU consider a college educated lucky does not mean the rest of us think that ignorance on your part and an underlying idiot in your head...I think we can all agree this statement of your's is pure b.s. and prolly jealousy...

when one is poor they are not underprivileged...maybe to you you but youre 100% incorrect!!! are you saying the college educated are PRIVILEGED? whats your point? you contradict yourself without realizing that is plain and simple ignorance...
basing peoples status in life has nothing to do with privileges unless youre Mitt Romney's wifey...
people are poor of their own liking or because they were born into poverty....that does NOT make them "underprivileged"... .neither you , I or the US govt owes them ANY privileges unless youre have no clue when it comes to macroeconomics...nor microeconomics....and please for your own sake stop making uneducated posts that confuse people that dont know the facts but believe you because most people think if its on the net its true....
I think youre the one that could benefit from a college education to tell you the truth!
what a clown

United States

#213 Mar 2, 2013
peopple are not poor because they like to be you foolish stick of wood ... what all is in your head besides hot air to make a dumbazz statement like that

Tully, NY

#214 Mar 3, 2013
This topic is bust for another year. The taxes they received are blown or put to good use (with any hope) so now the new topic should be how are we going to pay the IRS before April 15th.

Ransomville, NY

#215 Mar 3, 2013
Learn what the true meaning of income tax return means.
This is stupid

Boston, MA

#216 Apr 4, 2013
First of all u can't even get assistance if u are working so I don't know what u are talking about. And to the person who said the people on assistance get more than people who work at Walmart is ridiculous. I know someone who had a child with someone and then the father was beaten to death in providence one night. A random act of violence. The mother couldn't work cuz she was now a single mom and couldn't pay for daycare so she had to stop working. And guess what she got for assistance? 250$ EVERY OTHER week. U think that's a lot? U people act like you know what everyone gets on assistance and ur wrong. U think they're spoiled cuz they get 500$? A week? U just pile everyone into one category and don't even know some people's circumstances. Grow the fuck up.

Pekin, IL

#217 Apr 6, 2013
yah wrote:
On minute you guys bitch bc they get food stamps or w.e and now you are bitching because they get taxes Back????? Make up your mind you either want them to work or you dont and if they get food stamps and work then they obv. need them and are working for them just arent making enough to make ends meet. Grow up and get a fuckin life
i think if they got help n get taxes back then the taxes should b taken to repay it. If i borrow money cause i need help i gotta repay it. Even if i get in a bad situation and cant pay it back n the company reduces my amount the gov. Taxes me for the amount they wrote off. You have to claim it on ur taxes!

Pekin, IL

#218 Apr 6, 2013
People who get welfare for any reason and then go to work and file taxes should have their refunds given back to welfare! If they r only on it for a while then taxes sould b taken til its paid back!

Marinette, WI

#219 Apr 9, 2013
pay me wrote:
I didn't see anyone say they were better then you and I don't know why people like u always think the government owes them something give one good reason why anyone should ever get back more than they paid in. If you owned a business would you pay them extra hrs. That they didn't work for no reason.

Troy, NY

#220 Apr 10, 2013
pay me wrote:
If you dont make that much, you didn't contribute a whole lot toward tax revenues. Therefore, you should not get a refund of several thousand dollars. Its not everyone else's fault you had more children than you could afford.

Ajax, Canada

#221 Apr 10, 2013
Those people that think they are better than the people in Welfare, wrong bitches! I don't get anything in return for my taxes, I wish I do so I can pay my debts. Some people struggle because they don't have family in the country and are parents and some others get sick and don't even have insurance, others just have the bad luck to have losers as boyfriends that can not support their kids. Single mothers not because they are whores, as many people describe them. I am one single parent and it is very hard for me having my 2 kiddos and not family members in the country. The people who shouldn't receive any assistance are the addicted people or the lazy asses men that just get the money for drugs.

Spokane, WA

#222 Jun 24, 2013
To all who get large refunds, money, etc. Those of us who work every day, don't make much, and get by, are being taxed outragous amounts, and why, so that the government can decide who gets our money. That is why we have a right to complain, if we so choose, it is OUR money you are receiving. What did you think, money is just there? A thank you would be nice.
you are dumb

Utica, NY

#223 Jun 24, 2013
It's my Money and I want it NOW!!!

Massena, NY

#224 Jun 24, 2013
Hmmm03 wrote:
To all who get large refunds, money, etc. Those of us who work every day, don't make much, and get by, are being taxed outragous amounts, and why, so that the government can decide who gets our money. That is why we have a right to complain, if we so choose, it is OUR money you are receiving. What did you think, money is just there? A thank you would be nice.
Wow lol way too are complaining about social services when the Fed has destroyed the economy by printing TRILLIONS out of thin air and giving it to the central banks (7.7 trillion in 2009 AFTER we bailed them out). If they were not shipping jobs overseas and investing in China nobody would need social services in the first place. So get a freaking clue. Your neighbor is not your enemy. Blame the government and the Fed for the systematic destruction of the dollar. More of it will be wiped out VERY SOON.
My right arm doesnt work

Utica, NY

#225 Jun 24, 2013
I work full time 40hrs a week i am NOT on any kind of food stamps or wic or anything of that nature. I have 2 kids, although loud and most of the time complete smart asses they make for a good tax break. This year i got back JUST under $13,000. So i could pay off some bulls and get the car i wanted :)
How much do people on welfare get back? Does anyone have an actual number?

New York, NY

#227 Jun 24, 2013
I feel this is wrong. We have to support them all year and then they go and have lots of kids and get thousands back in their income taxex while the working person gets dittally. i feel this money they get back should be given back into the goverment for rpairs or into a kitty. What do you think?
I think you need to complain to the IRS. First of all, not ONE US TAXPAYER has any control over their tax dollars...the Government does.Once your money is deducted from your paycheck and goes to uncle Sam, Where that money is put to use is not in your control or any taxpayer..This is no secret's just that the MAJORITY of Americans are unaware of this. Why and or how do you think politicians get away with putting their hands in the taxpayer cookie jar??? Because they can!! Too many taxpayers complain to others,friends,family or coworkers and not enough of them band together to push for oversight of the tax system. There will always be poor people. Nations are judged by how it cares for their elderly, children and even animal protection...The US has a bad report in my opinion. But as long as taxpayers are chewing about the poor, it takes the serious focus of the real problem...politics
the truth

Dallas, TX

#228 Sep 4, 2013
Ok the thing is that for the people that receive cash not food stamps not medical wealfare why are they filling for taxes and receiving such a big ampunt if they did not work or harly work that means they are commitinfg tax fraud they ate teporting more than what rhey earn or teporting an income they did not receive its ok for those how realy need it but i know a couple how are on wealfare her husband works under the table and earns 4000040000 a month yes fourthoudand he work for a contractor ondtaling carpet his wife reports that he is a hornalero and only earns 300 a month she got an alien pin and repors that she works and eans 10000 she gets a 2000 dollartax refund she dos not report this to wealfare then her husband report about 10000 and receives 1000 well they dont live in luxury they mostly throw partys and waste food stamponey and wealfare to do so last party was 1500well they dont report to wealfate that thay fill for taxrs they live in a single and have to vehicheles tgey dont report he work monday thru saturfay well why they live in a single because they ate retarded and waste and stick thete money ip there ewell u now and also they are building a home in there cpuntry they have 5 yeRs doing this tgey are building there 2nd home they p ok am to do this till all there childrend turn 18 atlist the oldest one live her younger children with the oldest and contuinue geting wralfare well they wil have ñamy homes im guayemala by then and they will rent the rest and love of that and her childrend that she plans to love here live of wralfare she wont relprt fhat she left this is the people i dont like not because they are immigrants but becaise they explood tge system
the truth

Dallas, TX

#229 Sep 4, 2013
Lilke i said this is not about immigratuon there is a lof of immigrants how are good people and love this country as mucj as i do i have tried to explain ro this lady commiting wealfate fraud that atlist she should buy her childrend clothing and food that rhey like but she says no thays my money and i tell her notgat ur kids money and sge says no that my money and i do what i want with it

she sends it to guate and buts nails and buys herbal life goes to tge jim and well sti,ks it up her. She dosent buy them the food they like she receoves 500 in food but she always wamts to have some left for she can sale now the only reson her childrend dont fress homeless any ñore is because of the partys she has made for them they give them lots of clothimg ofcourse not 1500 worth but lots this lady is a bbbb
the truth

Dallas, TX

#231 Sep 4, 2013
All of this fruad is by the same person i reported this over 2months ago and nothing has been done proofs are there 1st she filles for taxes and dosent report that she works to wralfare or that she gets a tax refund 2nd her husband has 2 vehicles under his name that he dos not report to wealfare 3rd he goes to wprk every morning monday thru saturday wears a company shirt he works for a license contractor that pays ihim with personal checks about 4000fourthousand monthly 4th he has a bank account that he dos not report to wealfare that cant be trackt down because he dose not have a social 5th they have a bank acount in guatemala 6 she senfs money every month to built her bome she has the proof in het home she safes most of tge receips 7 she has partys she spends alot last one was 1500 that was only in wralfare and foodstamps that dos not include beers win dj ex she has pictures she dosent buy her kids food they like just too have inof money for her partyues but i guess that people piti them because they live in a single i dont they have inof money to live somewhere bettet they chose not to

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