Anyone else here encountered wells fargo harassing them over monies they have in their account; pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing after being told NO NO NO NO and receiving multiple calls to their home where they push and push and push for you to allow them to move your monies into what appears to be a risky account? I HAVE and I am damned tired of it.

Many of these calls seem to be illegal as we complained about how little int this acct was paying so agreed for one of their employees to call us ONE time. Little did we know that what we preceived as an amicable call in our interests would be a pushy call wanting us to open an account that may not have been fdic insured. Well that one call turned into many with us saying NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Wells fargo does not accept NO. The last time I was in that bank their aggression was out the roof as they pushed and pushed again. Guess aggression is FINE if you are goldman sacks/paulson/bernanke.

If one wants more info on these 'inner workings' of major banks, youtube search gerald celente bank.