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Cartersville, GA

#109 Dec 8, 2012
Simply put keep to yourself. If you do not do all the gripe and bitch you should be fine and move up eventually. Also here is a tip. Ask around in departments see what is open and let them know your interested.

Portland, OR

#110 Dec 13, 2012
Take Control of Your Life wrote:
How about setting higher goals and getting yourself better job skilss. Seriously, if you don't like Wal-Mart, don't work at Wal-Mart. It's not rocket science man. Do something besides pushing carts. Believe in Yourself and stop blaming Wal-Mart for your situation. Create your own situation. Go for it!
. L
They way u put it makes it sound easy but unfortunately isn't that easy or else everyone would have a great job they enjoy before u speak next time join reality where the rest of us live

Cedar Grove, TN

#111 Dec 28, 2012
I am actually at work right now (lunch break) and it's raining. I'm the only cart pusher working today and they refuse to hire a proper crew. I, used to work at the hermitage tn store and it was a cake walk...2 machines to run on each side, usually 4 cart pushers working up until 7pm where it was then left up to 2 cart pushers to tie up the end of the night work. Now I am working at south side in jackson tn. One machine and one cart pusher working on the lot (unless I am on lunch, and I am so no one is out there) in the freezing rain. they are so understaffed here it's ridiculous. there is no one in sporting goods, one person in electronics (the dept I an attempting to get moved to but there are supposedly no spots open) and a total of 8 registers open. These guys refuse to even fix the messed up machine that is still sitting in the bay...which I suppose is a moot point since there is only 2 cart pushers on the payroll that are worth a damn (the one that aint worth a damn stays baked on the clock).
110 Tim

Rapid City, SD

#112 Jan 14, 2013
Im a cartpusher at the busiest walmart in the country, understaffed and all of our mules are broken and they wont fix it. sometimes im by myself for hours at a time working 3 doors. You just gotta block everything out and do what you can. push 7 at a time. you dont get tired. and you can go back and forth. makes time go by much faster.
110 Tim

Rapid City, SD

#113 Jan 14, 2013
and if you want to see how big our parking lot is, go to google earth and 1604.

Valrico, FL

#115 Jun 26, 2013
I tried being a cartpusher and in about 1 week I realized how shitty it was. We had two guys, working exactly opposite hours so only one at a time... that sucked, being the only person. Thank god my csm's were cool enough to cover me on my lunch (sometimes...) I had to only take a 30 minute lunch and it was back outside it the hot humid weather. I would be so mad having to go outside, my feet hurt and my knees were already messed up in wrestling. Now I'm no pushover, I did wrestling like I've said. I've spilled sweat and blood but this JOB sucked, 8 hours, low pay and no help. Haha okay. So I went to being a cashier. I felt bad for the other guy but EVERY time it's no busy or if he's on break I always ask to go out and help him cause even though he keeps up on carts I know he hates it so much. Sometimes the CSM's (the old women of course, not the guys) say he can do it or some shit. I felt like it was just disrespectful. To be a cartpusher you seriously need some kind of motive but I didn't so it was easy for me to quit that crappy job.
NO Machine716

Indianola, MS

#116 Aug 9, 2013
At my store 0716 we are the cheapest poorly run store in the country ... I bEen pushing carts for a few months and everybody feel cause I push carts I'm inferior to them or something..... Prior to coming to Walmart I drove for 2 trucking coming 800 a week and now 400 every 2 weeks is peanut money only working here because of my newly born to be at home more often but I love my kids more than I hate Walmart so all the Bs I go threw is worth it when I get home and see smile.... So keep working fellas because u know without us this company would crumble no one is carring out £200 worTh of grocery

Defiance, OH

#117 Aug 13, 2013
for all of you bitching about pushing carts your pathetic i just quit my job at pssi where i worked third shift cleaning a frozen pizza factory that supplies half the country i got paid 7.75 to clean dangerous running machinery with high pressure boiling water ,getting chemical burns all night , going from a hot room full of steam to cleanig four -20 degree spiral freezers ,3 warehouse freezers and then doing half of three other peoples jobs , so i will gladly give up boot rash, chemical burns, and frozen hands and feet to work at walmart pushing carts so quit bitching until you get a real job

Milford, MA

#118 Aug 23, 2013
5 years late but I'm currently working at Wal-Mart as a cart pusher. They haven't scheduled me with another stockman(cart pusher) since I started working. All I'm getting paid is minimum wage and by the end of the day I'm severely limping from foot pain. At one point I could not walk at all so I went inside to rest but 20 seconds after I walked in a damn manager made me go back out and keep cleaning up the carts even though she knew I could barely walk. I'm quitting as soon as I can find another job.

Cicero, IL

#119 Nov 11, 2014
Yeppers wrote:
Ok it's a job if you don't want it quit. Let someone who wants to put food on the table for there family have it. I'm taking a shot in the dark you guys a prolly teenagers that mom and dad have supported now you gotta work mom or dad told ya to. Now your gonna complain.
At 18 I had a kid 2 jobs to support my family plus went to school. This is what is wrong with society you lazy kids hard work will not kill ya.
It aint our fault you got pregnant. This is what's wrong with society. Poor people having lots of kids while the rich get even richer.....
Ks jones

Altoona, PA

#120 Dec 1, 2014
When you take the job of cart pusher you know it is not an easy job, so if you take it its your choice my son worked as a cart pusher for a grocery store for several years. He had cancer and was also had schizophrenia . The work was hard but he did his job and never complained. Now for Walmart, there is one job that requires that you be outside 2 days a week for anywhere from 5 to 7 hours. This is an all year thing and as you can see I live in Pa so even if its 0 degrees you are out there. I dont think the cart pushers would want this job even at $18 an hour which is what they are paid. Now for crap jobs I worked at Days Inn in housekeeping, I di the laundry. I was in laundry by myself to do towels and sheets for 132 rooms. That was after I went around to each room and collected them. This was also in the cold. If you got lucky and got some overtime you were not paid times and a half. Just straight time in cash and it would takes weeks for you to get this. Also part of the maids duty was to shovel snow. All this for $5.25 an hour.
Bag of Bones Jr

Rogersville, MO

#121 Dec 10, 2014
You can cross your legs and pee on me. I can take it, for Pete's Sake!!
mountain mama wrote:
Wal-Mart treats all employees terrible. I worked there some years ago - about ten - as a cashier and they do not treat help well at all. We didn't get our might work a whole shift and at the very end be told to go ahead take lunch and break before you go home. I learned how to cross my legs to keep from wetting at the check-outs.
I avoid Wal-Mart as much as possible and I try to buy American where ever I shop.
I almost pissed on myself in the checkout line @ Branson 76 Strip Wally World. They are SLOW like molasses! I wasn't wearing a DEPENDS diaper either. I was wearing Made in China Fruit of the Loom boxer shorts. Nobody saw it cause I was wearing my Black Johnny Cash's Levi's made in Bermuda. I am a global Person. I think Globally but I act & buy locally. I can't buy anything that's made in the USA. What's wrong with this picture? From the Womb to the Tomb people buy $hit @ Wal Mart. The Branson Cops only pick on the Low Hanging Fruit on the Human Tree.
MR Bill is gay

Lake Jackson, TX

#122 Apr 13, 2015
Kill yourself

Lexington, MI

#123 May 11, 2015
Have you ever thought that your work ethic might need some fine tuning? Just wondering how old you are. I'm having trouble understanding what the fuck is so hard about your job? I'm sure most of the Courtesy Associates..yes, Courtesy Associates..not Cart Pushers..have the electric pushers..They are pieces of shit most of the time, but didn't you understand what kind of job you were getting into when you applied for it? By the way, during Michigan winters, the electric carts are pretty much useless the entire season, so you have to push carts by hand. I am surprized at how many people can't hack it when it comes to bringing in carts..Are mothers raising pussies now or what?
I am going to be 42 this year, and have been a courtesy associate since October 2014..I have no vehicle, so I walk 1.5 miles to work and normally work 5 days a week, by myself, bringing in roughly 35 hours average. What other responsibilities do you have besides bringing in rows of carts into tunnels? Myself, I do carts, carry outs, propane exchanges, manage and clean the bottle room and maintain bottle machines on both the customer and associate sides, I got my hi-lo license in the first 3 months i worked there, so I also bring bottle bins around back the store and onto a truck trailer. I also cover maintenance during their lunch and breaks as they cover mine in return. I do all this and more every scheduled day, then I walk 1.5 miles home at the end of my shift..rain, sleet, or snow.. I missed 1 day with 0 tardies so far and that will be wiped off the record soon. Management DOES see the shit your doing, and when you go and put in a little extra effort, they DO notice, and they can also see the attitude coming from a kid that can't hack it and doesn't really wanna be there in the first place..Try not texting so much while on the job, quit whining, and stop bitching..Try smiling at customers instead of having a pitiful look of someone that doesn't appreciate their job, and probably does as minimal job as possible because they are lazy and feel they should be paid more..a paycheck is a paycheck..If you have a piss poor attitude coming into work, why should management be kissing your ass? Your lucky they keep your sorry ass. Your gonna bitch about making 9 bucks minimum just to push carts? Have you even noticed the nice asses so far this Spring? Your outdoors..not confined to the back room or being a cashier..Courtesy Associate is a pretty cool job if you can hack it. Shit, I made Employee of the Month my 3rd month in..

Mexico, MO

#124 Jun 14, 2015
If you all quit at once what do you think would happen?
Pro cart pusher

Westborough, MA

#125 Mar 20, 2016
I am way beyond that I work target for15 years straight

Abilene, TX

#126 Mar 24, 2016
Now I work in a fairly small town with not much to do. I work at the Country's smallest Walmart and get treated like comeplete. I work with 4 other people. Two of them do absolutely nothing and demand I help them. I'm 17 years old and I've been here for nearly two years. I understand thar Walmart gets a lot of lousy slacking teenagers but I've busted my ass off since day one doing everything I can. But my Co worker who is likely in his 50s who is also a cart pusher. He isn't a manager or anything. He talks down to me like he's my boss or did before I told him off on black friday. This guy literally walls around taking 25 minute smoke breaks. I get there every day at 2. He gets there at 8 am. He has all day to keep up with everything. I come up to dirty bathrooms, swamped carts, dirty floors, pissed off csms, everything. And this guy has been telling people I never do anyrhing and slack off. The csms ask me to do stuff and I always carry out on their requests but they treat me like an 8 year old trying to operate a tank. Even 2 years later and they still treat me and my friend this way? I can do more work in a day than that old guy can in a week and they like him? It's not like he isn't able, either. He used to do a bang up job. So I'm hopefully moving soon. It isn't usually in my nature to act this way but that guy can kiss my ass because he's on his own now!

Noble, OK

#127 Apr 14, 2016
Yeppers wrote:
Ok it's a job if you don't want it quit. Let someone who wants to put food on the table for there family have it. I'm taking a shot in the dark you guys a prolly teenagers that mom and dad have supported now you gotta work mom or dad told ya to. Now your gonna complain.
At 18 I had a kid 2 jobs to support my family plus went to school. This is what is wrong with society you lazy kids hard work will not kill ya.
And now you have nothing better to do but bitch about bitching

Titusville, PA

#128 May 12, 2016
It depends entirely on the store you have, if its staffed properly this job is pretty cool if it's run like a skeleton crew because they don't want to give up the hours it can be hellish. I seriously bust my ass and sometimes it's still not enough on some days during rushes. Your supposed to spend a little time with the customers and make them feel good about their day this is a wonderful thing however sometimes you literally have 0 time to do that. As for the guy that walks 1.5 miles try walking 13 miles both ways pulling 8 hours then going home on 4 hours sleep a night some days. I don't have an electric retriever at my store at all. This and management is very very very policy oriented so everything is exactly by the book. Don't get code silvered too many times. All of this is ok but don't try and whitewash it as if every experience is the same. I used to haul lumber out of the woods and in some respects that can be less tiring tbh.

Auburndale, FL

#130 Jun 16, 2016
One thing I hate about when I was cart attendant is carry outs because I think csms send cart pushers for carry outs just to make the parking lot messy and to make corrals very low on carts.

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