Springfield Mo gives new meaning Highway to Heaven

January 2004 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

- 1) Missouri leads the nation in meth labs;

2) the meth labs are concentrated in the "meth belt," a band of 43 counties in southern Missouri, south of Interstate 44;

3) many Missourians are addicted to meth; 4) the image of moonshiners as paranoid and angry is an apt description of Missouri's many meth cooks;

5) meth is sold by cooks,theme park owners & employees,
used car dealers,
and even some small-town police officers,
and one local auctioneer who currently serves
in United States House of Representatives.;

6) southern Missouri has many unreported meth killings, and "the hills are full of bodies."
you are right to want to spend your vacation in southwest Missouri, near Branson.

February 2012

- St. Louis Post-Dispatch -

1) Missouri is the center of the meth epidemic;

2) Missouri accounts for 15 percent of all meth-lab discoveries reported to DEA;

3) the governor of Missouri favors treatment and prevention, while the attorney general of Missouri favors harsh penalties and a prison reserved for meth offenders.

Why doesn't Missouri prosecute and incarcerate corrupt public officials who protect drug traffickers?

Is Missouri's War on Meth a microcosm of America's War on Drugs?

Perhaps Missouri's phony War on Meth and America's phony War on Drugs help to explain the Meth Belt's de facto kudzu of corruption.

May 2004

- Springfield, Missouri -

The 43 counties in southern Missouri, south of Interstate 44,

are not only the Meth Belt,

but also the Bible Belt.

As a matter of fact, Springfield, Missouri,

is often called the Buckle of the Bible Belt.

Is Springfield, Missouri, also the Buckle of the Meth Belt?

Perhaps Springfield, Missouri, gives a new meaning to the

phrase "Highway to Heaven."

As President Ronald Reagan said...Trust But Verify.....