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Elmhurst, IL

#1 Feb 9, 2008
Has anyone else noticed how rude the people who work there are? Such as the stockers, if your standing there looking for a certain item they`ll walk right in front of you and not even say excuse me. Do parents not teach there children manners anymore? But I have also had the same thing happen with some of the managers, which I think I totally rude. One dark hair manager was cussing out one of the boys about the work he was doing, I mean f this and f that, nice job learning for that kid. And to top it all, customers like myself could see and hear him talking like that to the boy and he, the manager didn`t seem to care that we viewed this. In my book someone should treat him that way. Don, Gene, Dave, none of them acted like the yahoos we have now at this store. Has anyone else notice any of this?
My 2 cents

Woodridge, IL

#2 Feb 9, 2008
Yes I agree, I now go to berkots in coal-city.I was in line here and the checker was talking to the girl next to her about having to take a crap!She kept going on about it, I could not believe it.This store has gone down hill for a long time now.

Elmhurst, IL

#3 Feb 9, 2008
I aggree 100% on how rude the the people are. I had a young lady checking me out and telling her friend that was bagging how she did not want to do this anymore and how she hates to work with people. I thought how nice for business. To top it off NO one says thank you, after all by us shopping there is paying for thier wages.
Braidwood resident

Palos Heights, IL

#4 Feb 9, 2008
Agree wrote:
I aggree 100% on how rude the the people are. I had a young lady checking me out and telling her friend that was bagging how she did not want to do this anymore and how she hates to work with people. I thought how nice for business. To top it off NO one says thank you, after all by us shopping there is paying for thier wages.
I agree that the managers at the Braidwood store are rude. My friend and I were in there on a Friday evening and there was a mess of spilled mile right by the front door. One of the young men was mopping it up and being polite. However, we couldn't get to a cart without going through the mess. The manager walked right by us and didn't say hi or even bother to ask if he could help us get a cart. We lifted the cart over the spill so we wouldn't make an even bigger mess. He saw us do this and decided to ignore us. Talk about rude! At least a manager could say hi and ask if he could help. Sure is a lot different than when Gene and Don were in charge of IGA. It's too bad there isn't another grocery store in town. Driving to Joliet, Morris or Kankakee to one of the other stores is not always possible or feasible for me.
My 2 cents

Woodridge, IL

#5 Feb 9, 2008
I like going to joliet do my shopping and have lunch do other things. BEATS BERKOTS!
An Alternative

Minooka, IL

#6 Feb 10, 2008
I only go to Berkot's when I am in NEED of something. For larger shopping trips, Supervalu has better deals, and it's only a few miles down the road. Every now & then Ultra Foods (Joliet or Kankakee) has great deals. When I have the time, I will drive to Bolingbrook for the Meijer store. Their store - brand items are comparable to name brand, and the savings in groceries is worth the gas to drive there.

Joliet, IL

#7 Feb 18, 2008
you see what drives me crazy is the girls that do the check out, they sit there and gossip as they are checking you out and dont bother to say hi or anything.... and on top of that they take there sweet ass time which is really annoying, i dont want to sit there and here your life story.... The worst was one time a girls line was empty and she was not standing there waiting for a customer she was standing in the line trying to find a candy bar to eat so i had to wait in another line next to hers and all she had to say was oh no im not in line you can go ahead, i was like what of course your not in line cuz your suppost to be working, but i guess at berkots they dont value the business they get in there, and the managers must not care cuz they continue to let this continue on......
History from the past

Palos Heights, IL

#8 Feb 18, 2008
Here are a few things from a past employees look. When it use to be IGA they had wonderful employees. They were kind, coutious, and polite. They would greet you with a smile and a hice, Hello, and thank you...have a nice day. The store use to have a great training program in which they sat the new employee down, watch videos on the "wall and foundation" technique of bagging and they would put you through several weeks of training before they let you go on your ouw. The trainer would teach the trainee on the proper way to rotate the items on the shelfs. By rotate i mean, Put the newest items in the back and the past items in the front. The employees would have boxes full of the outdated items and would committ themselves to these standards of making sure that the outdated items were pulled off the shelves. IGA also committed themselves to making their displays look very professional. The stock clerks would "pull" the shelves ever night and would go isle to isle "puling shelves". The displays always looked very nice. BUT now, that the unfortunate change of hands has taken place, it has went all down hill. The employees are no longer taught to be polite and coutious. The are not shown the "wall and foundation" video of bagging or are they put through a several week training period. The hardley ever say hello, or thank you..have a nice day. They are too caught up in their gossip and social lives to care that their coustomers are treated properley. The coustomer is the #1 person in the store.. they should be treated as such. When a coustomer goes through the check out line.. THe cashier is the last impression that the customer is going to come in contact with, unless they have a carry out, before walking out the doors of the store. The shelves are barley ever rotated, or "pulled". The outdated items sit on the shelves for months before they are noticed by anyone. The employees are not as committed in their displays. Most of the displays are now just thrown together and set up without regard to professionalism. Ther are no more "baggers" on a special shift of their own. The cashiers must now bag for them selves and each other. Most of the time when they call for "coustomer service", as it was called, the person never comes up to assist. No one ever offers to give a person a "help out" with their groceries. IGA would make it a policy that any lady with 2 or more bags would be asked if the wanted "help out". It would add to the nice atmosphere of the store. The elderly patrons of the store are now left to take their groceries out to their vehicle for themselves. Some of them have to ask for "help out", otherwise they would have never been asked. The last thing is, always say "thank you..have a nice day", even if the cashiers day is not going so good. That little extra add on, is a great way to perk up someones day who might be feeling like crap. Hearing those words from just one person, who may or may not know the customer makes a large impact on a persons day. Most of the customers who shopped at the IGA will see very much trueth to this. Just remember customers, once a store comes into this town and tries to push their weight around, that is when the "home town proud" atmosphere of a store goes down the tube.
HappywiththeStor e

United States

#9 Feb 18, 2008
I might be the minority here, but I for one am happy with the way the Berkot's stores have changed as far as selection and cleanliness goes. I would agree that the attitude of the help is much different than it used to be, but I think this is a problem in society today anyway. I haven't been to the Louis Joliet Mall in probably 2 years other than to run in, grab something and run out. On Saturday I went with my wife and did the usual "husband sitting in the mall" thing. I could not believe my eyes. The way in which the kids acted was utterly disrepectful to other shoppers. When you people watch you see all kinds of things. A majority of the kids with the way they dress would not be allowed anywhere near my kids. I thought to myself - they can't possibly be walking out of their home like that. Is there a special changing room at the mall that these kids go to upon arrival to change into their alter ego? But obviously that's not the case, meaning they ARE walking out of their homes like that. Resulting in a bigger problem with society...PARENTS. Parents don't even know how to be parents anymore. They are two busy working to drag down 2 incomes to pay the bills and keep up with the Joneses. So yes, we do agree on some points here, but the problem isn't a Berkot's's society in general.
Busy CC Mom

Hinsdale, IL

#10 Feb 18, 2008
I disagree with Happywiththestore. Just because both parents work does not mean that we do so to "keep up with the Joneses". I find that insulting. In case you haven't noticed, the prices of everything has gone up, from gas to groceries. I used to be a stay-at-home Mom until making ends meet became too much of a challenge. Now my husband & I both work full-time & we have 2 well-mannered children who consistantly get A's & B's on report cards. Society's problems are not the fault of working parents. Perhaps you should think before you open your mouth. And getting back to the subject, I haven't had problems with the employees in the Berkot's in Coal City. Now the prices at Berkot's, that's another story.
Social insight

Palos Heights, IL

#11 Feb 18, 2008
I can't agree more. Berkots does have a great selection to choose from. I am not arguring with any of your points at all. Society does play a large factor in these employees attitudes towards their customers. I have been a people watcher for many years now, and have earned many certificated in human relations. The society we live in today has changed tremendously from the tradiotionalistic ways of the past. many new stores that come into the are are not what we would like to call a "hometown proud" store, as being they do not hold traditional roots within the community. Stores that do have deep roots in the community in which they serve have special ties to the community and the people who patronage the stores. Sometimes, Society sees change as a bad thing. For instance, this town is a very traditionalistic community. Many of the older residence within the community have had their ways set for a while. When something new comes along, they become scared of the change because many of our seniors have grown up or were alive during the stock market crash and the great depression. They are afraid that any change within the status quoe of their community might have a gigantic effect on their lives. But, many of the younger or middle aged citizens of the community are realists, or "move foreward" kind of people. They want to see change come to the community. They want to move foreward with progress and keep on "modernizeing" with the "beat". They like to get things done even when it means changing some of the "traditions" that were held by the communtiy for centuries. The bigest reason why the "traditionalist" group and the "realisist" generation have a hard time communicating, is because they lack the knowledge of each others sight. They don't know how to say things in the others "language". Soemtimes it causes fear for a "tradionilist" to speak to a "realist" becuase they are afraid that the other person is going to missunderstand them, or that they are going to cause confusion to that person. Many younger teens are afraid to speak to their parents about topics that they are either too scared to ask about or that they feel they might be embaresed about. But please, as parents talk to your kids about the dangers that the real world has in store for them. Be blunt as a hammer, yet sharp as a tack and tell them that if they do sometingin that is wrong, there is a consequence to deal with, weather it be a good or a bad outcome, they will have to deal with their decisions for the rest of their lives. Decisions that are made by partents while they still have an influence on their childs life, and behavior, will shape that child into and through their youthood and adult years. So, please parents be involved with the childern you so dearley love. Tell them that you care for them and that you do want to see them succed in life and that your decisions as a parent, althow may be stern are that way for a good reason. Talk to your childern, you will be suprised to find out what their prespective on life is. You will be amazed at how knowledgable they are and how you have influenced them into the growing young adults that they are becoming.


#12 Feb 18, 2008
I have to agree, Berkots is a mess. Sorry, but it really isn't that clean, they don't carry a large selection of anything, the vegetables look nasty. When it was I.G.A. I always had the stockers ask if I needed help out with my groceries. Not anymore. And I HATE the parking lot. I go to Bellatinis or Sams CLub. ANd yes, they are ALL Very rude!

Wayne, IL

#13 Feb 18, 2008
I sent a link about the employees to there contact e-mail address. Maybe they will address the issue
someday hopefully

Leesburg, FL

#14 Feb 19, 2008
I should of contacted a few of my friends and formed a corporation of citizens of Braidwood and purchased the store when it was for sale. Problem was I love my current job. Berkots is the result when no one from the community owns the store. NO "ownership" interest. I also am disappointed that they do not let people with disabilities work there as baggers/stockers. This is an excellant way for Berkots to participate in the community.
check the expirations

West Chicago, IL

#15 Feb 19, 2008
If you do shop at Berkotts always check the expiration dates- most of their meat is expired- as is the milk and dairy products!!!!!!!!
Be careful.
Jeff Jackson

United States

#16 Feb 19, 2008
Hi, I am the store manager of the Braidwood Berkots. I have read all of your posts thoroughly and carefully and I sincerely appreciate all of the input. I have taken to heart all of the things said here and I am calling a meeting amongst the management of the store later today to discuss customer service. I hope to put an end to these problems as soon as possible. I would like to personally apologize for any unpleasant shopping experiences that any you might have suffered, and I assure you all that action is being taken immediately to correct these issues. I hope that any or all of you will contact me personally if you continue to have problems with the service within the store, or even if you have any comments or suggestions you would like to make. I would love to hear from you. does not allow phone numbers to be posted so if you would like to call me at the store the number is listed on . Thank you, and have a nice day.

Jeff Jackson
Store Manager
E-mail address [email protected]
Braidwood Mom

Joliet, IL

#17 Feb 19, 2008
Cool and professional Jeff! I never complained but now I definately won't.

United States

#18 Feb 19, 2008
I never complained either, but I have to say great job Jeff! That is the way to run a business!!!

Lockport, IL

#19 Feb 19, 2008
Jeff I have one thing to say... Jewel, and when they come to Diamond beware. People will forget about your store and remember all the mishaps. Better get those loyalties in check now or you'll lose a lot of business.


#20 Feb 19, 2008
someday hopefully wrote:
I should of contacted a few of my friends and formed a corporation of citizens of Braidwood and purchased the store when it was for sale. Problem was I love my current job. Berkots is the result when no one from the community owns the store. NO "ownership" interest. I also am disappointed that they do not let people with disabilities work there as baggers/stockers. This is an excellant way for Berkots to participate in the community.
`I have to disagree with you saying they don't allow people to work there with disabilities. There was a girl that worked there but she went away to school and got a different job. I still hate their parking lot

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