Part 3 Don't vote 4 Larry-90cents day...

Part 3 Don't vote 4 Larry-90cents day Milton

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Dont Vote Larry Milton

Branson, MO

#1 Jan 18, 2013
Part 3.....Part 4 coming later.There is more dirty stuff about Larry Milton for Mayor of Branson-vote 4 RaeAnne Presley.

this is Part 3...Part 4 coming ;ater on

Dont Vote 4 Larry Milton...RaeAnne Presley is the best choice FOR MAYOR.

Larry Milton employees make only 90 cents day

Memo Branson Toursim sent out after employees were upset that they only had made 90 cents one day

.by People aganist Larry Milton for Mayor of Branson Mo

on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 12:57pm ...

Below is a memo that was written to all the employees of Branson Tourism Center.

The letter was written as a response to employees complaining that they were working 10 hours a day and some of them only making 90 Cents.

Part 3.....Part 4 coming later.There is more dirty suff about Larry Milton for Mayor of Branson-vote 4 RaeAnne Presley.

This is a very difficult positon for me to take since I am so closely tied to many of you taht have had challenges feeling good about your lives. I feel compelled to remind everyone that you will never find a more caring and giving group of poeple with work with than what is aleady in place here. I care abou tyou, your work enviroment, the benefits that we offer your wages, and I want to know that you are happy working here. However, you ae the only one in control of your happiness Not Me, not your Family, Definitely not your co-workers. No one is capable of being happy all the time. We are in the service business and I do expect you to be happy at work. I expect it and so do your customers. Personal issues that in the past have been allowed to not only drag you down but co-workers around you will nt fly. Business is business and we provide hospitality here. Upbeat, happy, serive-oriented hospitality. Not "I feel sorry for myself and therefore am going ot make everyone else miserable" hospitality.

Please remember that my door is always open of ranyone who needs to talk or ven or simply have some quiet time. Larry and I are totally committed to your success of BTC. Everything is falling in place for an even better 2001 and I'm asking for your full support in providing the best service we possibly can for the customers tha ttrust us to take care of them. Remember, there is nothing mroe important than making sure our customers are happy.

Thanks for listening ad have a great weekend..

Lianne Milton
wife of Larry Milton
who is rumming for Mayor of Branson April 2,2012
please don't vote for hum.
Vote instead for imcumbent Mayor RaeAnne Presley.

Thank You

Memo Branson Toursim sent out after employees were upset that they only had made 90 cents one day
.by People aganist Larry Milton for Mayor of Branson Mo on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 12:57pm ...
Taney county resident

Branson, MO

#2 Jan 19, 2013
If they work on commission, they need to be better salesmen. If they work on wages, they need to complain to the state labor department not whine about it in a memo

Branson, MO

#3 Jan 19, 2013
Taney Co Res. They employed to many people for the calls to go around. That is one of issues with what the poster is trying to say. I worked there. They would keep a dozen people on shift when 4 calls/hr were coming into the office. Teach me how to sell to invisible people and you'll be a billionaire. Also, over 20 people have filed suit with the labor department in MO and almost all of them got letters back saying "We are unable to investigate this claim due to lack of resources". If you ran a business would you state on a legal pay stub that an employee only worked 1 hr, when in fact they worked closer to 60? Also, if you hired "employees" not "Indy Contractors" would you not pay them a minimum wage base? Would you also run a business that advertised almost every lodging/show facility in town and then when I customer called to try and book one that you weren't contracted with, would you tell your employee to tell them "that place isn't the greatest, you should stay here instead"?
Taney county resident

Branson, MO

#4 Jan 20, 2013
I call bullshit. A business cannot run that long with so many complaints to the dept of labor. How are time records kept? there has to be a legal record of employees times.
If the mo dept of labor is the one with lack of resources, then the employees should take it the federal level.
this is from the missouri dept of labor website I dont know if this applies to this company or not, but it may explain some things.

"Employers engaged in retail or SERVICE businesses whose annual gross income is less than $500,000 are not required to pay the state minimum wage rate. Employers not subject to the minimum wage law can pay employees wages of their choosing"

Branson, MO

#5 Jan 21, 2013
No, that does not apply to them. They net millions each year. They are subject to minimum wage laws. The next step will be direct conversations with the Atty General of MO.
Larry Milton is a Fraud

Ozark, MO

#6 Jan 21, 2013
I was a manager for the miltons for many years.. I can tell you first hand once our time cards went digital via computers that we went in and changed many of them manually to when we were told the employee actually started working.. not only that but letters went to the state came back saying they are overloaded on cases.. your questions are the same as the employees that were under me that made little to nothing daily during the slow season.. how can government let this go one.. guess its bigger fish to fy the only explination i can think of .. I made the weekly schedule employees were mandatory to work 50 plus hours a week some not even making minimum wage.. you don't think we said something.. yes but no one cared.. so now we are trying once again to get the word out now that he is stupid enought to run for mayor and put himself out in the spotlight ..

United States

#7 Jan 21, 2013
You're all just disgruntled EX employees! You don't hear them complain when they are making bank during the summer. I guarantee everybody makes an average of min wage over the course of the year. Maybe they should take away commission and pay everybody 7.75 an hour!

Branson, MO

#8 Jan 22, 2013
We will find out as soon the Atty General actually forces the state to investigate it. I know for fact they don't all make minimum wage over the course of the year. And that doesn't matter according to Minimum Wage laws set by the Dept of Labor Standards. If they paid everyone only minimum wage, they wouldn't be in business. It isn't fair that while other companies that do business the proper way and close down over the winter due to lack of business, and then the Milton's can afford to crank up their pay per click marketing to the max since they don't have to pay their employees.

United States

#9 Jan 22, 2013
You don't like it? Don't work there. Simple!
Careful what u wish for

Springfield, MO

#10 Jan 22, 2013
He plays the game dirty and unethical. I have seen it personally over the course of 15 years and never worked for him. We don't need someone in a position of power within the city he wants to control. He says things need to change in city govt because he thinks he is getting hurt by the current govt. What he is really saying is that he wants to control it for his own benefit. Larry Milton isn't a self-made man...he has had so much help that anyone who thinks he can even do an adequate job of running the govt is a fool at best. Someone Who Knows doesn't have a clue.
Larry Milton is a Fraud

Ozark, MO

#11 Jan 22, 2013
Someonewhoknows.. Funny you say the next step is to stop paying commissions and to sart paying minimum wage.. when Larry and Lianne would get pissed off at the staff complaints they used to say that exact same thing. lol sounds like you have either said or heard it before.. They cannot pay minimum wage..they will just have order takers then and no sales people to push their marketing partner shows and if they are going to pay minimum wage who is going to want to push their timeshare tours. Who is going to want to push their timeshare boats. my guess is no one...Order takers means no extra money coming in from marketing parters and no sales people pitching tours.. Let's not even get into extra staff they will have to hire cause you know they will not be willing to pay anyone overtime if they could not even pay employees minimum wage when there were not calls coming in.. Man all of that money is going to add up once they are forced to pay minimum wage plus the overtime employees were forced to do during the slow season.. Some one who knows.. sounds like you don't really know. If you did you would not say sch stupid things and back such ruthless people..
Does not matter

Branson, MO

#12 Jan 22, 2013
Here is how it works. All must be employees. Independent contractor status is not legal in those jobs. Minimum wage is dailey not yearly. Overtime is paid on all wages including commissions. That is the law, and the labor board is not overloaded they will audit and fine. I dont care if a salesman makes over a hundred grand a year, he is subject to minimum wage and overtime. It is hard for legitimate companies to compete with tour brokers who skirt the law, but they will get busted and they will pay. If you pay a 440 a week salary or better is the only way around overtime.

United States

#13 Jan 24, 2013
Never heard or said it before, it just makes sense. People will always cry unfair.

Branson, MO

#14 Jan 25, 2013
You're obviously up his arse. If not, go apply for a job there in sales. I'm sure you'll be very unhappy.
Taney County Resident

Branson, MO

#15 Jan 26, 2013
SomeoneWhoKnows wrote:
You're all just disgruntled EX employees! You don't hear them complain when they are making bank during the summer. I guarantee everybody makes an average of min wage over the course of the year. Maybe they should take away commission and pay everybody 7.75 an hour!
OK. Lets take a look at this. I have no stake in this whatsoever by the way. I live in Hollister and know noone that works for this guy.
If someone averages 7.75 hr, at 40 hrs per week and lets assume they will work year round(probbaly not, but lets just say they do) at 52 weeks a year, BEFORE taxes the pay would be $16,120. after FICA and MEDICARE ONLY, that is reduced to $12,331.80 per year. That is BEFORE state and federal taxes. That works out to less than $1200 above the federal proverty level for a SINGLE PERSON HOUSEHOLD. Again, BEFORE STATE AND FEDERAL TAXES, so chances are, they will actually be below the poverty level
So do you really believe that $7.75 an hour is a decent wage for the money that is brought in to that company? I think it is horrible, but these owners can get away with it because of the job situation in this county.

Branson, MO

#16 Jan 26, 2013
My company pays 8.50 plus commission. we get health insurance and overtime. I dont see why it cant be min plus commission. Since that is the only legal way to do it. If your business model doesnt work you cant fix it by illegally paying your employees.

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